Jan 11, 2006

...The Hell?

A lawyer (with a euro/non-Asian name & voice) calls the office today on behalf of a client, who hasn't heard/rec'd any correspondence after submitting an application. It turns out the suite# on the mailing address was off by a number, so it was fixed. Before we found out what the problem was, he was saying how he was looking everywhere to see if the mail was misplaced. He then went on to say "I found a dormant Japanese gene in my system so I cleaned up my whole office & still didn't find anything." Not that I'd get angry on a work-monitored ph line but I was caught off-guard.

What the heck was that supposed to mean?

1 comment:

Freefall Jones said...

What an idiot. If I found my dormant Japanese gene, I sure wouldn't be cleaning. I'd use it to delay my bowel movement so I could win at "Who Poop Last?"