Jan 20, 2009

Design Corner: The Art of Obama

There's an interesting article in the latest issue of Giant Robot about the artistic contributions to the Barrack Obama campaign. Some of the artists mentioned are Shepard Fairey, David Choe, Morning Breath, Date Farmers, Ron English, Sam Flores and more. You may have seem their work on t-shirts at Urban Outfitter, wheat pasted across your city, or on stickers around the office (there were a bunch in the hallway where myself and Langdon work). Here are a few samples:

This is the 2nd famous design for the Obama campaign done by Shepard Fairey (the first being the official 'O' logo by VSA Partners). What's interesting about this particular photo is that the Obama poster is right over a poster by Mear one. Shepard and Mear had beef a while ago (check the Supply and Demand book for details).


I forgot where I read it, but someone mentioned originality not as being the first to do something, but as doing something that no one else can duplicate. No one is even coming close to David Choe's style.


I believe I saw the original painting at 111 Minna last month. It was huge (that's what she said). I remember seeing Ron English liberating billboards and then noticed his artwork featured in the film Super Size Me.


Spider-Man X Obama, 'nuff said

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