Sep 19, 2006

Did someone say F-Pop ?!?!?!?

I first discovered this muy bonita chica while surfing the Deal or No Deal website on NBC. She was an alternate briefcase-carrying model on the first go round of the show, but did not really get any airtime. I guess she needed more time to invest in her singing career. Jenilee Reyes' website is still under construction, but I hear she's on myspace, so make here. At first I was like, "her video is horrible." Then I saw the video for 'Feminine Energy' by the Basco Brovaz on the same website. It makes Jenilee's 'Love Like Mine' look like Citizen Cane in comparison. Did the "director" even go to film school? Anyfuckenway, I'm not even gonna get into the director of the video or Jenilee's music.

On a totally unrelated note, hop on over here for some special prawn recipes.


Anonymous said...

Oh you dirty bastard! I'm @ work!

Hehe psych I don hav a job LOL

Chica's stacked 8o

Langdon Alger said... said F-Pop..but this girl is pretty damn hot...