Aug 28, 2008

CJ's Video Of The Moment/Diggin' In The Crates "Classic J-Pop" Edition

"Shojo A" by Akira Nakamori from her Variation [Hensoukyoku] LP (Reprise/Warner Pioneer L-12550, 1982). A big early hit for her. My personal copy of the LP, on my turntable. Would you believe I got this on eBay for a dollar back in January and it was NEAR MINT?!?

MMA? More like MM Gay!

goddamn this is funny

Aug 27, 2008

Tsuji 1 Fish 0

This sumbatch didn't stand a chance. Let this be a lesson, don't stand between a dog & his meat.

Aug 25, 2008

Thai Food, Clone Wars, and Mighty Muggs

I could probably write three separate blogs about Coriander Thai, the Clone Wars CG movie, and the awesomeness of Mighty Muggs, but it would be SO much easier to just do one blog with quick notes on each.

Coriander Thai at Westfield Center San Francisco
A favorite lunchtime destination during the work week (when I'm not going to The Sentinel), Coriander Thai is in the "fancy" food court at the downtown SF Westfield Center (not to be confused with the "janky" side of Westfield that has the Burger King and Panda Express).

The fancy food court has lots of great places to eat -- Bristol Farms market has a great steam table, there's a Sarabol Korean BBQ, an Askew, a Buckhorn, Bistro Burger, etc. But despite all those choices, I always end up at Coriander Thai. Their best dishes are the Spicy Catfish and Sweet Chicken with Basil. Son of Gigan and I were there once, I got the thai, and he got some sort of pizza -- but kept coming back to my plate to try the catfish (totally stereotypical of Gigans).

Star Wars: The Clone Wars
Why was this a movie? Even more important, why did I see it? I think George Lucas was able to embed something into our generation's DNA that forces us to watch anything Star Wars-related no matter how bad it is.

Not that the Clone Wars was completely terrible. The CG action looked cool -- a tricky balance between looking too much like the movies and looking too cartoony. But as hectic as the action got, I never got the sense that the main characters were never in any real danger. First, because we know all their fates beforehand; second, because the voice actors never sounded like they were "in the action," as evidenced by Obi-Wan's permanently calm tone no matter what the situation.

Anyway, I'd probably forgive the movie's flaws if it had aired as originally intended: as the first three episodes of the Clone Wars TV show. In a half-hour TV show, it makes sense to have one big battle per episode, it also makes sense for characters to make an appearance one show and then disappear for a few episodes, and it makes sense for characters to still be introduced throughout a show's run. It doesn't work as well in one movie when Mace Windu has two lines of dialogue and then isn't seen again (even worse when General Grievous is only seen for two seconds and mentioned briefly in line of dialogue).

I could go on and on with the movie's flaws -- like Anakin and Ahsoka hiding under a metal box to get through a bubble shield, but then in the very next scene, Obi-Wan and an army of Clones pass through the forcefield without any kind of shielding -- but I'll still tune in in November to Cartoon Network when the series starts it's run. ...dammit.

My Mighty Muggs Collection
Pictured above: Venom, Thing, Darth Vader, General Grievous, Boba Fett.
Boxed in the background: Raiders of the Lost Ark Idol, Spider-Sense Peter Parker, Movie Iron Man.
Cropped from photo: Hulk, regular Iron Man, Stormtrooper
On my desk at work: Spider-Man, Black suit Spider-Man, Doctor Octopus, Thor, Captain America, Wolverine

Aug 24, 2008

Best Damn Thing?

yes you are Sayumi...yes you fauckin are

**new Sayummy pb dropping at the begining of October(10/01) title yet but we do know it was filmed on Guam..again...and here are the first preview pics to hit the interwebs...very low quality

CJ's Moment of Zen, "Big Brother PWNED" Edition

(thanks to Tim Napalm via Mick Farren.)

Aug 21, 2008

The Brand New and Improved SOGmobile

2008 MazdaSpeed3.

Blasting SCANDAL on the iPod.

2.3-liter , 263 hp turborcharged engine. Top speed 155 mph. I've always wanted to be an obnoxious, overbearing, rice-rocket driving Asian guy, and I've finally acheived my dream. Although to cut enough costs to make my payments I'll be living in Freefall Jones's pantry for the next seven years.

Only three things need to be added to the new SOGmobile and it will be complete: tribal bands on the doors and hood, Superman-symbol mudflaps, and a sticker of Calvin peeing on the words "Bin Laden."

WARNING: If you're in the Northern California area and want a car like this, DO NOT go to Team Mazda of Vallejo. They will do their very best to rip you off. Spread the word. The SOGmobile and I will never return to that godforsaken place.

Who's Gonna Save My Soul?

The latest Gnarles Barkley video, dedicated to anyone who has ever dumped someone or been dumped by someone... which is most likely no one who reads this blog, cuz let's face it, none of y'all have ever been in a real relationship!


Aug 19, 2008

Chinese, Japanese, Dirty Knees, Look At These

I'm not sure how I missed this story a few days ago, but WOW. Fuck you Spain, fuck you. I'm not sure how your host country is supposed to be 'honored' by your slanty-eyed antics...

Link to CNN story

It's not the first time that Spain's pulled this shit either. Their tennis team is in on the chingchong action too:

Aug 18, 2008

42" Grand WEGA™ Integrated LCD Rear Projection Television

Wonton sold me this tv, I finally picked it up Saturday afternoon. I thought it would be kick ass to have this monster in my bedroom, thing is my bedroom is slightly bigger than a prison cell. I couldn't sleep a wink last night, it felt like two headlights were shining highbeams at my eyeballs all night. So now I am thinking of putting this bad boy in the living room, but that means I'll have to invest in a smaller HD tv for my room & the impending arrival of a PS3...

Also my calculations were off & this thing blocks the view of my vcr & dvd players it's a bit too tall.

Aug 17, 2008

Diggin' In The Crates "Another Giant Fauckin Lizard Record" Edition

one of my recent ebay pick ups..the title Sound Effect of Godzilla describes it perfectly cuz its just a bunch of sound clips of all the monsters and shit...pretty damn cool

Aug 15, 2008

Tales From The Office

apparently, SoG took the day off from work today and decided to indulge his love of cars...

**the screenshot is of the CHP media of the resources we use at work to monitor area freeways and shit

Aug 14, 2008

Pic of the Day "Sooooo Purrrty" Edition

I LOVE NOZOMI SASAKI!!! and I want the world to know!!..she is just so pretty...I imagine she farts rainbows and shits mistake, pretty girls don't fart or shit..they release their "waste" by covering their mouths and making cute giggling sounds

Aug 11, 2008

Perfect Blue revisited

CHAM "Ai no Tenshi"
from Perfect Blue

& here's a clip of the blasphemous english dub
I couldn't find a clip of the CHAM performance in Nihongo
the CHAM performance sequence is great fun plus it's bound to strike a chord with some of us ahem Craig....

Aug 10, 2008

Nihonmachi Street Fair

another day, a different city and another japanese festvial, The 35th Anuual Nihonmachi Street ran out of batteries so I didn't get to take many pics..especially of the nice looking ladies out and about in the nice SF weather

Aug 9, 2008

Japan Summer Festival

headed to Concord today with Eriku, Weinstein and Cabral-san for the Japan Summer Festival at the Japanese American Religious and Cultural Center..