Aug 17, 2008

Diggin' In The Crates "Another Giant Fauckin Lizard Record" Edition

one of my recent ebay pick ups..the title Sound Effect of Godzilla describes it perfectly cuz its just a bunch of sound clips of all the monsters and shit...pretty damn cool


CJ Marsicano said...

Nice score. Reminds me of a couple of the DJ-oriented records that I have from back when I was working at a local rock club. Most of them are breakbeats that I'd use to talk over when I was introducing the bands, but I have one record that had all sound effects and movie snippets on it. One night I played a snippet from Dirty Harry as a segue between whatever song I was playing beforehand (the system had one turntable and two CD decks) and NIN's "Closer". It sounded cool. Wish I'd taped that set, though.

Tsuji Eriku said...

nice kinda makes me wish I had the sp1200 handy right now