Apr 16, 2008

J-Music Clip of the Week

Artists: Morning Musume
Single: Resonant Blue (another version)

Resonant Blue video DL

**I don't think Reina looks like some cheap street walker in this pv..more like a reasonably priced escort, just paying her way through school, who I'd be more than happy to shell out 20k in yen to spend some quality time with


beemer said...

Watch out for CJ.
I kid...

Rangudon Argeru said...


CJ Marsicano said...

reina_t_1111: Now do you know why I usually ignore Langdon's e-mails?
minimoniotaku: Oh yeah, I know. ;)

Rangudon Argeru said...

aw c'mon!"reasonably priced escort" was a compliment...like when you see a girl so hot and say "damn..she gotta be a stripper!"