Jun 25, 2007

Chris Benoit and Family...Dead


probably the greatest technical wrestler(along with the Dynamite Kid) to ever step into the squared circle...I've gone to quite a few wrestling events through the years but the most memorable one for me was Superbrawl 7 at the Cow Palace in San Francisco. One fo the matches that night was Chris Benoit vs Kevin Sullivan in a San Francisco Death Match(or was it Street Fight?)...during the match...Benoit and Sullivan made their way into the crowd right by where I was sitting....they were pretty damn close, so close in fact that during a moment of excitement..I slapped Chris Benoit in the back and the security guard "nudged" me a little to step back...now I didn't mean to slap him...I'm a HUGE Benoit fan..all I really wanted to do was give him a "good job buddy" pat on the back but I guess I was a wee bit excited...actually, if you can find the video of the match..you can see me on camera..uh...hitting Benoit....

Chris Benoit vs another great "grappler" Dean Malenko

Benoit vs Chris Jericho early in their careers wrestling for New Japan Pro

Benoit (then wrestling as the Pegasus Kid/Wild Pegasus) vs Jushin Thunder Liger


huntherx17 said...

yeah, it shocks me that he would murder his own wife and kid

Langdon Alger said...

yeah..I just read that..I hope that thats not true..I rather hear that he died due to his "personal demons" than murder-suicide..whatever the case it fauckin sucks

Son of Gigan said...

I was a fan of his, but I'm done feeling sorry for this piece of trash. After seeing the grisly details of the case come out, I'm going to have a REAL hard time listening to testimonies and tributes from other wrestlers talking about what a great guy, or even a great performer he was. If he was so damn troubled, he should've killed himself first. Then it would be a little bit easier to have some sympathy for him.

Langdon Alger said...

c'mon...you know Woman probably was cheating on him thats why he snapped...uh..killing his son..now thats faucked up...he probably had a Scott Steiner moment and went crazy

is it to soon to start making "jokes"?