Nov 11, 2006

The Stream of Pop

I would say both the streams of Pop and Porn are endless

but where with Porn it seems easy to move on from one girl to the next

with Pop it seems users are more inclined to get stuck/fall in love with their object(s) of attention.

As a result what is really an endless stream of Pop may seem like a terribly finite one to certain fans like myself.

When I'm deprived of my 'fix' I feel like a lowly parishioner praying in my fandom for my Idols to enter my life.



Tsuji Eriku said...

I haven't needed a new drug since finding Jpop culture

Anonymous said...

I've never done Drugs but I've always been into something (be it Star Trek, comics or whatever).

Son of Gigan said...

I like the ones with the big asses.