Jun 30, 2007

Friday July 13th...for those in the SF Bay Area

Pro (Oh! Dang) under "On The Turntables"....thats me!!....won't be playing any jpop though...maybe when I invest in Serato, I might work some jrap into my set

YODC Nostalgiafest: Langdon Alger

I was recruited into the military at a very young age...life was rough...I would spend whatever free time I had at the local bar drinking the sorrows away..

YODC Nostalgiafest: Freefall Jones

I defy you to find anything in that photo that doesn't scream 1972.

Jun 29, 2007

Miyabi is saying 'Your Opinion Doesn't Count'

I've noticed people have been making fun of Miyabi on Japanese language sites, comparing her face to a banana and photoshoping those little fruit label stickers onto her pics... well here Miyabi does a bit of her own artwork and draws a banana face!:

Berryz fighto

I think that's says a lot for her and how she won't be put down by this.

Dear Lord Baby Jesus...

Dear Tiny Jesus, in your golden fleece diapers with your tiny, little fat balled up fists...we want to thank you for descending upoun to us the lovely being they call Sayumi with her long flowing black hair and beautiful deep brown eyes...

Dear Lord Baby Jesus, lying there in your...your little ghost manger, lookin' at your Baby Einstein developmental...videos, learnin' 'bout shapes and colors...we want to thank you for blessing us with a new Sayumi photobook so that we may gaze at the glory of her fabulous body and enjoy countless days watching the "making of" video of her frolicking on the beach and looking so gosh darn cute..

Dear Eight Pound, Six Ounce, Newborn Baby Jesus, don’t even know a word yet, just a little infant, so cuddly, but still omnipotent....

Online Videos by Veoh.com

Jun 26, 2007

Chris Benoit: Muderer

"Murderer" is not how I want to remember the great wrestler Chris Benoit.

But that's what he was in the end. I really don't know what I want to say here, I'm just typing to try to get the words out. I'm not some pro wrestler sitting in a studio searching for the right words to say. I'm a pissed off fan. I feel dirty for having some emotion while watching the Benoit tribute on WWE Monday Night RAW.

Langdon and SoG followed Benoit's career long before I even heard of this Dynamite Kid-clone, but I enjoyed watching him wrestle as much as they (and everyone else in the world) did. And that's why I feel betrayed and disgusted. I never met personally met him, and he could've probably gave a rat's ass who the YODC Crew are; but when an athlete who's career you've followed and respected KILLS A CHILD, it's hard not to feel some sort of anger.

Saying he killed a child may be oversimplifying things, though-- "...autopsy results showed Benoit first murdered his wife, Nancy. She was bound at the feet and wrists and died of asphyxiation sometime on Friday...She was wrapped in a towel and some blood was found under her head...The couple's son, who also died of asphyxia, was apparently killed as he lay in bed on Saturday morning, hours before Benoit hanged himself."

Those grisly details wiped away--for me--an entire career of hard-earned respect. Will I feel this way a few weeks from now? I don't know. Maybe it will be discovered that Benoit wasn't in his right mind, and the man that was the wrestler was not the same man that committed those monstrous acts. Right now, though, I doubt the two could ever really be separated, and three lives have been destroyed.

Condolences to the victims' families.

Pic of the Day "mmmmmm Sayummy" Edition

FINALLY!!..preview pics from Sayumi's soon to be released photobook "I Can't Sing But I'm Sexy As Fuck"..actually, I don't know the name of the book but then again..I really don't care..not like I'm gonna "read" the damn thing

*the title is actually 17~Love Hello! Michishige Sayumi in Guam

Jun 25, 2007

Chris Benoit and Family...Dead


probably the greatest technical wrestler(along with the Dynamite Kid) to ever step into the squared circle...I've gone to quite a few wrestling events through the years but the most memorable one for me was Superbrawl 7 at the Cow Palace in San Francisco. One fo the matches that night was Chris Benoit vs Kevin Sullivan in a San Francisco Death Match(or was it Street Fight?)...during the match...Benoit and Sullivan made their way into the crowd right by where I was sitting....they were pretty damn close, so close in fact that during a moment of excitement..I slapped Chris Benoit in the back and the security guard "nudged" me a little to step back...now I didn't mean to slap him...I'm a HUGE Benoit fan..all I really wanted to do was give him a "good job buddy" pat on the back but I guess I was a wee bit excited...actually, if you can find the video of the match..you can see me on camera..uh...hitting Benoit....

Chris Benoit vs another great "grappler" Dean Malenko

Benoit vs Chris Jericho early in their careers wrestling for New Japan Pro

Benoit (then wrestling as the Pegasus Kid/Wild Pegasus) vs Jushin Thunder Liger

Natsu Yasumi Desu

First off I have been wanting to post comments but fucking blogger is trippin out. on this rare occasion that I can log in, I'm gonna take advantage of it.

Craig you have been posting some nice pics my brother. Woohoo!

That's right, it's summertime which means all the wimmins are wearing less & less. The fly honeys are out lookin good & smellin good. Dammit man.

This first one's for Craig, hai dozo.

From what I gather, she looks like Hyori lee which is the reason why she's on the show, chou kawaii!

This one's for the rest of us, Hyo ri Lee

Proving that our Korean homies got a lot more to offer than:
My Sassy Girl, Bul Go Gi, Kim Chee, BoA, Verbal, oh & langdon's favorite SM Town

KAWS-Santastic Collabo

I almost shit myself when I saw this...so fauckin sick...Kaws unveiled his take on Santa Inoue's Hasheem character at the Medicom Toy Exhibition in Tokyo recently...I'm a fan of Kaws' work but don't own any of his pieces cuz well..they're pretty damn expensive and very hard to come by but I'm definitely gonna have to get this...it'll look good on my Santastic shelf...

oh..I DO own a Kaws piece...albiet a $5 poster from Giant Robot...

...Kill Bill/Ironside variant...

Haruka Suenaga

Pic of the Day "Happy B-Day Ayaya" Edition

Happy 21st Birthday Ms. Aya Matsuura...I hope to jump your bones one day

early Aya

bikini Aya

Jun 24, 2007

Origin of the "Chipmunk" Clip

I had a feeling that the infamous chipmunk clip thats sweeping the 'net right now came from some japanese tv show and now thanks to the folks at tv in japan ...we now know which show..freakin' Hello!Morning..specifically a segment with Mini Moni

Shida Mirai

Particulars: 志田未来, Japanese TV

Shida Mirai

Particulars: 志田未来


Particulars: 熊井友理奈, Kumai Yulina, Berryz, Berryz工房

Jun 21, 2007

Enson Inoue's Purebred

representing Purebred Omiya Jima/Guam

Purebred Roll Call

Enson Inoue highlight reel "Yamato Damashii" "spirit of old Japan/Samurai Spirit"

Yamamoto "Kid" Norifumi representing Purebred Tokyo/Killer Bee
he can be a dick but you have to admit he's exciting to watch alot of the time

Mike Ulloa representing Purebred Omiya Jima/Guam, he got some skillz

Riko Narumi

Riko Narumi
You can see her in my personal favorite doramas Ruri no Shima & 1 Litre of Tears
She also has a photobook out entitled...ahem, Riko Narumi, 12 years

So Witty....

Now I'm not a player hater but I watched some shit by Derrick Beckles & I didn't laugh once. Flipping through the channels I caught Sara Silverman's show & swear to god I let the damn thing ride almost the entire way through & I didn't laugh once. It's not even because I don't like Jewish people it's because her show sucks fat cock. She gets paid to do that shit though so whatever.

Jun 19, 2007

The King of Kong:
A Fistful of Quarters

Finally -- a true epic movie for the summer...

"Maybe they'd like it if I lose. ...I gotta try losing sometime."

Real bike & clothes based on the anime Akira

Click the "this" link in the 1st paragraph...

--> http://smt.blogs.com/mari_diary/2004/12/akira_kaneda_sp.html

In the 2nd paragraph she starts talking about girls stuff [insert impression of little boy snickering here]

The Fantastic 4 - Rise of the Silver Surfer

Going in by accident I said 'Can I have 1 ticket for Silver Surfer please?' :)

The Silver Surfer was definitely cool and the rest of the film was good I thought except I didn't like the way they styled Jessica Alba for much of the film but that's not her fault.

Edit: I'm gonna SPOIL THE ENTIRE MOVIE in the comments >

Jun 13, 2007

The Indisputable Truth about Women, “Romance” and why you will never ever get a girlfriend. Chapter 5 – Part 1

WARNING: I’m probably going to make a lot of enemies with this chapter. Men have been roaring in approval and agreement with The Indisputable Truth since Chapter 1, but this entry may go over about as well as a motivational speech from Heidi. I obliterated the fiction of women with my first assault, but throughout my journey I’ve been slowly chipping away at the fantasies of men as well. And unfortunately guys, this is where they go down in flames.

Because this chapter is very involved and I want you to give serious thought to each Myth (and also because it’s been about three years since I posted my last chapter and I need to get SOMETHING on this damn blog), I’ve broken it up into parts. Part 1 will probably be the most disputed, but if you read it slowly and carefully, you’ll see that I’m making perfect sense, just like I have been from the beginning.

The Myths of Man – EXPOSED!

Part 1. “Game”
The Undisputed (or is that Indisputable?), Undefeated Champion of Heinous Man-Myths. I’m sure you’ve all heard of it. Also known as “Mad Skillz, Yo,” “Game” (and it will never be mentioned by me without quotation marks) is a man’s alleged ability to convince females to become attracted to him using nothing but his personality. According to popular folklore, a man with “Game” can be physically underwhelming or financially destitute and still, literally, talk any or almost any woman into finding him desirable. Yes, a man with “Game” can talk a woman into going out with him, coming home with him, or doing pretty much anything, including things that she didn’t plan or want to do before they met.

The myth of “Game” has been infecting the consciousness of men for centuries, clouding their judgment and leading them to emotional ruin. And yes, there are plenty of men throughout history who have thoroughly believed in “Game,” and have been very successful with women.

Case in point: one of my more delusional coworkers (and there are quite a few) who is quite a hit with the ladies and is positively certain that it’s due to his level of “Game,” recently explained to me his foolproof system for getting girls to accompany him to his apartment.

His system? Cooking. He would brag about the fact that he knew how to prepare food to “unsuspecting” females, leading them to question his culinary skills, which would give him the opportunity to “challenge” them to return to his home with him so he could prove his boasts true, and subsequently have his way with them. This ploy would fall under the envelope of “Game.” Sounds sensible enough.

My friends, let’s think about this situation for a moment. Try to put yourselves in the heads of these young women my coworker was “cooking” for. Can you honestly believe that his only intention in asking you home is to show you what a quality chef he is? Honestly? And does anyone honestly believe that these girls didn’t know what he was planning? This may sound strange coming from me, but no woman is that thickheaded.

Before any aspiring foodies out there try to emulate my coworker’s approach, let me save you a little time, a little energy and a lot of embarrassment.

Any girl that went to his apartment had made her decision before he launched into his “cooking” spiel. She saw him, deemed him attractive, and just waited for the invitation. Of course, as discussed in Chapter 2, girls absolutely must play their mind games before getting down to the brass tacks. The invitation had to be phrased as an indirect, “sly,” yet oh-so-obvious inquiry. Anything other than “Do you want to accompany me to my residence and have intercourse?” would’ve worked (although that may have worked as well).

My coworker could’ve said, “I have a stamp collection at home; you want to come over and see it?” And she would’ve been walking out the door with him. Conversely, an unattractive man could be Bobby F’N Flay in the kitchen and there is STILL no chance of him convincing a female to come home so he can confirm his abilities to her.

Again, put yourselves in the female mind. If you had to, what would you rather tell people, and yourself, the morning after a tryst with my coworker: “He said he could cook for me and I wanted him to prove it, one thing led to another, and we ended up in bed,” or “I knew this guy for about an hour, and he asked me back to his place to have sex with him and I said yes.” Women need excuses, even incredibly transparent ones like “cooking,” to keep themselves from looking and feeling “easy.” The excuse can be weaker than Freefall Jones’s bench press; a handsome man just has to say something, anything and she’ll be open to it. And an unattractive man literally can’t say anything to evoke the same reaction.

The fact that “Game” only works for men that are attractive proves once and for all that “Game” is nothing more than a Myth of Man.

Come back soon (within the next three years, at least) to see me expose the next Myth of Man in Part 2: ‘C-Blocking.”

Mt Everest

R.I.P. Don Herbert aka Mr. Wizard

By the time Mr. Wizard brought his show to Nickelodeon in the 80s, you could tell he was tired of stupid kids. His experiments were AWESOME, but you could see the impatience in his face while the know-it-all asian kid tried to show off how smart he was. Or was it a she? Whatever, that ambiguous kid was skinny and had a rice bowl haircut. Peace out, Mr. Wizard.

Jun 9, 2007

J-Music Clip of the Week...Bonus Edition

Artists: HALCALI
Single: It's PARTY TIME!

It's PARTY TIME! video DL

You could say there was an art to screencaping

I didn't take this but I think it's REALLY good.

Captions could be: Hands down, best in the class.

Or maybe just what it says on her shirt that's pretty cool =)

Jun 8, 2007

Wii Boxing Musume Style

from last Sundays episode of Haromoni..the girls visit the Nintendo offices

Lazy Friday

compared to Craig's Most Excellent Adventures...my friday was pretty damn boring...chauferred my mom around for awhile this morning then nothing...laid around the house and did jackshit...but...

I recently bought a silk screen kit so I can kick it up a notch with my "custom" shirts..up until this point I've been using iron-ons and shit but after a few washes..the image on the shirts look like an old wrinkly ass...well, I had no problems creating the stencil screens but the actual paint screening process was a little difficult..unless you get the paint on there evenly..the lettering doesn't come out clean and crisp..but after a few test shirts I think I got the process down now...just gotta use a hella lot of paint...

here are a few of my latest "acqusitions"..above is a Colonel Sanders mini 10 figure set from Japan that I got off of ebay..its SUPPOSED to be 10 different figures but the guy I bought it off of faucked up and sent me 2 sombrero colonel sanders...he said he'd send me the missing piece..keeping my fingers crossed..

Liberty by erick scarecrow...the green one is limited to 300 pieces and 100 pieces for the pink(the fett-man and the doze green print aren't new but thought they looked sexy in the pic)

Mellow Saves San Francisco by Chris Lee #15/25

sure doesn't look like I'm saving money for Tokyo

Jun 6, 2007

Champion of the Day:
Bench Yellin' Man

Y'know what, old dude? You really didn't have to yell at that girl with the flowers. She probably had a good reason for carrying the bouquet upside-down...like to protect it from the wind, or maybe to keep the moisture from running down the stems...who knows?

So you really weren't helping anything by yelling, "'EY! YOU GOTTA TURN 'EM RIGHT-SIDE UP! ...TURN 'EM UP!!!"

I mean, she had already walked ten steps past the bus stop bench you were sitting on...oh yeah, nice purple blazer and straw hat you had on, by the way...

And why did you feel the need to plead your case with everyone else around you? ... "THOSE ARE NICE FLOWERS! SHE GOTTA TURN 'EM UP! SHE GOTTA TURN 'EM UP! ...AND WATER!!!,"

So let's all learn from the wisdom of this botanically concerned, garishly garbed guardian of the bench and...turn them up. Yes, indeed, turn them up.