Oct 31, 2005

Tales of the Somewhat Strange and Creepy....

yup..another day of having absolutely nothing to do and that's why I'm posting like a mad man...anywho...I remember watching a story on "That's Incredible" when I was little tyke about a haunted Toys R Us in the San Jose area..toys would mysteriously move around, faucets in the bathroom would turn on by themselves, haunting voices could be heard over the intercom system and dolls that weren't supposed to talk FREAKIN TALKED!!!..well, my family would travel down to San Jose every so often to visit relatives in the area and on every trip, my dad would threaten to take me to the Toys R Us down there..way to fauck with a little kid dad....

Ghosts 'R Us
This infra-red photo clearly shows the employees attending the seance sitting alongthe sides of the isle, with a few near Sylvia (the bright one, foreground right) at the front of the isle. Leaning against a non-existent wall on the left is the distinctfigure of a young man with dark hair, dark coat and possibly holding a hat.The figure even appears to cast a shadow on the boxes of toys to the leftas well as a faint reflection in the waxed floor tile
click the photo to read the full story

Pic Of the Day.."Didn't He Show Her Already?" Edition

and the answer is ...Yes,Yes I did....but I recently came across this super kawaii(cute) picture that I had to share...and so I give to you..again:


The future Mrs. Alger recently released a single called "Violet Sauce" which has a interesting back story to it:

"Namie was interested by the movie Sin city that she offered to sing the Japanese theme song. The distributors accepted since Namie's cool and sexy image fit perfectly the movie. When director Robert Rodriguez heard Violet Sauce, he was so impressed that he wanted to participate. His voice saying Welcome to the city has been added to the song."

More Gifts Fodatass!!...

So you don't know what to get your brother for Christmas..or maybe its one of your cousins...whatever the case, it used to be you'd just get them a shirt to be on the safe side...well, shirts are SOOO yesterday...why not get them a DVD instead!!

"The mere mention of the word triggers an avalanche of powerful sports-entertainment memories each occupying their own unique place in the annals of World Wrestling Entertainment. Now for the first time EVER, you can relive every single WrestleMania moment with the crispness of DVD footage by purchasing WrestleMania: The Legacy 1-21 Holographic Box Set! Never before have WrestleManias 1-14 been released on DVD, so grab them up with a special bonus disk included for past years WrestleMania 21, a historical photographs DVD and four Senitype collectible cards featuring a famous WrestleMania moment captured on a replica piece of film with Shawn Michaels, The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Undertaker and Triple H and also Hulk Hogan and Rowdy Roddy Piper! Embrace the spectacular WrestleMania legacy and bring this collection home today! 21 disc set. Approx 69 hrs. 1-14 have never been released on DVD before."

-whenever you see this icon ...it means the item has the "Langdon Alger Stamp of Approval"..which REALLY means "Wow, I sure wouldn't mind getting this for Christmas.."*wink

Oct 29, 2005

"Merry F*cking Christmas...to YOU..." Day 3

Are you a cheap bastard?...or are you one of those asshole's that "make" Christmas gifts for your family and friends because you still believe that homemade gifts come from the heart and have special meaning?...if so, then how the hell does a crappy snowglobe you made out of a baby food jar filled with soapy water and glitter hold any meaning whatsoever!?!..damn artsy-fartsy sumbatch...anway...if you STILL insist on making gifts for the people you love, why not make them a kick ass shirt with this:

"A terrific basic introduction to fabric screen printing! Contents include a 10" x 14" screen frame, Fabric Squeegee, three jars of 4 oz Fabric Ink (Black, Red, and Yellow), 4 oz Screen Filler, 4 oz Drawing Fluid, 4 oz Diazo Photo Emulsion, 4 oz Diazo Photo Emulsion Remover, 1/2 gram Diazo Sensitizer, #6 round brush, and Instruction Booklet. "

Customize shirts with catching phrases like "Hot Stuff Coming Through" or "Kiss Me, I'm a Aborigine!" or "Nobody Cares...its just a Blog" and you'll surely be the envy of all your friends!!...

Oct 28, 2005

"I'm Dreaming...of a White Christmas..."

another great Christmas gift idea coming your way courtesy of Langdon Alger...this particular gift is perfect for kids and those that are kids at heart...who am I kidding, this item is idea for those nerds that still collect toys and wet themselves everytime a toyline from there childhood is remade,repackaged and labeled "Collector's Edition"....I'm not naming names, but I DO know that this is on Thongchai "want" list..

These high-quality ultra-detailed transformable lions from Toynami offer the ultimate re-creation of the legendary Voltron Force. Constructed from die-cast metal and sturdy plastic, the five Robot Lions (Princess Allura’s Blue Lion, Pidge’s Green Lion, Keith’s Black Lion, Lance’s Red Lion and Hunk’s Yellow Lion) transform and unite to create Voltron, Defender of the Universe. The assembled Voltron stands 11 inches tall. The Voltron Masterpiece Edition is packaged in our trademark "book-style" box with slide-out tray, allowing for safe storage and "forever mint-in-box packaging."


currently a "pre-order"...originally this was to be released last year but it was delayed, the current target date for retail is November..keep your fingers crossed nerds...*cough Thongchai

Oct 27, 2005

What The Shit

I went behind the red curtain @ my local video rental joint. As I browsed through the new release wall, I was terribly caught off guard: right between Vivid's Last Girl Standing & a Jenna Haze dvd was a title that's all too self-explanatory: Don't Fuck My Grandma. I didn't even bother looking on the back. I shuddered @ the sight of 2 Medicare eligible crones showing waaaay too much skin. A word balloon near the bottom of the cover promoted a "special appearance" by someone called something like Handicapped Richard. I didn't want to think about the implications so I went over the sale section. Considering what happened next, I was better off at the new releases or just giving up adult movies altogether & leaving the building. One last note: that granny dvd was rented out. Who the hell would do that?

I saw a dvd with a purty lass named Bridgette (aka Daisy to those in the know) so I grabbed it & gave it a lookover. As I moved to put it back at its spot, I saw that Daisy/Bridgette's dvd was covering a dvd that has no place anywhere: For The Love Of Feet (featuring ground beef grinding). The whole video (which also boasted one new scene) featured some lady mashing raw meat with her bare feet. Fuck all that. That was honestly the closest I ever came to puking in public w/o alcohol or sickness in my body.

Pic of the Day..."God Bless America" Edition...

Dateline: Tuesday, October 25th 2005..Approximately 1530hrs

I'm a bit stressed after battling the insane rush hour traffic coming home from the city...For those that live in the area, you know how it is having to deal with the nimrods that populate our dilapidated highways..seriously,"WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE?"...and how the hell did THEY get a drivers license...anyway..as soon as I step into the house, I get a frantic call from my good buddy Thongchai telling me to turn the TV on to channel 2...by the excitement in his voice,I thought there was trouble a brewing...thankfully there wasn't BUT...what was on the boob tube made all my stress melt away...

Micheal McDonald, with his gospel tinged vocals, was blessing the free world with his rendition of our National Anthem to open up Game 3 of the World Series...God bless you Mr. McDonald...god bless you and your barely coherent vocal styling...

"It's Christmas Time...There's No Need To Be Afraid..."

Christmas is right around the corner and you still haven't started your shopping nor do you have any idea of what to buy?!...have no fear, Langdon Alger is here....from now until Christmas, I'll give you my daily picks of kick ass gifts that will surely make you the best damn gift giver EVER!!!...so let's start it off with a gift for that special lady in your life...

what girl didn't love Hello Kitty growing up...and what woman wouldn't enjoy a nice soothing massage after a long hards day of work..well, the good people at Sanrio have come up with a device that will surely bring pleasure to that hardworking lady in your life..

seriously..this is an authorized Hello Kitty item.. don't think you'll find it at your local Sanrio Store though...try the good people at Jlist.com..

R.I.P Red Six

All Porkins wanted to do was blow up the Death Star and then maybe get a sandwich. We all know how that turned out.


Oct 25, 2005

Pic of the Day..."surprise surprise...another Japanese Beauty" Edition...

now, some may say that I'm obsessed with Japanese women..actually...I'm infatuated with them(I admitted that in my first blog entry)..and some, I actually *cough* love...I'm kidding of course, haha ha or AM I?...but anyway...this one right here has a bit of a connection with my last sexay pic of the day, Miki Fujimoto...not only are they labelmates under Hello!Project but they're also best friends...I wonder what the two do when they hang out?..probably comb each other's hair and have plenty of tickle fights...yeah, I like tickle fights...um..uh...and so I give to you:


Oct 24, 2005

Infinite Crisis #1

Holy crap.

The DC Universe is in shambles. Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman are at odds. The JLA are disbanded and their watchtower on the moon has been destroyed. In outer space, a black hole has opened up and threatens to swallow not only the planets Rann and Thanagar, but also the entire Green Lantern Corps, the L.E.G.I.O.N., the Omega Men, and countless other space heroes and armies. Back on Earth, the world's villains have united to take revenge on having their minds wiped by members of the JLA. The villains show they mean business by wiping out the Freedom Fighters in a brutally violent attack that has Bizarro pounding the shit out of the Human Bomb. Oh, and for some reason there are TWO Lex Luthors.

Best line of the book: (Batman telling Superman) "...the last time you really inspired anyone--was when you were dead."

OOOOH! Snap! Clark needs to grow some balls and bitchslap Bruce back to Gotham.


Oct 23, 2005

Tales of the Somewhat Strange and Creepy...

"Let me tell you how I came to own this bible signed by Jesus. I was downtown waiting for the #2 bus when a guy walked up to the bus stop. I said "Hi"...he said "Ola" (I don't think he was from around here...he looked to be one of those Mexican fellows). He didn't appear to have too much in life, but I did notice a bible under his arm. Wanting to kill some time, while waiting for the bus, I asked about the bible.
He said his mother and step-father, Maria and Jose, gave it to him as a child. Being curious, I asked about his biological father. Was he still alive? The gentleman answered "see". I said "see what?" He said that indeed his biological father was still alive and that they spoke often.
I asked about Jose. Was he a good step-dad? And he said "see." Again, I said "see what?" And he said Jose was the greatest dad....on earth.
After a long pause I asked where he was headed. He said he was headed home. He looked hungry so I asked him when was the last time he had a meal. He said it was supper, a couple nights ago. Feeling sorry for the guy, I reached into my pocket and offered up a few bucks. He said thanks and handed his bible to me.
He said "Look up Juan 3:16". Never having heard of the book of "Juan" I immediately went to the table of contents. I said "There's no Juan here, do you mean John?" and I looked up at him and he was gone (and I had missed my bus.....) And as I looked back down, there it was.....Pass it on! Jesus
So, I'm passing it on....One bible, signed by Jesus (Hey-suse). Shipping is $3.00 and I'll pick up the insurance. I only ship to the continental United States."

A Real LV Souvenir...Los Pedros Style

Walking down the Las Vegas strip, we passed up the escort pamphlet solicitors. Ya'll know who I'm talking about: The hardworking Mexican immigrants on the sidewalk who slap the handful of flyers before trying to hand them off to pedestrians. Every 5th or 6th worker wears a shirt as an advertisement. It's usually some blindingly bright color: neon green, orange, yellow, etc. The message on the shirt is something like: GIRLS TO YOU! 702-000-0000. As we passed a worker in his gaudy green escort shirt, I told B that I always wanted one of those shirts. I wasn't kidding. I think they're very funny, & almost anyone that sees one knows exactly where it's from. I lamented to her that they don't sell them in souvenir shops, & I wouldn't want to buy one off their sweaty backs (ALMOST typed "sweaty wet" before I caught myself, LA & TJ).

As we kept walking, we saw another worker in a yellow shirt....with a 2nd yellow shirt sticking out of his pocket. The fold crease near the bottom indicated it was unworn out of the box. The shirt proclaimed "LAS VEGAS STRIPPERS DIRECT TO YOU! (702)948-6666 TOTALLY NUDE". A silhouette of a knelling woman rounded out the design. B went up to the chap, who looked like an older version of El Guapo (with a haircut) from The 3 Amigos. She asked if the shirt was for sale. As he stared at her chest in silence, I wondered if he habla ingles at all. He then said "$20". B & I pondered for a minute before I reached into my wallet and finalized the deal (after inspecting it to verify it was really unworn). I figured I paid a typical LV tourist t-shirt price for a unique item & I've paid $20 before for shirts @ concerts/cons/hip hop stores. Not only was my shirt unused, I'm not sure how good my chances are that any of the other workers would comprende that much english or even sell the shirt at all, esp. if I asked instead of B. B, her cousin, & cuz's boyfriend had already bought stuff at Fashion Island. Now I also had a purchase from the trip.

Oct 22, 2005

Pic of the Day.."He's Baaaaack!!!"...Edition

God bless you Batboy...god bless your mutated half-bat-half-boy blood sucking heart!!

Oct 19, 2005

Pic of the Day..Another Awful Album Cover Edition


Driving home on Webster St., I saw 2 high school aged kids walking on the sidewalk with a dodgeball. Not the basketball/football/baseball that I normally see kids carrying around town. A dodgeball. Not just any dodgeball. A giant dodgeball. If the kid sat on it, his knees would be at a 90 degree angle. The closest thing I've ever seen to that before was in the kickball scene from the Napoleon Dynamite deleted scenes dvd. Now that I think about it, I think that kid was carrying one of those giant red kickballs. The kids didn't look like short yellow bus material or anything like that. I guess there's a market for dodgeball/kickball after all.

Oct 18, 2005

Pic of the Day.."My love...There's Only You in My Life" Edition...

....the only thing that's bright....".....oh, sorry...I got lost in the moment there..whew..but anyway, here's another Jpop cutie from the "Langdon Alger Future Wife Files"...and so I give to you:


(part of Jpop super group Morning Musume)

Viva Las Vegas. Like It Or Not.

B's cousin & her boyfriend were supposed to go to Las Vegas this week with cuz's friend & her husband. Cousin paid for the ticket on the good faith that the friend & hubby would pay them back at some point before the trip. 2 months went by with neither a call or reply to cousin's texts/voicemails. Last week her boyfriend, who doesnt know the friend or husband, got fed up with them & changed the names on the flight itinerary to the names of B & me. Reportedly this made him feel much better. They decided to tell us after they made the changes. Although it is short notice, the fact that they paid an extra $fee to designate our names onto the plan obligates us to go. By no means am I complaining. They said they're in no rush to be paid back, considering the short notice. Cuz's boyfriend is one of my frequent CH trekkers, & he's already expressed an interest in going to a "club". I haven't seen those guys (or Las Vegas) in awhile, and yes we've been reminded that this is the first "couple getaway" for B & me. Should be fun. Going to LV w/ friends and/or family is always cool, but the 2 words that B's really talking up: adjoining rooms.

Oct 16, 2005

Tales of the Somewhat Strange and Creepy

$1 Million Bounty For Live Capture Of Bigfoot

LEWISTON, Maine --A Maine scientist is preparing to release details of a $1 million reward for a photograph that leads to the live capture of Bigfoot, the abominable snowman or the Loch Ness Monster.

Loren Coleman, a professor at the University of Southern Maine, said the bounty would be paid for by an unnamed company and that he will release more details at a cryptozoology symposium at Bates College over Halloween weekend.

Cryptozoology is the scientific study of hidden, rumored or unknown animals.

"It's the time for something like this," Coleman said. "Back in the 1960s, hardly anybody was talking about this. Today, it's phenomenal."

The mysteries surrounding these creatures have long been the subject of debate.

Bigfoot, or sasquatch, is said to be a huge, hairy humanlike creature with long arms. The abominable snowman, or yeti, is a large hairy, manlike mammal reputed to live in the Himalayas. The Loch Ness Monster is a dinosaur-like creature reputed to live in a lake in Scotland.

The $1 million bounty would be paid by a company to anyone who produces a photograph that leads to the live capture of one of the three creatures, Coleman said.

"We don't want people running around with guns trying to kill something to get the money," Coleman said. "It's not a contest, either. It's a very specific bounty that depends on the permanent capture of a live specimen, with emphasis on 'live.'"

Coleman, a cryptozoologist who is considered one of the world's leading experts on Bigfoot, said he would release some details about the bounty at a Bigfoot conference over the weekend in Texas. He's saving the rest for Lewiston, where he will speak at the symposium on Oct. 28 on the Bates campus.

The three-day symposium, held at the Bates College Museum of Art, will focus on cryptozoology, science and art.

"What we like about the subject is that there is such a fine line between truth and fraud in the field, and that goes way back through history," said museum curator Mark Bessire. "We're looking at how the possibility of these beasts becomes a part of the cultural canon."

The event will include panel discussions about the science of fantastic creatures and artistic interpretations of their stories. It will feature two movies, including "The Legend of Boggy Creek," a 1972 film about a small Arkansas town terrorized by a swamp monster.

Coleman said most sightings are hoaxes, mistakes or misunderstandings. But the $1 million reward is on the level, he said.
"The company that's behind this really understands the situation," he said. "They understand the interest in the creatures and monsters that are really out there and they are willing to step forward."

that million dollars is mine!


Driving to work earlier this week, I saw 4 cars on the I-24 right shoulder within 20 feet of each other. Each car was wheeljacked to change their respective flats. I don't know what stood out more to me: The unlikely chance that four cars can have flat tires in the same proximity, allowing for a cooperative group effort, or the fact that it took four grown-ass men to change one tire on each car.

In work training this week, the instructor was going over different ways to alleviate stress @ the workplace. One of the alternatives he suggested was having a picture @ your desk. It could be a funny picture or a family/friends picture. Anything that can make you smile if not take your mind off work. One of the class attendees, a 55 yr old Olive Oyl looking lady, said in front of everyone "If I had a picture of you, I'd be happy. I like your face." The instructor, a handsome middle-aged fellow who had established he was married w/ adult children during the initial introductions, kinda laughed it off & kept going but he looked visibly shaken.

Oct 14, 2005

The ad that made a man out of Son of Gigan

Speed of lightning, roar of thunder, fighting all who rob or plunder, I'm back. That's right, Son of Gigan, AKA Crusher of Worlds, AKA The Galactic Chaos Bringer, AKA Wiggy Jiggy Jed, has returned. And none too soon by the looks of things. In my absence this blog has become corrupted with boring, derivative, mind numbing entries (well, I haven't actually READ any of the entries, but I'm sure they're boring. Especially Freefall Jones's). I've decided to break the monotony by regaling you with a fascinating tale from my childhood - the one about how I became the strapping robot stallion I am today.

Anyone fortunate enough to associate with me knows that I pump massive amounts of iron regularly in order to retain my prodigious, hippie-crushing strength. But where did this passion come from? What inspired my love of merciless steel, vein-bursting poundages, and Zubaz workout pants? Believe it or not, a comic book.

It was a Friday night not unlike this one. Just like tonight, I consciously chose not to go outside and fraternize with the opposite sex (and just like tonight, I easily could have if I wanted to. I just didn't want to for some reason). I instead chose to read comic books. After a few hours of futilely trying to see Silver Sable's nipples, I stumbled onto an advertisement I hadn't seen before. "Hello, what's this?" I proclaimed to the female that surely would've been at my side had I not purposely chosen to spend that Friday night alone. To this day, I am convinced that this ad was magically placed in that book, that night, solely to change my life. It was the Charles Atlas Ad.

The magical ad spoke directly to me. Just like Mac, I too was sick and tired of being a scarecrow (an overweight scarecrow who got winded while driving to school, but a scarecrow nontheless). This ad taught me that if I ever got fed up with being picked on by a bully, I could lift weights and get huge, and that bully would stay in the exact same place wearing the exact same clothes waiting for me to punch him out. Better yet, the girl that ridiculed me when I was a fat scarecrow would also still be there, in the exact same clothes, under the EXACT same umbrella. I would've been an idiot NOT to do this.

Before the ad, I had aspirations of being an artist, a writer, or both. I drew something, or wrote a piece of fiction almost every day in hopes of getting better. Well, Charles Atlas convinced me to dump all those girly creative ambitions in favor of improving my one-rep max. I mean come on, artistic and literary virtuosity or cannonball delts - do I even need to ask?

So that was the beginning of my journey to becoming the man-mountain I am today. And looking back at the ad after all these years, I have to say.....that second frame is kind of peculiar. The bully says, "I'd smash your face, only you're so skinny you might dry up and blow away." So, he wants to smash Mac's face, presumably killing him, but he DOESN'T want him to dry up and blow away? Is he really that concerned about Mac's health? Or did he just not want to be covered in Mac's residue? Perhaps in the Bully Credo, pulverizing a man's facial cavity is accepted, but turning that man into dust particles is going too far. I guess there's a line even the Worst Nuisance on The Beach won't cross.

You know, Mac really should've asked him about that, or at least thought about it at home before knocking over his lamp and proceding to waste his life lifting weights. I mean, according to the ad, he dedicated ONE WHOLE FRAME of his existence to improving his body for the sole purpose of confronting that bully and laying him out. Think of all he could've accomplished in that time had he not been utterly consumed wth revenge. If he had just thought "Hey, this guy held back from hitting me because he was afraid of the terrible fate I would suffer. Maybe he isn't so bad," Mac may have become a productive member of society instead of a bigger meathead than the guy he knocked out. But I digress.

What was I talking about again? Oh yeah, pumping iron. While I eventually did transform myself into an earthbound adonis, I was never able to follow in Mac's footsteps and become Hero of The Beach, mainly because I'm afraid of jellyfish. But I've come a long way from that cold and lonely Friday night. Instead of reading comic books, I'm now perusing the web, where the nipples are neverending. I do periodically return to the places where I was picked on as a child, but the bullies aren't there any more. Or if they are, the cowards aren't wearing the same clothes that they used to. But don't worry about me; I make due punching out random passers by. And they, I, and all of you owe it all to Charles Atlas and his magical ad. Thank you Mr. Atlas, for making me what I am today.

-Son of Gigan

Oct 13, 2005

Pic of the Day.."Go Go Power Rangers!!" Edition

now, Freefall will probably disagree with me and say that the original Pink Ranger Amy Jo Johnson is the sexiest Power Ranger ever but I say the chinky-eyed version of the Pink Ranger is WAY hotter..and so I give to you:


and yes, it is very cheesy of me to use a pink font for her name..

Oct 11, 2005

Tales of the Somewhat Strange and Creepy

let the King Kong crappy movie merchandise push begin...

"Feel the power of King Kong firsthand! Kids will go bananas when they put on these realistic, furry Kong arms. They're perfect for role playing and for reenacting scenes from the movie(like the scene where Kong throws his feces at the angry villagers..I think thats in the movie). Arms come with electronic movie sound effects that activate upon impact, including crunching, stomping, screaming and roaring."


This morning I opened the passenger door of my truck to let out a large spider that crept in through the barely opened window. The door slipped out of my hand & hit the truck next to mine. It didn't dent, but it left some incriminating blue paint. I did the honest thing: looked around to confirm nobody saw what happened, moved my car down a few spots, then ran inside the building. After class, I peeped the crime scene on my way to my truck. Another car parked next to the truck. A car with a paint job that matched the tiny scratch on the truck next to it.

Making the turn onto my home street, I saw what looked like a man walking 2 dogs. There are dog walkers everywhere in the 'meda, so I took it as part of the usual scenery until I looked again. The guy was walking a small black dog. The 2nd dog wasn't a dog at all. It was an unleashed cat with a collar walking with them. I assume they were all together. Anyone else ever seen a cat taken for a walk before?

B&C wrap-up: The Bs told C today. B was nervous leading up to it. She anticipated a bad reaction & she felt bad that C may actually feel hurt. The 3 of them called me after work & they sounded like they were on a sugar high. C voiced her excited congrats. They were all a bit too hyper for me so I said I'd talk later. B called me later when she was alone, & she said when they 1st told her, C was hella shocked. When she seemed to shake it off, the Bs said her excitement almost forced...to the point that they were even telling her to calm down. C told them she thought B would wind up w/ the lead singer in my band. B2 responded w/ "Well me & everyone else saw this one coming." B also told me that C said a bit after the news "Now I can leave SF." When B2 asked why, C said "because people are together now." This marks the official close to the story. Like I said: What's done is done. Now it is.

Griftin' Grampa Jones: The Furniture Heist

One time, Grampa Jones needed to sell some furniture so he found some lady that was interested and had her come over to the house to check out the digs. The lady liked what she saw, so she gave Gramps some money and said she'd be back later that afternoon with a truck to pick up the furniture.

When the lady came back, Grampa wasn't around, but Gramma was home. So the lady told Gramma that she gave Grampa a bunch of money for the furniture.

Gramma was a little shocked and explained to the lady that Grampa and her were divorced and he didn't live there.

And that's Griftin' Grampa Jones, bitches.


Oct 10, 2005

What do we call "B" now?

After the interesting develpments of Terrence Maddox's last post, I think we all better come with a new name for "B" to be referred to.

B Maddox? Mrs. Maddox? The Fair Lady Maddox? Or, The-Girl-That-C-Punched-In-The-Face?

I think the entire crew should weigh in on this one.


All But Over

The ongoing B&C story is fast nearing its end. Going straight to the point, this past weekend ended with B as my girlfriend. She's been calling friends with the news, esp. the ones whom she informed of her intentions on Friday. I've been telling people as I've talked to them, and this posting fits my update-through-routine-contact guideline.

The story isn't over until one more thing is covered: C hasn't been informed yet. We decided that B would be the one to tell her since C's reaction would be more honest if B tells her. Considering that B is making the rounds telling their mutual friends, it wouldn't seem like a move of questionable motive. As discussed w/ LA before, someone will probably wind up getting hurt or disappointed when this thing is done. It just sux that one who's already in a relationship can possibly be negative about 2 friends hooking up. It's alright. What's done is done.

It's been interesting writing this out. Thanks for reading (and listening, Insiders). Thanks for the comments (You kill me, FJ). As happy as I am with the new developments, I promise not to make every entry from here on out "B this B that". We'll probably settle into a mostly non-blogworthy routine, which should let me concentrate on more random & objective blogs.

Oct 7, 2005

Pic of the Day..."A Former Langdon Alger Discovery" Edition...

and yet another one of my "finds" will soon belong to the world...this half filipino-half italian beauty is the current Playboy Playmate of the month... and so I give to you:

Raquel Gibson

and yes..there are nude pics of her but wasn't sure it was "appropriate" for this blog...didn't want to offend anyone...BUT if there was a demand to view them...I'll have them up in two winks of a coal miners eye..

Oct 5, 2005

Tales of the Somewhat Strange and Creepy

just something EYE found on Ebay...hahaha haha ha....sorry...

"My Uncle Bob lost an eye in WWII. The government gave him a beautiful brown glass eye. It matched Uncle Bob's real eye perfectly. I used to tell Uncle Bob "Hell Uncle Bob you can't tell that it's not real". Of course you could tell it wasn't real because it never moved. Remember how Sammy Davis Jr.'s eye would never move? Well Uncle Bob's was the same way. I think it made Uncle Bob feel better when I would tell him that you couldn't tell it from his real eye. Uncle Bob loved to drink. He said it was because of the war and all the terrible things he saw there plus losing his eye and all. The guys at the bar where Uncle Bob would go to drink used to tease him and call him names like "You one-eyed bastard" and names such as that. Uncle Bob would come home drunk and say how much he hated that damn glass eye because it didn't look real and the damn government gave him the cheapest damn glass eye you could get. That's when I would speak up and tell Uncle Bob that his eye did look real and those guys at the bar were a bunch of assholes and he shouldn't hang out with them any more. Uncle Bob finally drank himself to death and he wanted to be cremated so that's what we did. Uncle Bob's will was read and boy was I surprised when the lawyer said that Uncle Bob left his glass eye to me. He said something like "Since you like my damn glass eye so much and think it looks so damn real...here it is!" I was stunned. I kept the glass eye in the top drawer of my chest-of-drawers right next to my condoms. One night my girlfriend went to the drawer to get a condom and damn near had a fatal heart attack. I love Uncle Bob and all that, but my girlfriend said that if I don't get rid of that damn glass eye I would never get sex again! Well, what the hell do you do with a used glass eye?"

deviantArt: The Freefall Jones
& Son of Gigan Gallery

What can I say, this gallery is awesome. Freefall Jones and Son of Gigan are geniuses. Though their styles are distinctly different, blah blah blah, yadda yadda yadda...

Anyway, (it's me, I'm not fooling anyone) we've managed to build up quite a gallery of artwork over the last couple of months so please feel free to CLICK HERE to check out our gallery.

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Ice Cream's Supposed To Cool, Not Heat.

Went to dinner with C tonight. After sushi, we went out to the ice cream joint that I frequent, usually with B or by myself. Almost everytime I'm served by the same girl, who looks like she recognizes me as a regular patron. When I went in tonight, her smile looked off just the tiniest bit. As she took C's order, I realized that she's usually pretty nice when I've come in w/ B. Now I'm in there with some other chick who's playing me close. I must've looked like a some kind of jerk. I walked out of the ice cream joint thinking that was the end of my blog-worthy evening. I already felt dumb going a few days w/o an entry as I was going out of my way to not just blog about B&C, although (cue nWo theme) The Insiders always want new info.

As we walked outside, she asked me how I thought she'd look w/ dark-brown hair & lil' highlights....after asking if I still prefer darker hair on girls. As we walked & talked, I said I was gonna ask to look at pix on her camera but I remembered that there are pix in there that are only for her boyfriend. She laughed, and our conversation soon turned to those particular pix. She said she actually makes herself up for those pix, not unlike a "Vivid Video box shoot" (my own offered comparison). She offered to show me after she said she showed one other friend, who thought she dl'ed pix of a "film" star onto her ph. I insisted that may be a little too personal, but she said she really wanted my opinion and put her ph in my face...her thumb covering the um sensitive parts & showing only her face. Looking at the pix & the girl holding the phone....it looked like 2 different people. The rest of the drive home consisted of her giggling and asking me questions about the pix and if I was blushing, while I was basically babbling & stammering like a complete idiot in giving her "amateur" (her term) photoshoot my thumbs-up. She said she may show me the pix in their entirety down the road if she is up to it. I said I wouldn't push for it. Knowing this was definitely going to the blog, I had the presence of mind to throw in an inside line for the team: I was already saying the word "nice" over & over so I said "Um yeah they're nice......NICE AND SHINY!" Hey she was already tickled pink & I was already falling over myself. When's the next time I can throw that one out there?

Oct 4, 2005

Pic of the Day...THAT PEPSI GIRL Edition..

No..its not a myth...sexy girls DO read comics!!...I give to you:

"That Pepsi Girl.."
Mandy Amano
This comic book convention regular might be best recognized from her infamous Super Bowl Pepsi commercial that had fanboys drooling and wetting their pants, so much so that one of them actually created an entire blog dedicated to her..the few seconds of screen time also landed her in the pages of Maxim Magazine..Mandy is featured in this months issue of Wizard Magazine....oh, and did I mention that this beaut' is half japanese?....

Oct 3, 2005

Tales of the Somewhat Strange and Creepy

and in today's baby news:

Oscar-winning actor Nicolas Cage and his wife, Alice Kim Cage, welcomed son Kal-el Coppola Cage into the world Monday morning, Cage's publicist, Annett Wolf, confirmed.
"They are healthy and happy and it's quite lovely," Wolf said in a statement.
Cage's new superboy was born in New York City. None of his vital statistics were released...or word on any potential superpowers: The tyke's unusual moniker, Kal-el, is also the birth name of Superman.

poor kid...not only will he be some weird chinky eyed big nosed half korean-half italian baby but, his dad is NICOLAS "I CAN'T ACT AND MY REAL LAST NAME IS COPPOLA" CAGE...on the plus side, his name is KAL-EL!!

Oct 2, 2005

Ong Bak: Muy Thai Warrior

When the head from a statue of a small village's protective idol is stolen, the local townsfolk send young Ting to the big city to find the bad guys and get the idol's head back. And thus begins the wildest head-busting, ass-kicking, wood-smashing action movie you'll ever see. The story? Not that great. But that's not why YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS FILM.

Tony Jaa (who plays Ting) has obviously made some deal with the devil to become a superstar. That's the only way I can explain his ability to run up walls, run on people's shoulders, slide under moving cars, and whatever other amazing real-time stunts he's thrown into this movie. If you can believe it, the movie actually slows down because of a car chase.

People really get hit in this movie. Hard. The action sometimes goes by so fast, that the movie has built-in instant replay. Which is hilarious because you get to see the stunt guys brace themselves for a "knee to the head." I'm serious.

There's a lot of knees flying around in this film. Motorcycle headed straight at you? Jump up and knee the guy in the head. Your legs on fire? Jump up and knee some guy in the head with your fiery knees. Or, try kneeing a guy through a window, and then jumping out after him so you can knee him again as you both fall about 15 feet.