Mar 30, 2009

Diggin' In The Crates "Double Vision Vinyl Eyecandy" Edition

Short but sweet, and maybe leave you with a bit of a buzz too, throwing in two items to make up for missing last week.

From the ongoing split-single series Under The Influence, released by Suburban Home Records and sold through their vinyl lovers' site 

Artists: Mustard Plug/Bomb The Music Industry!
Title: Waiting Room/Gold Sounds
Label: Suburban Home
Vinyl: Red and green splattered clear vinyl (700 copies)

Several BTMI! records have been featured here in DITC when it was a more irregular and random series, including the half-black, half-transparent green edition of their Goodbye Cool World album that caught Brother Langdon's eye. On this disc, BTMI! cover Pavement's "Gold Sounds" (from their seminal Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain album) while third-wave ska veterans Mustard Plug present a version of Fugazi's "Waiting Room" (from their first 12" EP, later the first half of the 13 Songs CD) that brings out more of the reggae side of the song that was only hinted at by Joe Lally's bass lines and Ian MacKaye's guitar parts on the original recording. 

And then we have...

Artist: Drag The River
Title: Having A Party/Jeff Black Song
Label: Suburban Home
Vinyl: "Whiskey and Coke" colored vinyl (700 copies)

Musically, the band turns their A-side cover of the Sam Cooke classic into a last-call country-esque lament. Physically, this release is probably the only release in the Under The Influence series to date to not only have the same band be on both sides of the 45, but also have a non-rare color that is nicer than the "rare" color (300 yellow and white half-and-half) offered by Suburban Home (although, granted, the almost equally nice Mustard Plug/BTMI! 45 is also the more common color of that 1000-copy pressing).

Mar 29, 2009

Dancing girl and friends

She's the littlest 1 I think.
Again u gotta see the 2nd part (4:33) or your missing out:

Mar 28, 2009

Dance You, uh Bitches, Dance Like The Wind

you can thank Guillermo Paco Castro Jimenez DelaSantos Reyes Jr. for this one

he really enjoyed himself on his last trip to the philippines, learned a few dance moves too

Mar 26, 2009

Bollywood Babes

Urvashi Sharma
Another edition of this Jew's review of hotness from Bollyland. Urvashi Sharma was a video chick, meaning she was the object of some letch's desire in some song and dance routine.

Of course she went into movies where she proved she was nothing more than eye candy. But that's okay with Weinstein, he still has love for her. She hails from New Delhi and comes from a conservative family, but the draw of Bollywood was too much.

Mar 25, 2009

Mar 24, 2009

Tales From The Office: The Coffee Machine vs The Noob

Tales from the office returns with a special report from the break room.

As I was getting my fix of green tea in the 4th floor kitchen, there was a rather large gentleman near the coffee machine. In an effort to go green, our company eliminated the regular sized plastic water/coffee cups and replaced them with flimsy paper cups 2/3rds the size of a regular shot glass.

This was done to reduce waste and encourage employees to bring their own coffee mugs, jugs, bottled water, etc. The slight downside is when employees would bring in a parched client and would constantly have to refill the puny paper cup to quench their thirst.

So, back to the fat dude trying to get coffee. The smallest size for a cup of coffee is 8 oz and it takes a couple minutes for the coffee to pour. With the small cup in hand, he was anticipating the coffee to be poured and I just had to speak up.

“It’s gonna take a couple minutes… you might want to place the cup in the center, cuz you don’t wanna burn your hand from the scalding hot coffee.”

Luckily, he placed the cup in the right spot, but it still over flowed. There was coffee spilled all over the coffee machine and on the kitchen floor. The doofus still burned his hand when he picked up the thin paper cup. I had to leave cuz I couldn’t hold in my laughter any longer.

After retelling the story to Ranguden, he asked “did he just look stupid or what?”

Mar 21, 2009

Freefall Jones gets 1upped

So much for relying on our resident video game "expert," Freefall Jones, for the most recent video game news. I was able to find some leaked footage of the upcoming WATCHMEN VIDEO GAME. I actually haven't seen the movie yet, but if it's anything like this, I'm getting my ticket right now.

Mar 20, 2009



cute as a button....

a sanwa denshi button on a Street Fighter IV arcade cabinet
I want to smell her so hard right now
I will always love you Shoko Tan

Mar 19, 2009


found this on yahoo auctions jp while searching for some Jumbo Machinder stuff

they need to make an adult sized version of this...I mean look at that kid!..he's having so much fun...I want to be just like him

Bollywood Babes

Karishma Kotak

This babe is actually from London...but like all indian models has found her way into Bollywood. Weinstein would like to fry her fish. This reminds me of the Simpsons episode where he was at that hotel when the bell boy was making all these lovy dovy sounds.

"Hubba Hubba"

She has appeared on Indian R&B Star Jay Sean's videos and why not she deserves it!

The Day After Hump Day Eye Candy Extravaganza

too damn cute is all I have to say...and almost 18!

Mar 18, 2009

The at1UP podcast

Watch Now (12.0 MB) - Length: 0:26:11

One of the things I've been working on is the weekly at1UP podcast from We're on our fourth episode now and starting to get into our groove. Check it out if you get a chance and subscribe to it on iTunes.

This particular episode is special because of the last three minutes or so (yes, we totally ripped off Camp Michael McDonald).

Mar 16, 2009

Diggin' In The Crates "Dischord Classics" Edition

For the past year or so, the venerable Washington DC-based punk/indie label Dischord Records has seen fit to take advantage of the growing renewed popularity in vinyl, combined it with the continuing interest in the substantial back catalog of titles the label has issued since their foundation in December of 1980, and started to have new vinyl masters cut for their releases at Chicago Mastering Service (co-founded and co-owned by Bob Weston of Shellac/Volcano Suns/Mission of Burma fame). This is a title that I nabbed the minute the re-release was announced:

Artist: Embrace
Title: Embrace
Label: Dischord
Vinyl: Clear red vinyl

Embrace (absolutely no relation whatsoever to a more recent band of English vintage) was one of the first "emo" bands, for lack of a better description. The group was founded by Dischord Records co-founder and former Minor Threat lead singer/songwriter Ian MacKaye along with guitarist Michael Hampton, bassist Chris Bald, and drummer Ivor Hanson. Hampton and Hanson had been in State of Alert with Henry Rollins (before Rollins left for California to join Black Flag), and then joined up with Bald and Ian MacKaye's younger brother Alec to form The Faith. Originally, MacKaye wanted to have Jeff Nelson, Dischord's other co-founder and ex-Minor Threat drummer, occupy the drum throne, but business issues (Nelson balked at the idea of playing "free" or benefit shows beyond a certain point in the band's career, which led MacKaye to lament "Jeff, I can't be in a band with you") put the kibosh on that intent. 

So says the liner notes to the excellent and highly recommended 20 Years of Dischord CD box set:
Minor Threat played its final show in September of 1983 and recorded the Salad Days 7" in December. At that point Jeff and Ian had been in 4 different bands together and after a few months of no music, they figured it was time to start working on the next project. 

After a series of different line-ups with Ian playing bass, then guitar, and then singing, and after almost a year of playing, the new band had started taking shape with Chris and Mike (both ex-Faith), However, there were still plenty of unresolved frustrations held over from Minor Threat, and upon further discussion, Ian and Jeff decided that it was probably a better idea to not embark on another band together. Ivor, who had left the Faith to go to college was home on winter break at that time and was asked to play drums. He was up for it and the band agreed to wait for him until he finished the school year.  

The irony of the situation was that Ian ended up singing for the Faith, a band that his brother had sung for, and one that had already gone through a heated break-up. Still, everyone was really eager to be in a band again, especially since there was so much activity surrounding the scene in connection with Revolution Summer, and it was decided to go ahead with the line-up.

Embrace played its first show with Rites of Spring and Gray Matter at Food for Thought in July '85 and managed to play about 15 shows before things came apart. 
The album, compiled from the two separate demo sessions, came out posthumously in 1987. Michael Hampton joined then-ex-Rites of Spring members Guy Picciotto, Brendan Canty and Eddie Janney in the short lived One Last Wish, which would release (after high demand) their lone recording session as the 1986 album in 1999. Chris Bald switched to guitar and joined Ignition with fellow ex-Faith and Ian's brother Alec MacKaye. Ian later joined up with Picciotto, Canty, and bassist Joe Lally to form one of America's greatest contributions to late-20th-Century rock music, Fugazi. 

I first heard this album in 1988 at a band practice. A friend of the guitar player had brought it over and it was playing on the stereo in our practice space, which was the basement level of said guitarist's parent's house. At the time, the album was only available on vinyl. Dischord wouldn't release the title on cassette or CD for a few years yet, and at the time the only titles Dischord were seeing fit to release on CD were all of Minor Threat's output on one CD and the first two Fugazi mini-albums on another CD. We were all blown away by the album, but I was already starting to buy CDs back then and was reluctant to buy vinyl at the time (this, of course, was long before CD burners, USB turntables, laptop recording software, and enclosed download codes in records!). Now, of course, the album is now considered a proto-emo classic.  

According to the excellent history of DC punk and indie music, Dance of Days: Two Decades of Punk in the Nation's Capital (itself named after an Embrace song!), "Money" seems to be directed at Jeff Nelson, "Last Song" is said to be inspired by the breakup of Rites of Spring, and "Do Not Consider Yourself Free" and "Said Gun" were said to be directed at the neo-Nazi punks that were causing much trouble at DC punk and indie shows at the time.

The new 2009 reissue comes in clear red vinyl and comes with an exact replica of the original album's lyric insert. 

A highly recommended album, irregardless of the format. 

Learn it. Know it. Live it.

courtesy of

Mar 12, 2009

Bollywood Babes

Natasha Suri

This hot babe was wandering around good ol Bombay looking for a bite to eat when some sleazy greasy photographer saw her. His accoutrement went hard and asked if she would be interested in modelling.

Like she was gonna say no, her need for money was pretty strong. She was also wondering when Weinstein was gonna mess with her stuff.

Mar 11, 2009

Hump Day Eye Candy Extravaganza

this weeks entry is probably is NOT safe for work.there's no nudity or anything, but still....AV IDOL Rika Aiuchi everyone

head over to and pick up Rika's photobook

That's odd

this came up in a search for Japanese Reggae, watch until the end, I was dying laughing

somebody left a comment:
"full blown guy on guy action would be more hetero than this!"

Close-ups of dancing girl

Mar 9, 2009

LJ23 commercial

LeBron getting that Pussy (Cat Doll)

Diggin' In The Crates "Bootleg The Casbah" Edition

This band doesn't need an introduction. They're the Only Band That Matters...

Artist: The Clash
Title: The Boston Tapes
Label: Viva Zapata
Vinyl: Standard black vinyl

I got this late last summer but right now, I can't recall where I got this from outside of the the website being based in London or thereabouts. But since it's the music in the grooves that matters every time, suffice it to say that this pro-quality recording (I think from a radio broadcast) recorded in Boston around the time of Combat Rock runs the gamut setlistwise for this lifelong Clash fan, with highlights from every album of theirs (except Give 'Em Enough Rope, strangely enough... also, despite my somewhat witty post title, "Rock the Casbah" is NOT on this album, but "Should I Stay or Should I Go" is.). Score this, and you'll have the perfect companion piece to the recently released and much essential legit Clash live CD Live at Shea Stadium.

Mar 5, 2009

I need a heroes

Is there a store out there that caters to gamers? The hardcore gamers, the casual gamers & all the gamers in-between? Is there a game retailer that actually halfway gives a shit?
Because I am really getting irritated by these bumouts at Gamestop.

I'm sick of hearing "nobody pre-ordered it so we didn't get ANY of that game in AT ALL" after I ask for a title!

Does everyone have to pre-order every single thing?

Bollywood Babes

Kirat Bhattal

This hot piece of you know what is a fashion model in the Indian scene. Originally born in Monrovia, Liberia, this chick moved to India at a young age to one day conquer the modeling scene. Although that didn't happen she made her way onto tv, where she plays a chick who always gets taken advantage of.

I guess anything to keep a job.