Jan 30, 2006

Tsuji Eriku lead guitarist for "Demonseed"

This is my band Demon seed, people say we look alot like another band called Malice Mizer something or other? I'm the one dressed like the Crow

Playing Guitar Hero is the closest I'll get to playing this in my beloved Akiba.

I traded in my psp for a ps2 & Guitar Hero. It's the closest thing I'll get to Guitar Freaks ne? It kinda sucks that I will not get to rock out to any Jrock tunes but like I said it's the closest thing to Guitar Freaks so as soon as my homie that happens to be the manager of EB games let on that he had one left in stock I was on that shit faster than Langdon on konkon's alo hello dvd.

I played that shit for like 4 hours straight yesterday on the big screen in the front room. After awhile I started getting into it & started dancing while I was playing but I had to stop cause I wasn't hitting the combos & decided that if I was going to obtain the title of "shredder" I had better stop dancing & concentrate on "strumming".

I woke up this morning to go to work & was contemplating playing a couple rounds before brushing my teeth but I decided I had better not because I was already running late.

As soon as I got home & ate though it was on. 3 hours straight woohoo! Tomorrow I swear to god no playing until I make my Nihongo flash cards & study days of the week, time etc etc.
The more I play the more I realize how much I miss Guitar Freaks. Now I am considering throwing a chip in my ps2 so I can get Guitar Freaks. Now I gotta call up Yumiko to see if she can find a guitar controller for Guitar Freaks cause this controller is not compatible with both games. I think that is bitch shit. If there are any good condition controllers they have got to be hiding in Akihabara somewhere, I'm scared to order the used ones I found online from a store outta Singapore???

Oh yeah, I named my band Demonseed. Doesn't that just kick ass? It was either Demon Seed, Ciel Bleu or Mongorian Chop Squad or Beck. I decided on Demonseed. Ja ne!

I love Malice Mizer I'm just kidding.

Jan 29, 2006

Lazy Sunday

"You can call us Aaron Burr from the way we drop Hamiltons..."


I'm checking out the behind-the-curtain selection at my other local video joint, which I haven't visited in awhile & has remodeled to accommodate their expanded inventory (on both sides of the curtain). I hear a woman approach the counter clerk, asking if he can look into their system for any movies about elephants. The man sounds uncertain of her request as he says "I don't think so." She tries to narrow down her search to documentaries, then a possible Disney flick called "Whispers" or something. She states that she's trying to find an elephant flick for her kids. The clerk says he can't help her, & she leaves the store. Minutes later, a gentleman approaches the clerk and asks if they have any of the Asian POV series. With a couple of ticks on the keyboard, the clerk reads which of the titles (between #s 18-25) are in-stock & the patron appears in front of the curtain moments later. Possible points of the story: 1) research your titles before you go to the video store B) pornos are what keep the indy joints in business and separate the lil' guys from the Blockbuster/Hollywood corporate giants.

Jan 28, 2006

Jan 26, 2006


I get calls from all types of people at my job, including the occasional cute chick voice. I received one such call today. The call was routine enough until she asked me if she'd be covered for her podiatry appointment for some surgery on an ingrown toenail. With an acrid taste in my mouth, I told her that her coverage didn't include that service, ended the call, & put off lunch for a bit.

My roomie just left the living room w/ the n'sync dvd on pause. I really hope she comes back before some unannounced guests show up.

Opinons sought: Would you be upset if your boyfriend/girlfriend went to some date function with someone you didn't know too well? Would it make a difference if it was with someone you were familiar with? On the other side of the coin, would you accept the invitation even after your bf/gf voiced their displeasure? I'm not involved in the situation, but I know a couple that is. It's just interesting to me because it walks the line between one person's insecurity & the other person's inconsideration. The funny thing is, the person who is mad for their partner going out has reason to be suspicious. Just doesn't know it.

The IHOP horror-show.

I woke up wicked hungry, I got a personal day off today so I called up Langdon to see if he wanted to hit up a breakfast spot for some mid morning grinds. Langdon was with it so he swooped me up & we headed out to IHOP. Everything was fine until the F2 handed the waitress our plates of buttermilk pancakes. A short n' curly floated from the bottom of one of the plates & landed right smack dab in the middle of the table. I paused for a moment & was like oh hell no! I pointed the short n' curly out to Langdon who intructed me not to blow the short n' curly across the table in his direction. Langdon picked up the coffee pot & placed it over the short n' curly. See, now it's gone he says to me. I was stunned y'all. Then he commences to dig in. I wasn't sure what to do. Yeah I was hungry but damn man, my food was inches away from a short n' curly. I watched Langdon dig in for a couple minutes then against my better judgement I said ah fuck it & ate my breakfast too. The things hunger will do to you man. I swear. Now I know how them fools in Alive felt when they had to eat their team mates dried ass meat to survive up in them mountains.

For goodness & Christ's sakes!

kore wa cake desu

I picked up a copy of OLLIE magazine & when I reached the end of the magazine I was met with a pleasant surprise. hehe. They had the customary spread (no pun intended) with the cool car featuring a beautiful model. I had never seen this model before in my life & immediately did an image search on google for her. Here's some of what I have come across (no pun intended). Don't ask me what I'm gonna do with all of the photobook & magazine scans I found of her, because to be honest I have no good reason why I saved them to my harddrive. I can assure you all that i will not be doing anything gross or disgusting with them. Because that is wrong & God can see everything, even if you do have locks on your doors. So A-Team here's Haruna Yabuki! Mite kudasai!

Jan 23, 2006

The Jpop idol debate.

Haro Projekuto

Double U

Hinoi Team

The Jpop idol is one of the things that I love most about Japanese pop culture. As you can clearly see it is an aspect of Jpop culture that our very own Langdon Alger embraces wholeheartedly. The fact is that alot of the Jpop idols are underage. Langdon likes ALL THE ONES 18 & UP he loves to point out to me. Which is a crock of shit because I happen to know for a fact he has developed an unnatural romantic love for a girl, and when I say girl I literally mean girl, he has never met that goes by the name of Sayumi Michishige.

What cracks me up is that my tomadachis & I will gather around the televi & watch a freshly downloaded torrent of a Berryz Koubou performance & just rip on all the grown men in the crowd jumping up & down with glow sticks chanting the names of the members after they sing their verses. "Oh my god look at that dude, what a homo!" Meanwhile we will sit for hours & watch them ourselves & not even think to put ourselves in the same catagory as the grown ass men that actually attended a concert given by 13 year olds.

My buddy Napalm was watching a Hello Morning episode with Berryz Koubou performing. His older sister busts into his room & is like "oh my god, you pervert!"

I am a fan of quite a few groups featuring underage idols. I am not into them for any other reason than the fact that they make great pop music. Langdon was like "dude this is like watching Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen!" I guess that argument can be made, but remember Kawaii culture originated in Japan. Nobody has the ability to create cute imagery like the Japanese media machines can. Plain & simple. It sucks because there's no way you can protect yourself from the people that will be sure to call you a perv or a pediphile cause you like this crap. It's kinda funny when we clown on each other & stuff but damn!

Yeah there are idols in the U.S. but it really is not the same. It's almost like idols in the U.S. push an ultra sex-charged image out there ya know, when alot of the Jpop idols bank on cuteness & fun. That's one of the big reasons I'm a Jpop culture vulture, I'm having the most fun I've ever had in my life right now, no shit. So I'll keep bumping my Hinoi Team, Morning Musume, Berryz Koubou, W, SweetS & Paradise GoGo! & I'll deny it if there are girls in the room haha J/K.

Elephant Wedding


Who Is Freefall Jones?

Jan 22, 2006

J-Music Clip of the Week

Artist: SamboMaster
song: Sekai wa Sore o Ai to Yobun da ze

Sekai wa Sore o Ai to Yobun da ze - song DL

Sekai wa Sore o Ai to Yobun da ze - video DL

a little about the band:

"...Sambomaster is a new rock band that recently surfaced as a major band. They formed in 2000 and immediately began working on songs. In 2001 they began to perform in Tokyo to spread their name. As they began to spread their name around, they recieved a chance to be featured in V.A/ Rebel Rockers Vol. 1! In 2003 the band did its first PV and played at the Fuji Rock Festival. In addition, they also went on a tour and recorded an album. The band continued to spread its name and began to appear in magazines and tv specials. They got perhaps their biggest break though, when their song Seishun Kyousoukyoku, was featured as a intro for the anime Naruto..."

..this particular song, was featured on the J-dorama Densha Otoko...it could be heard during the end credits..

Jan 20, 2006

That's Tsuji-SAN to you beeyotches.

Apparently you have to give money to comcast every month in order to have internet access when you want it. Jesus what do you mean my service is interupted? I just gave money to you arseholes the month before last. At any rate I'm back & I know you're all thrilled.

I started Japanese school last Saturday & I had a blast. It helped that my teacher Nishida sensei is kinda cool lookin'. I'll try my best to become the teacher's pet hehe. Allow me to dazzle you all with my Nihongo skillz.

"Kombanwa mina-san, Eriku desu. Soko Gakuen no gakusei desu. Watashi wa kako ii desu. Langdon Alger wa kako ii dewa arimasen. Hajime mashite dozo yoroshiku."

Good evening everyone, I'm Eriku. I am a student of Soko Gakuen. I am cool. Landgon Alger is not cool. How do you do, nice to meet you.

At any rate it's great fun & I'm doing something productive, ie. learning to clown my friends in Japanese.

Wilson Pickett, 1941-2006

His voice was rich, raw, and soulful. He made it look and sound effortless.

Mustang Sally, In The Midnight Hour, 634-5789,etc.

Pic of the Day..."Double Your Pleasure"....Edition

man, I feel so bad...a girl who has a special place in my heart celebrated her 21st birthday yesterday and I forgot...actually, she's not just a girl anymore...she's officially a women...and that special someone is the lovely Rika Ishikawa...I'm sorry baby, I'll make it up to you this summer when I make my way to Japan...

...like before, one pic of the lovely "Charmy" will not do..

and if Rika wasn't enough...another super-kawaii Morning Musume alumni is celebrating her birthday today!!...eventhough she could pass for a 10 year old(..you know, cuz she's really short), Yaguchan is celebrating the big 2-3...


...and yes I am aware that it is very otaku of me to actually know when their birthdays are....

Jan 19, 2006

Pic of the Day..."I'd Like To Takahashi her Ai..." Edition

I have a theory about the ladies of Morning Musume...they are not natural inhabitants of our planet earth...in fact, they come from the planet HOTNESS where beautiful women do nothing but sing catchy pop tunes and have tickle fights all day long...okay, well maybe not ALL the ladies of MoMusu come from the planet HOTNESS...you know the one I'm talking about....its the one that you say "damn, someone really drop the ball on that one or she did some "favors" to get in the group..." everytime you see her..... *shudder...anyway...its about time I featured some other members of the group besides my beloved Rika, Mari and Miki.....and so I give to you...


Jan 18, 2006

Angela Aki Vidz!!! (I'm sorry I just can't help myself)

While checking on some routine stuff I came across a new Angela Aki video I had beenwaiting for!!!
So I decided to be kind and share,
This is the trailer to Final Fantasy XII. The name of the song is,
"Kiss Me Goodbye" by Angela Aki

Jan 16, 2006

King Kong

First, it takes WAY too long before you finally get to see Kong. But as soon as you do, this movie is non-stop action. --a lot of CGI action. There are times where the CGI doesn't look that great (the brachiosaurus chase), but other times where it looks freakin' amazing (the t-rex battle). I'll clarify that by saying that during the t-rex battle, I didn't notice the CGI at all. Every time a t-rex lunged at Naomi Watts, I jumped back in my seat. That pulse-pounding scene was pretty suh-weet.

Naomi Watts is great as Anne Darrow, the woman Kong falls in love with, but I really didn't feel a lot of chemistry amongst the cast. And that's despite the one hour-plus of character development we get on the way to find the giant ape.

The movie looks beautiful, from 1920s depression-era New York to the jungles of Skull Island. The scenery looks incredible on the big screen. I just wish the long hour on the boat had been shorter to get us to the island faster. I mean we KNOW where the boat is going to end up, right? So there was no need to drag that out.

And finally, the ending was a big surprise. SPOILER WARNING --STOP READING IF YOU DON'T WANT TO KNOW. I always thought it was "beauty that killed the beast," but in this version, it was Chuck Norris standing on the wing of a bi-plane delivering a roundhouse kick to Kong's face.

Who Is Freefall Jones?

Jan 15, 2006

J-Music Clip of the Week

going to do things a little different this week..instead of featuring a music clip, we're gonna bring to you a video clip...why the change?...cuz the lead singer of the band is so freaking cute and I had to show you guys my new future wife!!..I came across the band while watching the Japanese Music Awards last nite, I believe they won the Best New Artist award..

Artist: Nakanomori BAND (click to vist official website)
Song: "Oh My Darlin" from the album OH MY DARLIN' - Girls having Fun

(click pic to purchase album)

Oh My Darlin'- video DL

a little about the band:

"..currently four member Girl Rock band who began in early 2005 under record company Teichiku Entertainment. The band's leading vocalist/guitarist Ayako was the runner up for the Starlight auditions in 2000 out of 1,000 entrants. The winner of this competition was the vocalist for the popular band w-inds, Keita Tachibana..."

and here's a screencap from the video of my future wife and lead singer of Nakanomori Band

Ayako Nakanomori

Elfen Lied ... Fin...

Yes, I've finally saw the 13th tv ep of Elfen Lied and I must say I'm a little dissapointed. I wasn't really happy with the ending, I usually like closure to a story. I like to know that the characters I liked are going to be ok, but that didn't happen. Also the story left me with a few more questions that I would of liked answered. I also wish the whole story would of been laid out in a better way. It dealt mostly with a lot of flashback and characters suddenly remembering important events and just the right time.
Rarely happens like that in real life but it is just a story afterall. Also, there were many sad parts I didn't like or want to happen. It felt as if some of the main characters were doomed to be unhappy right from the start.

Aside from the things I didn't like I still enjoyed the series overall. It does give a positive message that no matter what horrible things may happen, life does go on and in time things do get better. So while not everyone may love it, I definatly reccomend watching it but try to get through the first few eps.
You can find the trailer here,

Kancho. It's all fun & games till someone gets hurt.

The dreaded Kancho is a game little Japanese school children play. The Kancho has been dealt to many a Gaijin English teacher. I found this out while doing research for my impending move to Nihon. I need to know this stuff, this is the stuff they won't cover in any JET orientation. Man or woman, nobody is safe. You clasp your hands together as if in prayer, then extend both of your index fingers outward. Then as the illustration suggests you "lock-on" to an unsuspecting victim & when the moment is right you ram your index fingers into the butthole of the victim.

If I happen to end up teaching Engrish, my students will soon find that I am immune to Kancho. They will soon be grossed out because I will not try to stop them in any way from actually deploying the kancho. Instead I am formulating an anti-kancho strategy of sorts. It involves developing a "kancho-sense" similar to what Azrael from outpostnine.com describes. When the would-be kancho commandos lock on, you are aware. My anti kancho strategy also involves the ability to "fart-on-command". It is a rare skill but one that I am able to perform 7 out of 10 times.

When the the kancho locks on to the kanchee you are alerted, at this time you must tense your buttocks to parry the outstretched index fingers. When the kancho plunges his/her fingers you "clinch" your buttocks. This has a two-fold effect of parrying the kancho AND snaring the outstretched index fingers of the kancho in the kanchee's butt-cheeks. I gaurantee that the kancho will be in shock & once he/she finds that they have been trapped they will then begin to panic. Everyone on the team knows what happens when you panic. Your heart rate increases & rapid breathing starts. The latter part of the sentence is the kicker my friends "rapid breathing". This is the time when you summon your inner Chi & fart on command. The kancho will take a few breaths (preferrably & most probably with his/her mouth open) of methane gas to the grille piece yo.

I take out a few of the heavy hitters in the kancho game & I figure I should be left alone for the duration of my stay at that particular school.

I share because I care. No need to thank me.

Jan 13, 2006

"You Got the Touch..You Got the Power..YEAH!!."

"After all is said and done...You've never walked, you've never run...You're a winner"

..now I don't know much about this item right here but I DO know that Diamond Select is putting it out sometime soon and it looks like its gonna be freakin huge and that I want one...talk about having the ultimate "bling" around your neck..

Jan 11, 2006

Tom Yung Goong

The first time you see Tony Jaa's character, Kham, in action in Tom Yung Goong, he's leaping out from the side of your screen about ten feet in the air to take out a bunch of gangsters. And so begins another cinematic demonstration of Jaa's mind-blowing physical abilities.

The setup is quick--smugglers kill Kham's father and steal two beloved elephants from his village, so Kham sets out to stop the baddies and rescue the elephants. Next, a lot of people get a knee to the head.

Son of Gigan and I watched this film with no subtitles or dubbing, but you really don't need them to enjoy stuntmen being brutally thrown through walls. Besides, you wouldn't hear the dialogue anyway over the two of us yelling, "WWWHHOOOAAAA!!!!!" every few minutes.

One of the best sequences in the movie is a one-take scene where Tony Jaa invades a building with a long spiral staircase. The camera follows Jaa from the bottom floor to the top, without cutting away, as he smashes guys through furniture and tosses them over the railing. Not only would Martin Scorsese be proud, but so would Thomas from Kung Fu Master.

Who Is Freefall Jones?

...The Hell?

A lawyer (with a euro/non-Asian name & voice) calls the office today on behalf of a client, who hasn't heard/rec'd any correspondence after submitting an application. It turns out the suite# on the mailing address was off by a number, so it was fixed. Before we found out what the problem was, he was saying how he was looking everywhere to see if the mail was misplaced. He then went on to say "I found a dormant Japanese gene in my system so I cleaned up my whole office & still didn't find anything." Not that I'd get angry on a work-monitored ph line but I was caught off-guard.

What the heck was that supposed to mean?

Tales of the Strange and Somewhat Creepy...

Jeebus Christ...this thing is real!!...

PORTLAND, Ore. - A photo of a one-eyed kitten named Cy drew more than a little skepticism when it turned up on various Web sites, but medical authorities have a name for the bizarre condition.

"Holoprosencephaly" causes facial deformities, according to the National Institute for Neurological Disorders and Stroke. In the worst cases, a single eye is located where the nose should be, according to the institute's Web site.
Traci Allen says the kitten she named Cy, short for Cyclops, was born the night of Dec. 28 with the single eye and no nose

"You don't expect to see something like that," the 35-year-old Allen said by telephone from her home in Redmond in central Oregon.
Allen had taken digital pictures that she provided to The Associated Press.

AP regional photo editor Tom Stathis said he took extensive steps to confirm the one-eyed cat was not a hoax. Stathis had Allen ship him the memory card that was in her camera. On the card were a number of pictures — including holiday snapshots, and four pictures of a one-eyed kitten. The kitten pictures showed the animal from different perspectives.

Meanwhile, Cy the one-eyed cat may be dead, but it has not left the building.
Allen said she's keeping the cat's corpse in her freezer for now, in case scientists would like it for research.

Jan 10, 2006

Eriku's rant about Memoirs

So I heard this dude Arthur Golden writes a book based upon the life experiences of Mineko Iwasaki called Memoirs of a Geisha. Hmmm my first feeling was great a white dude wrote it huh. Yeah I know, I already told you guys I'm racist. Nah but seriously, I was thinking even if this dude grew up in Japan or lives there now HE IS STILL SO FAR REMOVED from the subject matter that he couldn't possibly have given an authentic account of how things really went down or do go down in the world of a Geisha. I heard he had some ahem "help" writing this book from Mineko Iwasaki
Still, I heard the reviews that this book he wrote was off the chain, da bomb & jiggy with it yo. Like the racist prick I am I still wasn't sold & didn't bother opening the book myself to take a ganders at what all the hoopla was about. Then I hear that Mineko Iwasaki sues this Golden dude for defamation & breach of contract. So a real life Geisha is already saying this dude is full of shit. Or at least a prick.
Then I hear that a major motion picture is being made based on the novel by your boy Arthur Golden. I almost spit out my sake when I heard that the actresses for the 3 main female roles were all of Chinese decent. Damn man I went straight for the throat of Spielberg, god let me just stop there before I get banned from posting. Let's just say I was floored. Don't get me wrong I am a fan of Ziyi Zang, Michelle Yeoh & Gong Li. I was in LOVE with Gong Li after seeing Red Sorgum, To Live, Chinese Box & Raise the Red Lantern. Michelle Yeoh is an awesome actress & Martial Artist. Zang ziyi is beautiful & talented also. You mean to tell me there were no qualified Japanese actresses that could have lent cultural nuances to the performances to add that extra bit of authenticity? Nope absolutely none. Afterall your average North American wouldn't be able to tell the difference anyways right?
I'm sure those jews sat in their meeting room & crunched the numbers & found that in order to maximize the appeal of the film they would have to use these actresses. Whatever.
In Golden's defense if Mineko Iwasaki was a popular/famous Geisha then she could kinda be considered a public figure & like it or not, if you're living life in the spotlight, pretty much anything you do is game. Mineko should have not trusted a white dude to NOT put her on blast & totally get her view skewed in the book. I finally did pick up the book, I must admit your boy Golden got some writing skills BUT I still got mixed emotions about this.
As for Spielberg......well I'm not stupid C.R.E.A.M. . I'm just butt hurt about all this.
I really wish that someone will do something REAL for the RIGHT reasons every now & again. Ya dig? Maybe not. I just hella went off just now hehe. Psycho.
I'm sending an email to my friends Yumiko & Michiyo both educated Japanese women, native born Nihonjin. I want to know what their feelings on this are. What do y'all think about all this?

P.S. If I got some of my info terribly wrong let a brotha know. Ja ne.

Pic of the Day.."Excuse me while I punch the wall..." Edition..

well, the ORIGINAL Pic of the Day feature is back..no more of these second rate imitators...had to take a little hiatus while my laptop was on the temporary disabled list, it actually still is but that ain't going to stop me from giving you good people some bonafide, top choice select, grade A eye candy...and so I give to you...from the Langdon Alger Future Wife files:


um..I don't think one picture is enough..so here's another:

um..one more for good measure...why?...cuz I love her DAMNIT!!

now excuse me while I go to my room, hug my pillow and cry myself to sleep....

Jan 9, 2006


Someone throws a White Elephant Xmas party, w/ 1:00pm start time. When the invitations go out, one of the invitees complains (not to the host) about the start time & says they are showing up at 8:00pm. By 6:00pm, everyone that is participating in the WE exchange is present, except for the 8pm arrivals. Texts & calls to the late arrivals go unanswered. At 7:45pm one of them finally answers the ph & says the other is on the way to pick 'em up & head over. They are told to hurry since the rest of the party is waiting. At 9:30pm, they haven't arrived yet so the party says "F it let's do it already." WE is started & done. About 10 minutes after it's done the 8pmers finally arrive. Of course they seem a lil' miffed when they realize it was done w/o them. The party awkwardly goes on. Everything settles down & after awhile everyone seems to have moved on and enjoy the rest of the night. Everyone eventually goes home w/o incident. My question: Do the late folks have a right to be upset, or did everyone have a right to go ahead w/ it after waiting? Unfortunately a white elephant party is one of the few parties that can be held up by tardiness...well besides surprise bdays and bachelor parties ("What time is the "entertainment" supposed to be here?").

Jan 8, 2006

Elfen Lied

I decided to give this anime a try since I heard many good things about it, but I must say its a little confusing. I really like the way it begins and draws you in. You just have to ask yourself "Ok, who's this girl?" "How can she do that?" and of course "Why is she naked?"
Yes, I haven't finished the series, but I'm hoping I get an answer to that last question toward the end. This girl is always naked. For no apparent reason. I know this is not new to anime
BUT!!! There is normally some reason. No matter how stupid or trivial, there is still some sort of explanation. I don't mind the nudity and all, but I feel it takes away from a film or anime after a while. A string of nude scenes or sex scenes isn't a "Film" its porn. If I want to watch porn, I'll watch porn.
Don't get me wrong, I'm into episode 8 out of 13 and I love the show! It has an interesting plot that seems to answer one question and leave a new one.
Its just the nudity thing that bothers me. Its sorta like introducing an important character, then killing him off. It makes no sense in this case, but as long as it makes sense, I don't care.
What do you guys think?

(and no I'm not gay so that's not it...I enjoy the female form, I just need to have a reason as to why its being shown in an anime that's not hentai)

Jan 5, 2006

Viewer Advisory: Miyazaki Thursdays on TCM

If you've got the Turner Classic Movies channel, then tonight is the first of Miyazaki Thursdays (all month). The first two movies showing are Spirited Away and Princess Mononoke. The run of movies on the schedule also include My Neighbor Totoro, Naussica of the Valley, Pom Poko, and more. Oddly enough, no Kiki's Delivery Service! Nevertheless, they'll be showing some great animated movies from Hayao Miyazaki - so try to catch one.

Who Is Freefall Jones?

R.I.P. Langdon's laptop

Our homie Langdon's laptop ate it recently. So he asked that I lace the blog with the Jpop clip of the week. I'm not quite sure anyone cares but I really dug deep to provide a clip that non jpop fans would enjoy too. I know there are some diverse tastes amongst our team so I picked something I thought everyone might enjoy.

The group is Dragon Ash. The song is "Crush the Window", from their latest album Rio De Emocion. I have a couple of their albums & their influences range from rap, punk, rock, reggae & drum and bass. I really like this song alot & I hope the team does too. Ja ne!


Jan 4, 2006

Big enough 4 me, more freebies & poo is sad

I would like to rock more japan related gear. Cool stuff though, I'm not a kid so I don't wanna roll to the mall sportin' an Inuyasha shirt with an "Otaku, Get your freak on" backpack. I have been on a mad search for Japan league sports apparel that would be big enough for me. I usually rock a 2xl for comfort. Plus I am fairly tall for an Asian Pacific Islander type. To my dismay no 2xl could be found where I looked for sports apparel in Tokyo. While Cabral's dainty ass got to buy "one of each" cool jersey we found I got stuck with a Japan National Team wristband, as that was the only thing that would fit my big ass.
GOD BLESS YOU www.worldsoccershop.com . They have the 2006 Japanese National Team jersey for sale & have 2xl in stock (limited quantaties though, I'll keep my fingers crossed). I ordered mine last night & of course I had to get nakata on the back with #7 on the front & back. Why? Because Nakata's such a pimp on the soccer field & the bitchez love him.

Cabral spent more money on cool dvds. This time it's the Rebel Samurai Criterion collection boxed set. The set features:
1. Samurai Rebellion
2. Kill!
3. Sword of the Beast
4. Samurai Spy

Oh, it's on! Burn baby burn!

I got my copy of Doggy Poo in the mail yesterday. I have to admit, I almost cried man. It was a touching story. About poo. It was really sad too. With a few minor tweaks the filmmakers couldv'e turned the movie around to create a more uplifting vibe. I felt as though Doggy Poo died. That made me sad. I didn't want Doggy Poo to die.

Jan 3, 2006

Incidental Luck

Remember those moments when you hope you're timing works out & the hot chick in class sits next to you on the 1st day & establishes that seat for the whole year or you're hoping you're sitting in the cute waitresses' section? It's a goofy little mental game that I'd forgotten for awhile until today. I was in line @ the bank to cash a check. There were 4 tellers there but only 3 were open. The 4th was counting money or something. Of course, this unavailable 4th teller was the cutest one. I had a few people ahead of me, so I held out hope that she'd open up when it was my turn. She ended up being preoccupied the whole time but I was helped by the tiny teller next to her, allowing me to sneak some peeks @ a formidable business-slacks ass. It's really not that exciting (even if she helped me) & I'll only remember it because I'm blogging about it, but it's another dorky feeling that brings me back to younger times.

Jan 2, 2006

dot the i

It starts with an engaged woman's kiss to a mysterious stranger, and ends with her dead husband's brains all over a wall. Everything inbetween in dot the i can best be described as "smoldering."

This movie is very much teh sex. It's not wall-to-wall sex, but it's very sexual. Mostly because of super-hottie Natalia Verbeke, a not-overexposed J-Lo who "has much better taste in picking projects." Translation: all her movies are sexed up. But what else do you expect from euro-cinema? If it's not a heist film, it's a sexed-up film.

The mysterious stranger, of course, becomes obsessed with Carmen (Verbeke's character) and does everything in his power to be with her before her wedding to a snobby rich guy. And, yes, you KNOW there's more to the stranger than meets the eye. Why is he always filming her with his little camcorder? And is there someone else filming her, too? I mean, BESIDES me.

You definitely don't want to watch this one with your parents in the room - even if you are hugging a pillow on your lap. And here are a few more pics of Verbeke getting ready for a few rounds in the ring -- but this movie has NOTHING to do with boxing.

Who Is Freefall Jones?