Sep 30, 2006


clip and write up courtesy of Peter-san from

"....The newest boom in otaku culture seems to be tsundere (ツンデレ, TSOON-deh-reh), a word that describes girls who are cranky and quick to anger (in Japanese, tsun-tsun) on the surface, yet loving and vulnerable when it suits them (known as dere-dere, pronounced deh-reh deh-reh)...Like cat girls, waitress uniforms and French Maid costumes, tsundere is closely tied to the Cult of Akihabara and moe (mo-EH) culture that has become such a big part of modern Japanese life. Now instead of passively watching your favorite rough-around- the-edges character in anime, you can experience her in the flesh at a new "Tsun-Cafe" which features beautiful waitresses who insult customers, acting frustrated when they take too long to order and yelling things like, "Here's your coffee. Drink it quickly and get out of here, will you?" But when it's time to leave, the girls look sad, and say, "Oniichan, I'm sorry I said those awful things to you. You will come again, right?"

I <3 PY =

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Mystery solved by darkzero611 @ forum.

Sep 29, 2006

Introducing Weatherwoman Jackie Guerrido

Our forecast calls for light clouds, gusty winds and a strong chance of me pleasuring myself.

Yoshie of Bebop Crew Japan

Bebop Crew
Yoshibo, DJ Ricky, Seto, Yoshie

I was browsing blogs & came across A little Bit of Randomness.
Here Kings of Barry posted a clip of a dancer named Yoshie reppin' Bebop Crew out of Japan. All I could say was holy #@%$. This girl has flavor! Too much flavor.

Check out this other video blog I found that had a bunch of other vids of Yoshie & other dancers doing there thizzle-ma-jig.

Sep 28, 2006

Pic of the Day.."More Tokyo Drift" Edition

can't believe Eriku forgot to mention that Shoko Nakagawa was in the movie as well...c'mon!..she was the "Bo-Peep Girl" can you forget the Bo-Peep Girl?!...geesh...anyway.."Shokotan" is known throughout the otaku world for her love of gaming, manga and cosplay...some might also remember her from her appearence on Hello!Morning...learn more about Shoko here and check out her personal blog here ..


..hanging with Hinoi Team

and if you want to spend everyday with Nakagawa-san..

(click pic to purchase calendar)

Sep 27, 2006

Uh Oh...I Just GAM'd in My Pants...again

for those who don't frequent the various torrent's a preview of GAM's upcoming single Melodies..

Artist: GAM
Single: Melodies

Melodies preview

Melodies(radio rip) full song DL

Tsuji on Film: Tokyo Drift

Say what you will you jerks but yes I did pick up a copy of Tokyo drift on dvd. No I'm not one of those asian dudes that has a "slammed" honda with whatever on it & the nitrous whatever. Don't get me wrong I can appreciate the look of these racer cars they definitely look cool & go fast I guess. I just never understood why some of our friends raced. I attended some illegals & aside from the hot chicks that also attended I really didn't see the point of some of my friends pumping all that cash into their rides when ultimately they were ruining them & beating the shit out of them.
I guess it can all be chalked up as an expensive ass hobby ne. Like I said before, yes I did like how the cars looked, the cars definitely looked clean. Oh, & the chicks did jock the racers too. The more I think of it that should be reason enough....moving on.

Tokyo Drift. The reason why I picked up a copy was #1 the eye candy, #2 I looked at this as an opportunity to see my beloved Tokyo in a major Hollywood feature film, #3 I heard rumors that some Japanese actors were in it & I wanted to see my peeps get some shine.

All in all, the movie is entertaining, yeah it's everything you expect & we will all probably forget about it after watching it.

Justin Lin did a good job I thought. What I liked is that he pretty much brought all his friends from Better Luck Tomorrow along for the ride. What I thought was funny was all the actors that were in Better Luck Tomorrow kept the same names as their Character's names in Better Luck Tomorrow.
I know if I blew up then I'd have to have the YODC crew doing cameos in my music videos, movies WHATEVER! Better Luck Tomoorrow is an excellent film & you all should check it out.

I did see Satoshi Tsumabuki for a hot second. He's the dude at the start of the race (ready, set-to) GO! dude. One word in the whole movie, score! Too bad I'm a fan too. I loved him in Slow Dance & Orange Days.

Yoko Maki plays the main character's dad's Japanese um "girlfriend" although she wasn't introduced to the fam so I think using the word "girlfriend" would be a stretch, I think that she was a lady of the night. In the official full billing Tokyo drift credits she's billed as Woman at Boswell's apartment. I most recently enjoyed Yoko Maki's performance in Tokyo Friends, interestingly enough she plays a really promiscuous OL that gets fired after an Executive's wife complains to his company's management & in Japanese fashion she gets fired instead of the Executive getting reprimanded. ANYWAYS she has two whole words ("Ja Matta") in the movie as she sneaks away embarrased that her trick's son has caught them together. Oh, & here's a better picture of Yoko Maki, one without her in Grudge makeup. Gomen Maki san.

Ah the lovely Kitagawa Keiko gets a little more screen time than the last two actors. Very cute & cuddly is how I would decribe Keiko Chan. Chou kawaii! I really haven't seen her in anything other than my Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon dorama. I really wish I hadn't written that just now.
Anyways click on her name to see just how cute & cuddly she is. I wouldn't stand a chance against her bros all she had to do was ask & I'd lay the world at her feet. Sigh.
P.S. Those pics were found on a site claiming to be her official site. Somehow I doubt that's the case.

Last but not least your favorite & mine Sonny Chiba plays the Yakuza uncle of D.K.
Show some respect to an old school player y'all. Yeah he played a Yakuza well, afterall Sonny Chiba kicks much ass as is evident by all the ass he kicked in all his old flicks. Yes, he does scare me.

Tokyo looked lovely & if you have never been there the Tokyo scenes will only help to seduce you. The thing is the most exciting scene where there is a car chase through Tokyo & the cars actually drift through Shibuya crossing was fake! They recreated Shibuya crossing in Burbank or some shit & added CG of the buildings around Shibuya crossing to do that scene. They actually recreated Tokyo streets in L.A. for alot of the car chase scenes. Oh well. We do get to catch a glimpse of Tokyo here & there & it is glorious. In my mind I knew there was no way in hell they could pull that chase through Shibuya off in real life.

Movie is entertaining, probably a good movie to throw on while the guys are over for a BBQ or maybe even a good action date movie.

Big Ups to all the Japanese artists on the soundtrack. Teriyaki Boyz...I heard some Dragon Ash in there as well....Ja ne.

Dance You Bastard!!..Dance Like The Wind!!!..Volume 14

sorry in advance guys...

Sep 25, 2006

Sep 22, 2006

J-Music Clip Of the Week

Artist: Nana Kitade
Single: Kibou no Kakera

Kibou no Kakera video DL

Benten Tokyo back in the USA

Live Schedule dates
2006 US Tour

Audrey Kimura emailed all Benten Tokyo fans to let us know TsuShiMaMire is back in the USA.
Go & see them when they hit your city. Very lively & entertaining band & Benten Tokyo ROCKS! You can't go wrong!

9/22 @ Midtown Music Hall Chattanooga,TN
w/ PeelanderZ / Zombie Army

9/23 Anime Weekend Atlanta

9/26 Lenny's in Atlanta

~Suicide Girls Live-Burlesque Tour ~
Sep 28, Minneapolis, MN¡¡¡¡First Avenue
Sep 30, Chicago, IL¡¡¡¡Double Door
Oct 01, Chicago, IL¡¡¡¡Double Door
Oct 02, Detroit, MI¡¡¡¡The Majestic
Oct 05, Saint Louis, MO¡¡¡¡Pop's
Oct 06, Iowa City, IA¡¡¡¡The Picador
Oct 08, Cleveland, OH¡¡¡¡Beachland Ballroom
Oct 09, Columbus, OH¡¡¡¡LIttle Brother's
Oct 10, Buffalo, NY¡¡¡¡Buffalo Icon
Oct 15, Hartford, CT¡¡¡¡Webster Theatre n
Oct 17, Northampton, MA¡¡¡¡Pearl Street
Oct 18, Cambridge, MA¡¡¡¡Middle East
Oct 19, Philadelphia, PA¡¡¡¡Starlite Ballroom
Oct 20, Atlantic City, NJ¡¡¡¡Club Harlem at House of Blues
Oct 21, Brooklyn, NY¡¡¡¡Southpaw
Oct 22, New York, NY¡¡¡¡Knitting Factory
Oct 24, Baltimore, MD¡¡¡¡The Ottobar
Oct 25, Falls Church, VA¡¡¡¡State Theatre
Oct 27, Charlotte, NC¡¡¡¡Amos' Southend
Oct 28, Atlanta, GA¡¡¡¡Roxy Theatre
Oct 29, Miami, FL¡¡¡¡Studio A
Oct 30, Cocoa Beach, FL¡¡¡¡Club Kashmere
Oct 31, Tallahassee, FL¡¡¡¡The Beta Bar¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡
Nov 02, Houston, TX¡¡¡¡Numbers
Nov 03, Austin, TX¡¡¡¡Emo's
Nov 04, Dallas, TX¡¡¡¡Gypsy Ballroom
Nov 06, Oklahoma City, OK¡¡¡¡Bricktown Live
Nov 07, San Antonio, TX¡¡¡¡White Rabbit
Nov 09, Albuquerque, NM¡¡¡¡Launchpad
Nov 10, Tucson, AZ¡¡¡¡Club Congress
Nov 13, Phoenix, AZ¡¡¡¡Marquee Theatre
Nov 14, San Diego, CA¡¡¡¡Brick by Brick
Nov 15, Los Angeles, CA¡¡¡¡Key Club
Nov 16, Agoura Hills, CA¡¡¡¡The Canyon Club
Nov 17, Santa Ana, CA¡¡¡¡The Galaxy
Nov 18, Cabazon, CA¡¡¡¡Key Club@Morongo

"Azumi" Movie Review

Just saw this film on TV and thought it was good. It was very Anime like and not Anime like as in the way The Matrix is Anime like but Anime like as in the way Anime is like Anime... Yep. Azumi. Can't wait till the next 1 comes on TV LOL :P .

Pic of the Day..."So Fauckin' HOT!"...Edition

that uh...basically describes these pics...SO FAUCKIN' HOT..

Dance You Bastard!!!...Dance Like The Wind!!!..Volume 13

words cannot explain the type of fear I am feeling right now..

Sep 21, 2006

Yo Hikaru -

I got something 4 U man! It's a C-ute track accapella:

I know you got skillz man... I know.

Sep 20, 2006

Pic of the Day..."YEAH NAMIE..." Edition

unbelievable!!..Ms.Namie Amuro-Alger turns 29 today.....and I am aware some of you are probably thinking.."no..its unbelievable that you have someone featured on the blog thats older than 17!"...well..screw you man...she maybe 29 but she doesn't look a day over 16 so it balances out...anyway...Happy Birthday MY's hoping you'll make it stateside very she stated in a recent yahoo interview that she'd like to hold concerts in other countries..including the United can read about it at


here's a kawaii clip of a young Namie...

Sep 19, 2006

Did someone say F-Pop ?!?!?!?

I first discovered this muy bonita chica while surfing the Deal or No Deal website on NBC. She was an alternate briefcase-carrying model on the first go round of the show, but did not really get any airtime. I guess she needed more time to invest in her singing career. Jenilee Reyes' website is still under construction, but I hear she's on myspace, so make here. At first I was like, "her video is horrible." Then I saw the video for 'Feminine Energy' by the Basco Brovaz on the same website. It makes Jenilee's 'Love Like Mine' look like Citizen Cane in comparison. Did the "director" even go to film school? Anyfuckenway, I'm not even gonna get into the director of the video or Jenilee's music.

On a totally unrelated note, hop on over here for some special prawn recipes.

Sep 18, 2006

The Race

For my anime-lovin' crew:

(from Istiv Studio)

Cannonball goodness

Back in the early days of HBO -- when one movie would be run six times in one day, I would watch The Cannonball Run over and over. The movie is a classic (to me, at least)... and here's one of the reasons why:

...and by singing this song over and over I had Southern Cali Girl convinced her big brother could be part of Menudo:

Langdon Edit:

to answer Guillermo Paco Castro Jimenez DelaSantos Reyes Jr's question/comment....Menudo IS's proof....

cover of Menudo's Japan release of the "Like A Cannonball" single...

Dance You Bastards!!!..Dance Like The Wind!!!...Volume 12

ladies and gentlemen...Eriku's favorite group...USA MUSUME!!!...

comment left on youtube for this clip:
"Okay, frist impressions of this video was.... are they men? The choreography seems lot more masculine oriented than the Sakuragumi version."

Bang! Bang! Eriku's Dead! part 2

I have fallen head over heels in love with Aragaki Yui. Please watch her in My Boss, My Hero & Gyarusa. I love her so much. Please god bring her to me. =)

For Bang! Bang! Eriku's Dead part1 see Tsuji No Uchi.

Mathews Best Hit TV featuring Aragaki Yui....KAWAII!!!!

Sep 16, 2006

Smack his face - Smack his face

Okay, I realize that this is terribly unoriginal. It's been all over the web for months. It was featured on VH1. But it's so classic that I figured that I may as well post it, just in case there's SOMEONE out there who hasn't seen it.

This is Bas Rutten, a mixed martial arts fighter. And this is a clip from his self defense DVD. And if you want to criticize me posting an old clip, I have only three words for you: dangeda dangeda dang.

Luna Sea

Luna Sea "Believe" live
This one of my favorite songs by Luna Sea hope you guys like it too.


"I For You"

Some comedy

Comedy GOD Brian Regan:

Ricky Gervias' past catches up with him:

And something to get stuck in your head:


Sep 15, 2006

More of the 2007 Calendar Rundown....

okay..maybe you're not interested in purchasing a H!P calendar because THOSE type of calendars are frowned upon in your office or you just don't want to have to explain yourself everytime someone sees the 12months of Berryz you have hanging on your bedroom here are some alternatives...






and now..Animals Close-Up With a Wide-Angle Lens..



J-Music Clip Of the Week

Artist: Maki Goto


Sayumi - Koi no Jubaku

Sayumi for Tsuji (and the world). A Berryz song for me (and that world :) ). An improvement for Sayu I think singing wise (but I still wouldn't want those dropped notes to land on my foot :) ). YouTube:

NOT J-Music Clip Of the Week

but this is my all time favorite David Brent(aka Ricky Gervais) tune...Freefall orginal posted this clip from The Office a few months back but its so damn good that it merits a second post..

Sep 14, 2006

Pic of the Day..."Always Been Legal In My Book"..Edition

a Happy 20th Birthday to you are now offically a legal adult in the eyes of the Japanese Government..hell if you lived in the good ol' U.S of A, you would've been considered an "adult" two years ago...BUT if you were a resident of Algerville(population you and me)..well, know what I'm getting at...


Sep 13, 2006


I'll stick with the reggae riddim ish theme. Minmi, summertime.

If you're not dancin' you're dead.

M-Flo loves Minmi "Lotta Love"

Love Milk

This is Love Milk a couple of hotties from Japan that get down with the reggae dance stylee. They get interviewed then they dance for awhile to a Jamaican dude rapping about their pussies. That in itself is awesome. I kid you not, for 5 minutes this dude raps about how good Love Milk's pussies are. Awesome. AND FUNNY!

BIG UP Love Milk!

Japanorama - (B)ape Clip

Sorry to inflict this asshole presenter on you my American brothers (& the rest of the world). But it's the subject matter that drives me to post this:

Sep 12, 2006

Silent Hill, AKA Pedophile Paradise

Okay, now that I have Langdon Alger's attention, I'd like to do my very first MOVIE REVIEW for all my fans. Since I am fully aware of the value all of you place on my opinion, this should be a great service to you, as it may keep you from spending your meager paychecks on films that are less fit for consumption than the gobs of butter-flavored popcorn topping that are slowly but surely clogging your arteries and choking you into a premature death. To make my review easier to decipher (especially for those who just feel like scrolling to the bottom to see the final verdict), I've devised a ratings system that is absolutely ironclad. Ignore it at your own peril.

Two Hooks Up = See this movie RIGHT NOW, and punch your girlfriend if she doesn't want to.

One Hook Up = Wait for a matinee or a DVD rental. Then punch your girlfriend.

Two Hooks Down = DO NOT see this movie under any circumstances. If you already have, commit suicide immediately.

Following along? Terrific. Over the weekend, I was lucky enough to receive a free rental coupon from my local Hollywood Video. Not being one to turn down a free anything, I put it to good use. So no, I didn't spend a single nickel to bring you this review. But my TIME is extremely valuable. I mean, why spend two hours of my life watching a rented movie when I could spend it watching something else? But I digress.

The movie I chose was Silent Hill, the 2006 feature based on the classic video game that was so bloodcurdlingly terrifying that I never bothered to play it (of course, I might be persuaded to give it a try with a free coupon; I'm looking at you, Hollywood Video).

Silent Hill begins with a 12 year-old girl on the edge of a cliff screaming at the top of her lungs about a place called - wouldn't you know it - Silent Hill. Upon seeing her, you instantly notice two things: she is remarkably cute, and a remarkably bad actress. Over the next 126 minutes, a bone-chilling tale of inhuman torture, twisted nightmare creatures and grisly retribution unfolds. As the horror grows and the ghastly secrets of the town are untangled, you are invariably drawn back to one single-minded conclusion: that little girl is REALLY cute.

I don't mean to sound like some perverted degenerate or something, but I'm talking fresh-out-of-the-dryer stuffed animal cute here. This is puppy-in-a-rainstorm territory we're in. And in a huge chunk of adorable irony, my future daughter keeps your eyes firmly fixed on the film while simultaneously neutralizing all of the scares that might come from it.

The reason for this is because this little girl (let's call her "Silent Hill Girl" because I can't remember her name) plays a duel role in the story (SPOILER ALERT). Her first character is sweet, wholesome and innocent; her second is a wicked, brutal spirit- the devil incarnate. Her skin is pale, her eyes are wide and demonic and her tattered clothes are soaked in gore. And dammit if she isn't even MORE cuddly than ever.

Sure, I've always been strangely drawn to hideous characters with filthy, matted hair and grimy teeth (why else do you think I hang out with Freefall Jones?), but now I have PHOTOGRAPHIC EVIDENCE to back my outrageous claims. See for yourself the paradox of Silent Hill girl:







Aw, isn't that precious? She's all crucified 'n stuff.

See what I mean?????
I AM NOT A FREAK. SHUT UP! Back to the movie. My whole point is that while watching Silent Hill, you can't bring yourself to turn away from the screen, but not because you're paralyzed with fear or frozen in suspense. It's because you just want to pick up this delightful little demon child and push her on a swing, or buy her a 4-piece Chicken McNugget with barbecue sauce, or take her to see The Lion King On Ice - front row center. Sure, she might shank your nutsack with flying barbed wire now and again, but kids will be kids. Didn't we all act up a little when we were young?

As for the rest of the film? Oh yeah, there's a bunch of monsters and fog and things. In conclusion, I give Silent Hill three-and-half stars or whatever kind of symbols I was using. If you have a free rental coupon, it's well worth it. So until next time, I'm Son of Gigan, and I'll see YOU in the "Special Interest" section.