Apr 30, 2006

You guys wanna see something gross?

2 days until....Akihabara
You see the building on the left with the illuminated tubes for the escalators? The building immediately to the right....Kaiyodo Hobby Lobby ga arimasu on the 3rd floor. I will be blowing alot of yen there on useless pieces of plastic that will collect dust on my toy shelf.

Now for the gross:
NOT SAFE FOR WORK, KIDS OR WIFEYS unless your wifey is into porn.

well just copy & paste this into your browser:


Apr 29, 2006

J-Music Clip of the Week

like Eriku mentioned in a previous post..this girl can't sing...but god bless Sayumi for trying....at least she's looking really cute though..so here's Miss Michishige "singing" Namida ga Tomaranai Houkago on the latest episode of Hello Pro Hour.

Namida ga Tomaranai Houkago video DL

and..a bonus pic...

Apr 28, 2006

Pic of the Day "...My Baby is All Growns Ups..." Edition

my girl Jessica Alba turns 25 today...it seems just like yesterday that she was a hot as hell 14 year old staring on "The New Flipper"...wow...how time flies by....

Did Somebody say G-G-G-G-G-GHOSTS!!!!

our buddy KagoFeet over at don't touch my Jpop! has a pretty damn good post consisting of Japanese G-G-G-G-GHOST(sorry, I watched too much Scooby Dooo growing up) videos from youtube. Definitely strange and creepy...and be sure to watch it with the volume up..not because there's some freaky ghostly "howling" but, the music that they play while the narrator is speaking, is just as eerie as the music from Unsolved Mysteries!..you know what I'm talking about....so be sure to check it out here

and for even more supernatural imagery...here's one classic clip that all "true believers" should watch...

Apr 27, 2006

For Son of Gigan

How could I have forgotten this??? This show was AWESOME. The animation was really good for a weekday afternoon cartoon and I remember trying to draw Duke Igthorn because he looked COOL, MAN.

Your new hero: Bob Sapp

I've been pouring over the funny vids on tv in japan. You should really click on over there and check them out... you'll find stuff like this:

J-Music Clip of the Week...Early Edition *UPDATED*

**just uploaded the PV to the blog....click here to check it out...

here's a little sneak peak of Namie's forthcoming single "Can't Sleep, Can't Eat, I'm Sick"...pretty damn good if you ask me...really different from her previous releases... thanks to amurox.com for supplying the clip...

Artist: Namie Amuro
Single: Can't Sleep, Can't Eat, I'm Sick

(click pic to purchase single)

Can't Sleep, Can't Eat, I'm Sick preview

Can't Sleep, Can't Eat, I'm Sick song DL

and here's some Namie eye candy for good measure...

I'm not feeling the contact lenses in the following pics but damnit...she still looks good...

Pic Of the Day..."I'd Risa her Niigaki" Edition...

another Morning Musume member who in my opinion, doesn't get enough love...like Eriku mentioned before, Gak-san is definitely looking bit flyer, which should help her advance on the "favorites" list of fans...but where he finds her bewildered "eh?" look stupid and annoying...I find it adorable and cute as hell...we agree to disagree I guess...like where Eriku considers dressing in all leather from head to toe "fashionable"...I find it a bit too dressy...sorry..I'm getting off subject here...where was I..oh yeah...and so I give to you:


The A-Team to the Rescue!!!

Very seldom, do we at Your Opinion Doesn't Count do charity work..but occasionally, we come across a worthy cause that garners our full attention...so please..visit the link below and help a guy out.... special thanks to Thongchai for the heads up ...

(workplace safe)

TV In Japan

This new blog from Gavin Purcell links to tons of funny tv videos from the greatest country of all time...

Apr 25, 2006

Tales of the Somewhat Strange and Creepy

damn dirty apes...or chimps in this case...

FREETOWN (Reuters) - Armed Sierra Leonean police are hunting up to 20 chimpanzees which killed a local taxi driver and injured three American visitors after they broke out of a wildlife sanctuary, officials said on Tuesday.

The animals killed local taxi driver Issa Kanu and bit and mauled three U.S. employees of a construction company helping to build the new U.S. embassy in Freetown.

Amarasekaran said sanctuary staff and armed police were still trying to round up about 20 of the runaway chimps, including two adult males called "Bruno" and "Philip."

He believes the males may have led the attack on the visitors after more than 30 of the apes managed to break out of their enclosure in the sanctuary.

"Maybe the visitors panicked and threw sticks and stones. Chimps mob people. If you try and defend yourself you can get hurt," he added. He advised any humans attacked by chimpanzees to "be submissive, lie on the ground."

Local villagers were keeping their children at home. "We're not letting our children walk on the forest road because these chimpanzees could get hold of them and kill them," Regent Town village elder, Jonathan Harding, told Reuters.

Apr 24, 2006


"Hey Baby, Call Me..."

More Otaku Madness!!!

"Members of UC Berkeley's Asian Pacific American Theme House (APATH) rehearsing our original choreography to Namie Amuro's "Violet Sauce" three weeks before our performance on 4/22/06. None of us are dancers, but we tried, haha..."

Super Kawaii

This is so damn cute I can't stand it. It's a clip from awhile back but gauranteed to bring a smile to the face of even the most jaded bastards out there.

Pic of the Day..Awful Album Covers.. Edition

Apr 23, 2006

Chuck Norris Karate Kommandos

How was this not a phenomenon? It had everything... traces of G.I. Joe, Rambo, M.A.S.K.,and Mr. T.

It's also nice to see Cobra Commander let his hair down once in a while.

Apr 22, 2006

J-Music Clip Of Week

Artist: Viyuden/Biyuden/V-u-den/whatever...
Single: Issai Gassai Anata ni Ageru

Issaigassai Anata ni A-GE-RU video DL


My little niece just told me:

1. she doesn't take a bath everyday
2. she doesn't brush her teeth everyday

Pic of the Day.."Good LAWD!!!" Edtion...

no words needed really..just enjoy...


I can't read kanji(atleast I think its kanji) but these appear to be preview pics from Reina's new photobook...I think...atleast I hope they are...YOWZERS!!..

Strangely erotic.


Um....I gotta use the restroom.

A couple weeks back I picked up a film called Marebito. It was definitely one of those J Horror mind f*cks. Wierd creepy & uh strangely erotic. This reclusive dude wanders down into the underground world below Tokyo & finds this pretty thing pictured above chained to some rocks. He takes her home to try & take care of her, but she won't eat. He soon discovers that she only drinks blood. So he goes around killing people & filling baby bottles full of blood to feed this chick. My favorite parts in the movie were watching her dine on well uh, suck upon the artificial teet of her baby bottle.

Harajuku "Takeshita Dori"
t-minus 11 days until I hit .....
The Hello Pro Store, so calm down Langdon & Hikaru

Apr 21, 2006

Pic of the Day..."Makoto Love...." Edition...

not sure why this girl ranks towards the bottom of the list when it comes to favorite Morning Musume members..then again, I don't understand how anyone can think Konno is hot...to each his own I guess...but I think Mako-chan has talent, talent I say!!...cute too....very underrated this girl is..and so for any of the Makoto fans out there...I give to you...


here's a "young" Makoto pic

AND here's a pic of Makoto and Reina

Apr 20, 2006

Let's sexy english!

Cockpit? --must be seen to be believed. Be sure to stick around for the "Case of Taro" situational exercise.

HD's Music Clip Picks

What up everyone! I haven't posted on here for awhile. To get me back on the board let me introduce:

DJ Celory aka Mr. Beats feat. Mummy-D, HAB I SCREAM, and Keyco in

"愛だらけ" (Aidarake(rough translation: Full of Love)).

It took me awhile to get used to Keyco's singing. Aside from that I think this was a great song. Can you feel the love?

and when you get to know me a little more. you'll find that I'm a big Carpenters fan. With that said, here's the Carpenters performing a Beatles Classic "Help" at the Budokon in Japan. This was way back in 1974. I wasn't even born yet. Still it was a great performance. Anyways, check it out. Karen Carpenter is playing the drums! This girl can jam like there's no tommorow! Very nice! She f'n rocks man!

R.I.P Karen Carpenter 1950-1983

Remember SHE makes a living singing & dancing

Poor Sayumi can't sing or dance but she sure is kawaii!

Pic of the Day..."Analog JOYSTICK" Edition...

JAV companies really know how to cater to the otaku scum...if they're not making movies staring a Jpop Idol look-a-like, they're making movies based on video games...like the one below...and speaking of Jpop look-a-likes...the JAV geniuses seem to be "killing two birds with one stone" with this DVD by featuring Aya Matsuura doppelganger Ran Monbu staring in a spoof of the video game "Rumble Roses" called "Monbule Roses" ....

is it me or does the girl that Ran has in the abdominal stretch, have a striking resemblance to fellow Hello! Project member Ayaka Kimura?

One blog feeds the other

I would call this lazy, but half you jerks don't have the output I have,-- ***cough***Thongchai-too-busy-on-the-golf-course***cough*** --so here are the last couple of blog posts from my EGMCruz page:

Late to the Party: Me & Resident Evil 4

X-Men 3 poster from Poland

Why is this ok? Because a couple of weeks ago an article I wrote on my 1UP page generated a bunch of page views for this blog because I linked it in my signature. So when you fools are surfing around and posting on the interweb, don't forget to link YODC in your sig.

Apr 19, 2006

oooo la la

t-minus 14 days until.... I hit the heart of the city

I like this video because it gives us all a chance to see the depth of the cake that Sayumi & Ai have from the side. hm hm good.... kore wa cake desu. Yeah I know I'm wrong but if I had the chance I would, so I'm only keeping it real. Anyways they both are kawaii deshou!

Mighty Orbots

I don't care - this still looks sweet. And Bo and Boo are hot.

Apr 17, 2006

Pic of the Day.."Attack of the What?"...Edition

not sure if any of you watch G4tv but its basically a channel for video gaming nerds...well it used to be..I guess they're trying to change their image by showing repeats of The Man Show, Star Trek and a bunch of other crap...not to say Star Trek is crap..(hey,I'm just covering my ass before you "Trekkers" or "Trekkies" start to leave hateful comments laden with Klingon gibberish...)..but anyways...I hadn't been watching the channel much since my future wife, Diane Mizota ,show got cancelled..but..there's a new edition to the network that will have me watching G4tv, specifically Attack of the Show and Formula D, faithfully once again...and so I give to you...

little tidbit about Ms. Munn: She was born in Oklahoma and raised in Japan..AND to see this lovely lady in action.. click here ... here ... here ... and here

Apr 15, 2006

*BONUS* J-Music Clip of the Week

Artists: Hotei vs. Rip Slyme
Single: Battle Funkastic

Battle Funkastic video DL

J-Music Clip of the Week

Artists: Nakanomori Band
Brand Spakin New Single: i Need Love
i Need Love video DL

UPDATE: More Hug Life stuff

Okay, this post is mainly to continue the Hug Life dialogue I had with Tsuji because I don't feel like scrolling down. But I do have some pictures that might be of interest to anyone that's...well...interested.

I spoke to W today, and she informed me that unfortunately the pink baseball T's are currently out (apparently Hug Life has some salespeople that have been more successful than she has. Who knew?). However, she does have two other baseball T's, in baby blue/white (first picture) and gray/blue. And the size she has is small. But come on Tsuji; small, medium, what's the F'N difference? Your girl would probably look good in a shirt that's a size too small. I wear my shirts at least two sizes too small and I look HOT.

W also says she has plenty of the tank tops. And if you really want the pink shirt in Medium, she can order it. She seemed excited that someone wanted to buy a shirt, so you CAN'T yank the rug out from under her now. That goes for the rest of you guys too. Suicidal teens everywhere are counting on you!

Apr 14, 2006

The Da Vinci Code

Riding the bus to and from work means I get to do a lot of reading. Three novels in two months. The second of those books was The Da Vinci Code. I got it as a gift two Christmases ago from Poshmom (and her Posh-husband). The book is a really easy and quick read -- especially now that you can imagine Forest Gump and Amelie as the two leads.

The ending was a bit of a letdown for me - but that's because the build-up to it was so engaging I couldn't help but work the mystery out in my head before I got to the end (damn all those Encyclopedia Brown books I read in elementary school!).

And even though this is a fictional murder-mystery, Dan Brown weaves in A LOT of details -- architectural and artistic. He also mixes in controversial concepts and debates about religion and religious history.

The quick pace of the book is the reason I got sucked in so quickly. Brown keeps the language simple -- at first I thought it was too simple and was kind of boring for about the first thirty-or-so pages, but as soon as the black light hits and Sophie Neveu storms into the Louvre to give Robert Langdon her phone, the book manages to stay engrossing and suspenseful for THE NEXT FOUR HUNDRED PAGES. No joke. Give it a try --don't let my "figuring out the real killer and solving the final puzzle with about fifty pages to go" deter you from reading it.

And don't be a snob. If it's good enough for Ron Howard and mullet-ed Tom Hanks, it's good enough for you.


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