Nov 27, 2006

Dance You Bastards!!!...Dance Like The Wind!!!..Volume 094

something a little different this week...

Berryz pics

Hi there are some new old pics at that I really like and these are some of my favourite bits from them:
[3 pics]
They are from the the Switch On concert photobook and were taken by one or more of these good people:
Toshiya Kimura, Akito Matsumura, Yoshiro Koga, Tsukuru Ito.

Nov 26, 2006

Fast Food Biotch!

What's up YODC! sorry being in the dark for so long. School has been kicking my ass! Well, let me see if i can still bring it for y'all in this post. I fell across this video from King Giddra called "Fast Food Bitch." Now, when i heard the title of this track I immediately thought that they were going to do something like put a bunch of fat chicks in the video. Nope. If fast food was sexy then this video would be the compromise of eating fatty delicious food and being sexy. Will I be able to meet Anna Ohura in a fast food restaurant? Chances are slim for me, but that would be a treat desune? Anyways, this video is fun. To be honest, it makes me want to go to a fast food joint and fantasize about Anna Ohura eating a cheese hot dog. When she takes a bite all the cheese just explodes on her body. that is fine fast food dining (with 3rd degree burns after being bukake'd by the cheese)! ah, gomen ne. getting a little too graphic. enjoy enjoy! Happy Holidays!

KING GIDDRA-Fast Food Bitch

Nov 24, 2006

Shiawase Beam!

I have been consumed by videogames the past few days, but I had to stop by & show some love to the super kawaii Maimi Yajima. sigh....

Nov 22, 2006

Pic Of The Day..."Why I'm Thankful"...Edition

so why am I thankful this year?...because the H!P gods have given us a helluva lot of eye candy to be drool over in the '06....for example...a new Risa PB...Viyuden's latest PV....the entire GAM thing....Takahashi's PB...Tsuji Nozomi's ass...and in a few short days....a new Miki Fujimoto photobook.....

as I will probably partake in a little drunken karaoke during my family's Thanksgiving celebration..I shall sing the Bee Gees "More Than A Women" in my Mikitty's honor...

Nov 21, 2006

J-Music Clip Of The Week..."For That Virgin Son of Gigan" Edition

Artist: PUFFY
Single: Hataraku Otoko

Hataraku Otoko video DL

Calvin & Hobbes, Robot Chicken style

C&H -- probably the best strip EVER...

Dance You Bastards!!! Dance Like The Wind!!! Volume Craig

time to get your "learn on" Craig....and don't have to match there costumes..

the music and the video are out of sync for some reason but that shouldn't stop you from learning the routine..

Nov 20, 2006

Nov 18, 2006

Attention all my Pilipino Brothers!

Okay, you're not my brothers. In fact, you're all a bunch of Mexicans to me. But this is still important. Your hero Manny Pacquiao is fighting in the biggest event of his career on Saturday, November 18th on pay-per-view. I implore you to put the lumpia down and ORDER it. If you've never seen this guy fight, he is possibly the most badass boxer in the world, and he's fighting maybe the second most badass boxer in the world, Erik Morales, for the THIRD time (they beat the carnitas out of each other in the first two and each won one). In fact, if you've never Pacquiao fight, you give up the right to call yourself a Flip. But here's a sample of the Pacman's ferocity anyway.

As good as he is at fighting, it's not even his greatest talent! Unfortunately, he insists on getting in the ring instead of pursuing his TRUE calling. But at least he gave us this treasure...

Nov 17, 2006

Tokyo Tribes 2 Anime Series?!!!

old news but I just found out about this...the series made its debut last week I believe....only a matter of time till our resident anime expert Eriku hooks me up with some eps right?...RIGHT?!!

Oh Shit!!

you can thank Freefall for this clip....

J-Music Clip Of The Week

Single: LOOK

LOOK video DL

Nov 16, 2006

For That Dumbass Langdon Alger

She's so talented she can play tambourine and change from a black T-shirt to a white one and back again, DURING THE SONG!!!!!

Looks like MM are gonna end up with a cute baby

Mr Berryz Fields @ Loveable Eri Kamei <3 looks like he's onto a winner with this little firecracker: Sumire Satou.

Nov 15, 2006

Morning Musume vs Mark Morrison

Small wma file here :)

The Indisputable Truth about Women, “Romance” and why you will never ever get a girlfriend. Chapter 1

WARNING: This is by far the most critical work I’ve ever penned. If you are a woman, turn back now. And if you disagree with anything written below, you are ignorant, in denial…or a woman.

I had an interesting, yet somewhat frustrating lunch conversation with a new coworker today. As is normally the case with people in this scenario, he was picking my massive brain to discover what it is about me that is so irresistible to women. I attempted to explain to this neophyte that my immense attractiveness cannot be quantified or rationalized. It’s just there. And it’s no different than any other man (except obviously at far higher levels). In plain English – being desirable to women is something a man either has or he doesn’t. And if he does not have it, he cannot gain it (short of a few very rare exceptions that will be described in detail later).

Of course, as na├»ve little humans will do, he disagreed. He was absolutely insistent that even the most physically unattractive man could use wit and charm to talk his way into a woman’s favor and more importantly, her bed. He claimed to have had his way with many “hot chicks” in his time. At the pinnacle of his lunatic ranting, he recommended a book that he had read. Quite famous, it’s titled The Game, and it’s the “true” story of an apparently beastly-looking man who discovered an ironclad, foolproof method of getting the most beautiful women to have intercourse with him. In a nutshell, my cuckoo new friend told me this:

Talk to a woman as if she’s your kid sister. Tease her and make fun of her and don’t give her too much respect. This will intrigue her.

That’s it! There’s the elusive secret to obtaining the affections of women. Let’s all thank The Game and its hideous author for showing men the light and making things so easy! I would’ve laughed heartily if I didn’t have acidic bile clogging my windpipe. To make things even more absurd, shortly after his synopsis this whacko had the temerity to suggest that I, Son of Gigan, read the book. WHY THE HELL WOULD I DO THAT? Just before I killed him, I was compelled to drop a little funkee funkee wizdom on this sucka MC. And I’m going to share it with you, my devoted fans.

This is not what he wanted to hear. In fact, it’s not what anyone wants to hear. But it’s the truth. The Indisputable Truth. Women will NOT like this. Why would they? I’m finally lifting the impenetrable veil they’ve held over men’s eyes ever since the day we stopped clubbing them over their heads and dragging them off by the hair. The gig is up, ladies. Sorry to burst your bubble. But not that sorry.

The Indisputable Truth:

Let me begin the lesson by saying that if you’ve read The Game, or are thinking about reading it or any of those other instruction-manual-type guides to attracting women, you are a shameless douchebag completely devoid of self-respect. You probably won’t want to read on, just like women won’t. But since you have the same testicular makeup of the average female, you can sob about your relationship woes to your girl friends (note: not “girlfriends”) while watching Grey’s Anatomy and eating Haagen Dazs.

But if you want to regain what little is left of your dignity, you can read what I’m saying and take it to heart…or stick your head in an oven and don’t turn on the gas, but slam the door into your temple over and over again until you bludgeon yourself to death.

Preface over. Here’s The Truth, men. And in the coming weeks I will support it with facts and examples borne of a decade of experience and endless hours of observation:

Women don’t care about who you are on the inside. Not a single bit. Not even a little. They don't care about how you approach them or the things you say to them.

All their attraction is based on appearance, image, finances, status/power and other surface traits. The quality of your character matters not. The content of your soul makes no difference. The kindness in your heart? Honesty? Intelligence? Sense of humor? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! Or as we say here - aw;erouia; sdfjasdkl;fj awef’pa sodfjkalsdf asldfjasdklf as,dfasdf, asd,fweopsd,.cmasl/dkfj ‘weop!!!!!!!!!!!

Harsh, is it not? But many things in life are harsh; that doesn’t make them any less true, or less important to know. all of you are much better off just for reading this far. If you have the courage to continue, I’ll impart some absolutely crucial facts that you must be equipped with when engaging the opposite sex.

1. Women are chemically imbalanced. ALL of them. That is not slander. That is a provable actuality. Women change moods not day-by-day or even hour-by-hour. They change moods minute-by-minute. They’ll converse pleasantly with you one minute and avoid you like a leper the next. They’ll adore a certain fashion trend one minute and despise it the next. They play mind games liberally. Females like to say that they’re “complicated” (how many times have you heard a girl say that?). They say that they’re “sensitive” and it’s because their emotions are so complex. No, it’s just plain crazy. And it’s in ALL women. Your wife, your girlfriend, your sister, your daughter, the girl in the cubical next to you that seems perfectly well-adjusted, all of them. They can’t be rationalized or reasoned with. You must never be shocked when a female does something that defies human logic, or completely and totally contradicts everything she may have told you about herself, which leads us to…

2. Never believe a woman’s words. I’m not speaking of words like, “I work as an administrative assistant,” or “I love sandwiches.” Those words may very well be true (although you should still take them with a grain of salt). It’s when they start speaking about what they look for in men that you need to tune them out completely. Women will shamelessly state over and over that a man’s appearance doesn’t matter (or at least doesn’t matter entirely), that what matters is the kind of person he is. Think about it; of course women are going to say that. It makes them look and feel less shallow. What else are they going to say? Study their body language, and disregard whatever comes out of their mouths. It will unlock a whole new understanding, because…

3. Women CANNOT hide their emotions. When it comes to men, women are literally incapable of keeping their feelings to themselves. They may not vocally express how they feel (see #2), and they may try to disguise their thoughts, but whether they are attracted to you or wish they could tie you in a burlap sap and drown you like a litter of kittens, they WILL let you know. And it won’t be subtle. A woman will think she’s “playing hard to get” with a man she desires. She’ll limit her conversation time with him. She’ll pretend to be busy when he wants to talk. And she’ll think she’s stringing him along like a fish on a hook. What she won’t notice is how she’ll keep staring at him, how she’ll keep making excuses to be around him even though she “doesn’t” want to speak, and how she’ll break down and follow him around if he doesn’t play her little game. On the flip side, a girl may try to be polite when talking to a man that’s unattractive. She’ll be somewhat courteous and attentive, but what she cannot hide is her facial expression that SCREAMS “Stop speaking to me and go FAR away.” She cannot hide her feet as they slowly and awkwardly shuffle in the opposite direction. She cannot hide her skin as it crawls off her bones desperately attempting to escape. I’ve SEEN this happen. Remember, I hang out with Freefall Jones. Men, if a girl likes you, she will LET YOU KNOW. And you WILL see it. And if and when it ever happens, you’ll feel like an imbecile for chasing all those girls in the past that gave you no such signals. And likewise, if a girl thinks you’re ugly, she will make it equally obvious. And you CANNOT change her opinion. Girls judge men as acceptable or unacceptable immediately upon seeing them for the first time. And if you’re unacceptable, no amount of personality is going to convince her to transfer you to the “good” side. You need to know which one you are. The sooner you come to grips with it, the more at peace you will be.

This concludes my introductory chapter. Fortunately for you, there’s a lot more for me to teach. Make sure to return here in the future, not only to get your fill of naked Japanese teenagers, but to read the latest chapters of Son of Gigan’s most important work:

Chapter 2: “Women’s Five Pillars of Bullshit (Pardon my French)”

Chapter 3: “A Man’s Got to Know His Limitations.”

Chapter 4: “The Man Makes the Clothes” or “You Can’t Shine a Turd.”

Nov 14, 2006

Online Gaming with Gears of War

Gears of War

My first online gaming experience was with Gears of War & I am blown away. The reason why I bought an xbox 360 was for Gears of War. I would have been able to hold off on the purchase if it weren't for the release of GoW. Watching G4's coverage of it made me salivate.

So how'd I do?

Day 1: I got my ass handed to me & had to the other players clown my ass all night. Surprisingly we played quite a few rounds & before I knew it we had been playing GoW for 2+ hours. I think in those 2 hours I got 3 kills, but mostly I just got killed & had to watch while everyone else finished.

Day 2: A huge difference, I logged a few kills & brought home a win or two for the team. Then we switched up & two more experienced players paired up against me & my buddy Plankton a fellow noob to the game. We pretty much got slaughtered from there on out.

The above pic pretty much says it all, it is MAD CHAOS but fun as hell. C'mon guys take the plunge & join the fun. It's only money!

Fight of the Week: Burglar vs. Store

Nov 12, 2006


My dumbass just spent money that I shouldn't have on an xbox 360 & the critically acclaimed game Gears of War. I got the game for free, here's how.

Go to your neighborhood Target store & bring a friend. Purchase an xbox 360 & at the register they will give you a free $50 gift card which you promptly give your friend to put towards the purchase of Gears of War. Upon purchasing the game your friend will be presented with yet another free gift card for $10. Viola! Free Gears of War game. Put that $10 towards a quick charger for your wireless deely yo & there it is! Or give it to your friend to cover the $10 bucks in cash he had to float you to cater to your hustle.

Wonton I'll see you online in a minute brotha!

I sure hope I have enough money to buy my ticket to Japan at the end of the month.

Mao Asada

[youtube vid]

Thank you mummy & daddy Asada for concieving Mao.

Nov 11, 2006

Puffy rules; all those other broads drool.

These two have the "I'm embarassed by my own dancing" look down to an f'n SCIENCE.

UPDATE: If you're stil wondering if you should watch this, just know that Ami's facial expression at the 15-second mark will put hair on your nuts.

Pic of the Day..."Wonky Eyed Beauty"...Edition

a quick Happy 17th Birthday shout to the lovely Reina Tanaka...with pictures of course...

she sure does have a purty mouth..

Mai Asada

Kochira wa Mai Asada desu not to be confused with Carne Asada another personal favorite of mine. Suddenly I find myself a figure skating fan. Mai is the beautiful older sister of kawaii ice skating phenom Mao Asada who got barred from competing in the Olympics (due to age) even though she already defeated the two heavy hitters to win that year (Shizuka Arakawa, Sasha Cohen). You can see more of Mao's elder sister Mai here.

Haruna Yabuki

Haruna Yabuki desu. I am taking a cue from langdon here & posting some eye candy. This vid I found on veoh was funny and arousing at the same time. It's funny how a song can totally change everything.

The Stream of Pop

I would say both the streams of Pop and Porn are endless

but where with Porn it seems easy to move on from one girl to the next

with Pop it seems users are more inclined to get stuck/fall in love with their object(s) of attention.

As a result what is really an endless stream of Pop may seem like a terribly finite one to certain fans like myself.

When I'm deprived of my 'fix' I feel like a lowly parishioner praying in my fandom for my Idols to enter my life.


Nov 10, 2006

(clicky for pops)
So this image has been floating around the internets and giving everyone a hearty laugh. It's the best internet ownage to date.

Here's the original and LONG thread:

And go buy the related shirt at Cafe Press:

Pic of the Day..."Why So Hot?"...Edition

I think Eriku will be the first to chime in on why this pic is so freakin hot....

(click pic to enlarge)

Vote or Die

If you go to you can check out a t-shirt design I did using a graphic I had made for a story in EGM. Please vote and they might actually turn it into a t-shirt.

Cheers to Son of Gigan for telling me about the site. Jeer-within-a-Cheer to Son of Gigan for not putting up any of his own designs yet.

Fight of the Week: John Williams gets us pumped

Why it's awesome: It redefined the way Jedis battle with lightsabers.

Why it sucks: The character that could have been one of movie history's greatest villains went out like a chump.

Nov 8, 2006

Nov 5, 2006

C-ute's Airi


Spare me my life

English is one of the most difficult languages to learn. This video will give you the necessary vocabulary to talk yourself through a mugging by a white man. Just to make it more interesting, it's a learn-while-you-exercise-video! As it happens, this is the best workout video ever.


Nov 4, 2006

Get Busy Y'all

DABO wakaore

get get busy!!!!

I'm in a J Rap mood so here is DABO one of my favorites DEF JAM JAPAN, NITRO MICROPHONE UNDERGROUND in the place. HOLLER!


One of my favorites from another Nitro Microphone Underground member
XBS -All Day All Night

check the chorus that's smooth vocals for your earhole & it's nice to know XBS likes to kick it for the ladies on the smooth tip like I do...

Here's the rest of the fam Nitro Microphone Underground -Still Shinin'

Nov 3, 2006

Dancing Toys

YouTube vid:

vip371532 @

Pic Of The Day.."Hey Now..."...Edition

judging by the pic..this looks like its gonna be a fun single..and when I say fun..I mean fun in my pants...

cover pic of Viyuden's upcoming single Aisucream to My Purin