Apr 29, 2008

Bollywood Meets Namie

which came first?..Namie's Want Me Want Me or this?...more than likely Namie's but I always thought the begining sitar(?) loop was sampled from an Indian song

and Namie's Want Me Want Me for reference

wait..this version is funnier

Apr 27, 2008

SCANDAL in Action

Finally, some live performance videos of my newest targets - er, uh - favorite musicians: SCANDAL have surfaced. Now you can get a small glimpse of what I've been raving about. Remember, you MUST see them live if they're in your area. And oh yeah, if you're not flat-out in love with these girls after watching these, you will be permanently banned from this blog...and you're gay.

Apr 25, 2008

Pic of the Day "I Will The Night" Edition

god..I love it when these cute japanese girls where their engrish shirts...I love it more when they take off those engrish shirts and stuff it down my pants....uh...I probably should've kept that to myself

from this
and it wouldn't be a Tanakamesen without a sexay pose from these two

Weinstein's Rap Video Vault

I liked this video for some reason...Ah yes masked Mexican Wrestlers!

For some reason I decided to post hip hop videos old and new that I'm really liking. This one is the Mask from Danger Doom and Ghostface Killah.

For some reason...

Apr 23, 2008

Pawa Puro desu

I almost want to mod my wii for this but I'll just calm down & play the U.S. version.

Apr 22, 2008

Bollywood Babes


This chick is quite the hottie according to this kosher eating bastard...Shweta Salve hosted a TV show back in India that was all about cricket. The show was a hit! Surprise Surprise!

She went on TV a few months ago and said that she never would appear in a bikini...and then lo and behold she poses in Maxim India. Go figure.

By the way, Indians pronounce bikini as bik-nee.

YODC Pops The Cherry Blossom Festival

Weinstein, SoG, Eriku and myself head out to J-town in the city this past Saturday for the annual Cherry Blossom Festival, here are a few pics I took

yup..they had taiko drummers there and nope, not one of them were japanese(at least with this group)

lots of good eats

this stall was selling gyudon, unagi-don and other "bowls"..I tried to take a pic of the cute chick working there but a group of people got in my way..didn't attempt a second shot for fear of looking like a crazy person

hmm..takoyaki minus the damn tako!...boy was I disappointed when I took the first bite and the amount of time I had to wait in line to buy the damn things made my disappointed even greater..that stall had the longest line of the entire festival

some traditional japanese dress

and..the not so traditional

before leaving, we walked around the j-town mall for a bit..SoG wandered into one shop where they were giving quick sumi-e lessons

and SoG's finished painting, he was so proud

Apr 21, 2008

Holy Hanukkah

Who says my people can't get down? Don't hate on these Crown Heights Players. Yeah Boy-yyyyyy!

Sucka Free Torch Relay Protests

Chinese supporting Willie Mays

Chief Fong's cousin Wang violently pointing at a group of Tibetans


Pro-Tibetans mean mugging Wang


Wang's posse: "Liar! Liar! Pants on fire! HaHa ASDLdflkjgSLDK!! Suck on that!"


New York celebrity superhero Spider-Man swung by with Chinese flag in hand.


While the majority of the crowd against China were Pro-Tibetans, other groups seized the opportunity to expose the evils of China's government. Groups that enlightened the situations at Darfur, Vietnam and our very own Golden State Warriors were at hand spreading the good word. Too bad none of them had any pamphlets to backup all their rants.

"I mean, Tim Hardaway is my favorite player. Why did he have to say those harmful words!?! exclaimed Trevor Smith, a young Golden State Warriors fan. Dude, the UTEP Two-Step... unfuckwittable! Even "The Glove" himself said that Timmy had the best killa cross-over in the game, better than A.I. I still gotta support my team regardless!"

Trevor and his little brother Bobby: Supporting Tibet and GSW


Darfur heads rolling deep, like ants to a picnic.


"I love the smell of napalm in the morning…It smells like…victory."


After San Francisco, the only US city to host the torch, the relay continues to Argentina. Argentina officials have already begun on multiple torch relay routes to avoid all those crazy protesters.
In China, government officials warned against disruption of the relay as the torch reaches Tibet. "If someone dares to sabotage the torch relay in Tibet and its scaling of Mount Everest, we will seriously punish him and will not be soft handed," said Qiangba Puncog, governor of the Tibetan Autonomous Region. "I will personally bitch slap whoever dares to cause drama. I'll fucken... I'll fucken shit in yo mouth and youtube that shit... I'll fucken... I'll fucken... I'll fucken replace your bones with bamboo...then starve a fucken panda and have him eat you alive!"

(Random shots)





"Gonnnggggg!" vs. "Mr. Snaggle Tooth"

Apr 20, 2008

Wonton, what have you done?

As much as I love the super-future family theme song, here are two more that should be considered the best:

Cartoon Themes (sans lyrics)

Robotech theme conducted by Ulpio Minucci


X-Men theme by
Shuki Levy

Decided to go with some lyricless cartoon theme songs for my picks. The Robotech theme definitely has a patriotic feel to it. The X-Men theme just kicks ass.

The Indisputable Truth about Women, “Romance” and why you will never ever get a girlfriend. Chapter 5 – Part 4

WARNING: We all want to believe in fairy tales. We all truly want to believe that the stories of our lives, especially the ones involving romance, will end happily. But if you haven’t learned that that’s not the way real life works by now, you just haven’t been paying attention, and you may be beyond help. Since your faithful SOG is no quitter, I will continue to push down hard on that pillow that I’ve placed over the face of the fairy-tale-romance idea in hopes that it will get one step closer to death if I can’t kill it outright with this entry. For those who still want to believe in fiction, this may be the most disheartening thing you’ve ever read.

After another long sabbatical, TIT has returned. Whoa, did anyone else notice that acronym? Sweet. Rest assured my little break from TIT (hehehehe) has not mellowed me at all. I warned you about fairy tale scenarios, and this one may be the most heinous of all: man befriends woman he has a strong attraction for, they become close and she confides her deepest feelings in him, he watches for years as she dates other men and his heart is torn to pieces, after one final fruitless relationship she realizes the man she was looking for was right in front of her all along, the two best friends take their union to the next level, they do it, both live happily ever after.

It’s so sweet, isn’t it? This Myth of Man continues to keep foolish males clinging to false hope like an imaginary lifeline. I think it’s about time it was cut.

4. “Platonic Friends”

Now before anyone misunderstands me, I’m not stating that the idea of being platonic is a Myth. It is certainly possible for a man and woman to be platonic friends, and not just if one or both of them is overweight and/or unattractive and/or Freefall Jones-esque. A perfectly healthy, pain-free friendship can be had even if there is a physical attraction between the two parties. The Myth is the belief that a man can use a platonic friendship with a woman to lead to something deeper - that if he gets close to her, earns her trust and becomes a companion, she’ll eventually “see the light” and give him what he’s been looking for from the beginning.

Wow, it seems so easy. So easy that I was once naïve enough to believe it. “Okay, she doesn’t seem into me physically, but I can still be friends with her, and maybe down the line my personality can win her over. Even if it doesn’t, being platonic is better than nothing…”

AH! I feel so ashamed! Like everything I’ve preached in The Indisputable Truth, I learned this lesson in the hardest way. But I’m so much smarter for it.

As I’ve reiterated many times, women decide if men are potential boyfriends or not on sight (with very few exceptions that will be covered in the future). There’s no process involved. She looks at him and thinks “yes” or “no.” The “yeses” don’t always lead to romantic/sexual relationships, but the “nos” NEVER lead to romantic/sexual relationships. If a woman you’ve befriended hasn’t attempted to push your friendship further within a month, or even sooner, YOU ARE A “NO.” Yes it sounds terrible, but it can’t be fought. If you don’t try to escalate the relationship, she will. Remember what we established in Chapter 1, women cannot hide their emotions. Not for a month, or a week, or a day, or 10 minutes. They might try, but they can’t do it.

As I said earlier, it is possible for a physical attraction to exist between a man and a woman in a platonic friendship. Yes, when that single, unattached female friend that you’ve been pining over for the past three years tells you that you’re good-looking, she may not be blowing a thick plume of smoke straight up your tailpipe; she may actually mean it. But be assured – that physical attraction from her is slight. The reason she hasn’t pursued anything bigger with you is because while she finds your appearance somewhat acceptable, she believes that she is out of your league. Yes, you’re pretty nice to look at, you make her laugh, she trusts you and you get a long fabulously. But she knows that there are many more, much better looking men readily available for her to date. Think about this: if a juicy, sizzling prime rib of beef smothered in sautéed mushrooms is sitting on a plate just to your right, would you make the quick turn and dig in, or would you settle for the lukewarm McRib sandwich right in front of you simply because it’s in your direct line of sight? Yes, you’ll gladly take the sandwich if it’s all you can afford, or you’re stranded on a desert island, but if you have options you’re going to shop around. That’s what’s going on in her mind; it may be conscious or subconscious.

Hoping to turn a platonic friendship into a deeper relationship is not only completely futile, it is emotionally damaging. That sharp pain you feel right at your core every time your female friend talks about how she can’t find the right man, or tells you about a date she was on, or tells you about the wild no-strings-attached sex she had with a guy she’d known for about an hour the previous night, or tells you what she’s looking for in a boyfriend (which can be the exact opposite of everything you offer, or worse, the exact same), doesn’t disappear. It chips away at you. It might feel like it subsides for a time, but it lingers. It’s just being shrouded by the vapor that is human beings’ unending desire to believe that fairy tales can come true – much like spraying perfume on week-old, maggot-ridden, sun-baked roadkill. Before long you’ll be questioning your own worth, screaming on the inside of your skull, “WHAT ABOUT ME??? I’M RIGHT HERE IN FRONT OF YOU!!! WHY CAN’T YOU SEE THIS???”

The really bad news is that she knows all this. She can see you, and if she has half a brain, or unless you’re a really good actor, she can tell that you want to be with her, and she probably always could tell. But you still never crossed her mind as a mate, and most likely never will, because she crossed you off her list as soon as she met you.

How many of us men has gotten the “let’s just be friends” speech, in one form or another, from a woman we’ve wanted to date? I have. Why do you think it hurts so much and is so humbling? Because we know deep down that “let’s just be friends” really means “let’s just avoid any and all contact with each other for the rest of our lives.” She doesn’t find you attractive and she never will.

If for some reason she’s been oblivious to your desires throughout your friendship, trying to escalate it will only make her uncomfortable and cause her to end the relationship altogether, either the moment she gives you the “let’s just be friends” speech or gradually, slowly dissipating the contact between you until it’s totally gone. And as hurtful as that situation is, it’s for the best. Never seeing or speaking to a girl you want to date is infinitely less destructive than maintaining companionship under the concrete stipulation that it will never get beyond that.

Here’s the bottom line: if your platonic female friend had attraction for you, especially intense physical attraction, you wouldn’t be platonic friends. You would’ve “hooked up” at the start. She would’ve tried to push your friendship into romantic/sexual waters, and you would’ve reciprocated. Those kinds of relationships don’t “blossom” from friendships, despite what movies may tell you. Sometimes romances can be downgraded to friendships, but not the inverse. If attraction is not immediate, it’s non-existent, and it cannot be created, especially not by being a “good friend” to her.

I’m guessing that there’s many a man’s eye welling up with tears right now over my demolition of this Myth of Man. Yes guys, you really have wasted the last few years of your life trying to get your platonic friend to “turn the corner” in your relationship. But all is not lost. Your best course of action is to end the friendship and spare yourself any more pain. It’s not easy, but it’s the first step to rebuilding yourself as a man. She’ll get over it. Remember, if she really cared that much about you, the relationship wouldn’t be platonic.

Always keep in mind what I said at the beginning of this chapter; being platonic friends with a girl is fine; even being platonic friends with a girl you’re attracted to is fine. But if you really want this girl, and you really want to be with her, a platonic friendship is nothing more than a yellow-brick road to suffering. While it may seem pleasurable, the end of it is not somewhere you ever want to be. In fact, most men just keep walking through the pain and humiliation thinking that the destination is ahead, not realizing that they’ve actually reached it and there’s nowhere else to go, not from this path anyway. And if you’re on it, do yourself a huge service and jump off.

The epic Chapter 5 of TIT (hehehehe) comes to a smashing and eye-opening conclusion with Part 5: “Neediness.” I hope all my fans haven’t died of old age by then…

Apr 17, 2008

Bionic Six- Is this the best cartoon theme song ever?

aw man..wonton just opened up a can of worms...but is this the best?..I don't know..awesomely bad?..no doubt about it..but thats why I think its the best

and some truly awesome cartoon themes:

M.A.S.K. - Is this the best cartoon theme song ever?

Wow. This totally blows the GI Joe theme out of the water. I'm even giving it the edge over the Transformers opening. Post your favorite if you dare.

He killed the game.

DJ Qbert on award tour.
Everytime I bump into this fool in the hood I can't believe he killed the game like he did...
Pay attention y'all if you step your game up then you can do all kinds of cool things like Qbert when you grow up.

DIY leaky pipe tutorial by DJ Qbert

Bollywood Babes

Malaika Arora Khan
It's been a long time since a Bollywood Hottie has blazed the screen. Feast your eyes on this hot dame.

Apparently she is in some cahoots with some Muslim Gangster on some racketeering thing...but then she is in some hot dancing numbers in Bollywood Movies. Indians call them "item numbers". Say that with an Indian accent.

Apr 16, 2008

J-Music Clip of the Week..Part Deux

Artists: Morning Musume
Single: Resonant Blue(lesson studio version)

Resonant Blue video DL

**does this version remind anyone else of New Edition's "If It Isn't Love" video?..no?..well I guess I'm just THAT old to know who New Edition is

J-Music Clip of the Week

Artists: Morning Musume
Single: Resonant Blue (another version)

Resonant Blue video DL

**I don't think Reina looks like some cheap street walker in this pv..more like a reasonably priced escort, just paying her way through school, who I'd be more than happy to shell out 20k in yen to spend some quality time with

Apr 9, 2008

Tales from the Office

a week late but here's one of the hijinx our tech department set up around the office for April Fool's Day..