Dec 31, 2005

TikiBar TV

That's Lala. She's one of the cast members at TikiBar TV. At? Maybe 'on'? She's one of the cast members ON TikiBar TV. Eh, whichever.

Most people will tell you that the video/podcast is a funny skit show where everything takes place inside an apartment made to look like a bar and that each episode is themed towards teaching you how to make different alcoholic beverages.

I'm going to tell you they're liars.

Everyone watches the show to see that Lala chick dance around and act drunk (which may or may not be acting).

Who Is Freefall Jones?

Follow up to JuanJohn's post.

Kawaii ne!

After seeing JuanJohn's post about those live action Sailor Moon episodes I was mesmerized by the pic he posted of one of the beautiful stars of that show, Kitagawa Keiko. My heart melted. This is one BIG reason why I'm moving, the closer you get to the source of all the goodness the chances of you baggin' a hottie greatly increases! Haha. Seriously though, I was wound up so tight the whole time I was in Tokyo cause everytime I turned around there was a hottie or a gaggle of high school girls (yes, they were sporting their uniforms), just women everywhere! Cabral San & I sat in front of a store called Shibuya 109, which is a huge women's clothing store, for a long ass time just watching the breezies walk in & out of that sumbatch. I'm telling ya, Langdon you better make good on your plans to go out there with me in June, I need someone else to get my back on this. So everyone will stop thinking I'm making this up! Haha. Well here's some pics I found of Kitagawa Keiko, just imagine hundreds of em' walking down the street. woohoo!!!! Watashi Wa Tokyo Suki!!!!

Dec 30, 2005

A show about Poo.

I came across this movie awhile ago when I was researching some anime. It is a stop motion claymation deely-yo out of Korea. The vidcaps I saw were hilarious & it was enough for me to read more about it.
Doggy Poo is the story of a piece of dog poo that was deposited on the side of the road. Apparently Doggy Poo is sad because he feels he has no purpose in life. While lying there on the side of the road being an eyesore & stinking up the place he comes across various animals & inanimate objects. With each "character" he meets a conversation is begun about the meaning of life. Doggy Poo wants to believe that he was poo poo'ed for a purpose.
There was this one vid cap of Doggy Poo choppin' it up with a leaf that gets blown by him. Jesus, could you imagine a conversation about the meaning of life between a leaf & a turd?
This movie is based on a children's book of the same name. Apparently by all accounts the movie version seemed a bit heavy for the little ones. I mean from what I've read it would be enough to freak me out as an adult, hearing conversations on life & death, the meaning of life...etc, etc. between a turd & a rock. On top of all that, from what I've read the movie is really melancholy. I'll let you guys know, my copy is on it's way. I don't think my nieces or nephews would have the patience to sit through this crap, no pun intended. This movie is probably best suited for anime fans who would appreciate the "art" & jerks & arseholes with a sick sense of humor. Not unlike 90% of the team members out there.

Girl of the Day - Host Edition (Part 1)

I don't know her name, but she hosts the Dating on Demand feature for Comcast. Peep her hosting skills by clicking on her pic over here.

The young, bright, fresh-faced Holly Hannula is an up-and-coming television host who hails from Washington. From an early age, Holly possessed a precocious nature and an interest in public speaking that would later transition into a career in television broadcasting. Holly's adventurous spirit led her from the northwest corner of the United States to the Southeast, as she chose to attend college at the University of Miami. Miami's diverse atmosphere proved to be the perfect fit for the multicultural Holly, whose ethnicity is a combination of Japanese, Hawaiian, Finnish, Norwegian, Austrian, and German. While enrolled in college, Holly worked as a reporter, anchor, and producer for Comcast in Coral Gables, Fla. During her summer hiatus from university, Holly worked as a consumer investigative intern at CBS KIRO 7 in Seattle. Graduating as a double major in broadcasting and art history, Holly quickly landed an on-air position at Telemundo's cable network, Mun2, hosting "Fuzion," a daily entertainment show, and "The Report," a program on current events. Ever bold, Holly made the life-changing decision to pick up and move to yet another new locale when she came to sunny Los Angeles in 2004. She soon landed on-air, hosting "Xbytes" on AZN. Holly has gained further hosting experience for shows on E! and the Discovery Channel. Aside from television, Holly's interests lie in theater, music, travel, cooking, and art.

Dec 29, 2005

I can't believe it!!!

While I wouldn't exactly call this "Breaking News" considering the show ended about a year ago, but for the people who may not know. Sailor Moon was a popular anime about these girls with so called "super powers". I don't know about that. Never really watched the show for the battles anyway. I actually liked the story, as girly or gay as it might sounds, when I was a teen I couldn't get enough of this show. So naturally I had to get my hands on these live action eps. They're not half bad if I say so myself. Their actually pretty funny. It does sorta ruin the original anime because of the cheezyness, but who cares!
Its funny and silly and I get to practice my Japanese with it. I'm not going to really explain the story because I don't really think it matters with a show like this. Just give it a try if you ever see it around.
Of course getting to watch this cutie doesn't hurt either (^_~)
Her name is Keiko Kitagawa, she's pretty cute but may be a bit to young for an old man like myself. I've heard she's going to be in the Fast and the Furious 3: Tokyo Rush. I'll look forward to seeing what role she plays.

Dec 28, 2005


This lovely young lady's ( new album came out this week. My buddy bought it during his break & let me borrow it for the afternoon. Pretty damn good....defintely sounds much more progressive & organic than her debut album. Only one guest rapper (Clyde Carson) this time around as opposed to Hiero & Zion I adding some local flows. No complaints, but I heard it was supposed to include a seperate live dvd of a NY show. Probably coming out later as a "special limited edition" cd pack. They also included her big hit "Closer" as a special bonus cut. This is just my personal preference, but I think anyone that buys this album already has that song & I think it takes away from it a lil' bit when they push it out again. All the same, good songs never get tiresome to hear, & the new material stands strong alone anyway. As another casualty of Blue Lion's Down Payment, I not only had to put off buying the cd but I had to pass on the record release party in SF tonight. It's just me, a bowl of soup, & Golden State vs. Boston tonight.

Today a co-worker & I were talking about Dave Chappelle. He mentioned how some people @ Chili's were trying to sell tix to his show when he was in town recently. As much as he wanted to go, he was reluctant to buy them because he was afraid of getting stuck w/ fraudulent tix, esp if he got "Jewed" in buying them. I didn't ask him to clarify, but it sounded like he meant being overcharged. Checking my memory to see if I heard that one before.

Talking to my roomies & a couple of friends, it sounds like a lot of people are staying in for New Year' notwithstanding. I know there are parties everywhere, esp in the city but the only soirees that I've come across are Lyrics Born in Berkeley & house parties, including my older bro's. I'm spending the weekend @ B's place in SF, but all my options are in the eastbay/inland....well except one option that B got from an old coworker. I'll just say we'd be staying in. Anyway, the point of all this is that it seems like we're less likely to give a crap about celebrating New Year's as we get older. Regardless of what you do, I hope everyone has a safe & fun night.

Geez in the last few minutes I heard the commentators say "You just have to pull for Adonal Foyle", then watched as he stole a pass and lumbered up the court for a fouled fastbreak dunk attempt. Now I saw Mike Dunleavy jawing @ the home crowd. He sank a jumper after they groaned when he took it away from the hoop. Whatever it takes to end this slide, man.

Dec 27, 2005

Play on playa.

All y'all "non-factors" need to take notes ya heard.
Darth Vader puttin his mack hand down
Yoyogi Park, Tokyo Japan *September '05*

When I was in Tokyo I was making my rounds in Yoyogi Park peepin' the scenery like all true yay area playas do ya heard. When I come around the corner & my man Lord Vader is mackin hard on the fly bitchez. I let him do his thang before approaching him & I'm like yo Darth pimpin what is it really? He's like them bitchez love it when I breath all heavy in their ear lobes & ish. I'm like no doubt, plus those were some mad young stupid fly honey's tho' you aint trippin off the Tokyo PD mayne. He's like nah man & just brushes the dirt off his cape. My man....
I couldn't resist takin' this snap shot with my vodafone cam...priceless....

Pic of the Day "I Don't Know Much..But I Know I Love You" Edition

and I really don't know much about our Pic of the Day beauty so I'm issuing an APB to all our blogger friends out there who may shed some light on her background...I stumbled upon her picture while doing some "content" gathering at work and can't seem to find any additional info except that 1. Her name is Juno...2. She's hotter than a tick on a fire breathing dragon's ass and 3. She's here's our suspects picture:

oh, and I forgot to mention that she appears to be an up and coming JAV idol...she hasn't made the leap yet but appears to be a "whore" in the careful out there people..she's definitely sexy and dangerous...use extreme caution when trying to apprehend probably won't be safe to do research on this one at work...


here's another pic of Juno to quench your thirst ...I actually do have more pics of this charming lass' but they aren't "office friendly" sorry suckas!!..the pic above is actually cropped to hide her lovely "mounds"...

Dec 25, 2005

XMAS Morning Hip Hop trivia.


Desoto Hip Hop Dance Troupe

DTI Dance Troupe

I just wanted to have a little tribute to those that strive to keep the art of hip hop alive. Keep it real yo. On with the trivia!

If anyone guesses the artist that spit this classic hip hop lyric I will give you....nothing, I'm broke. But you will have the satisfaction of knowing that at least YOU paid attention during True School Hip Hop class.

"like Santa Claus said, you're a hoe hoe hoe"

Dec 24, 2005

Yes, the time has finally come...the battle of the century.

If I ever get this bad, kill me.

The girls that worked here made me feel like a pervert.

I'm not as bad as this guy, am I?

I'm considering taking down my Morning Musume & Hello Project posters . My buddy Nolan said it best..."dude at our age posters of any kind are inappropriate." The above pic actually makes me sick though.
I am a hardcore jpop fan (as if the word "hardcore" even belongs in the same sentence as jpop, nothing about jpop is hardcore). While I was in Tokyo I wanted to purchase posters of some of my favorite artists. I know, I know I'm playin' myself right now but...I found this spot in Harajuku (yes that Harajuku, of Harajuku Girls fame) that was overflowing with Jpop posters. I thought I'd be amongst "friends" when I went in to make my purchases but thanks to the young cutie pies working at the store, I felt like a perverted arsehole. They were pulling my order & they kept giggling & looking over at me like "eeew gross". I kept thinking to myself just relax you'll be outta here in a minute. When I got back home I plastered the posters all over my wall so I could be surrounded by Japanese girl goodness all day everyday. No big deal I'm ok with it....
Recently I have been choppin' it up with a breezie I uh, had relations with in the past (before jpop happened to me). She was like oh yeah we should kick it maybe I'll stop by & give you your xmas gift. A feeling of dread started to come over me. Um yeah could you give me some time to redecorate first!??! Ah geez I can't help it those breezies are sooo damned cute.

No, Its Not Strange nor Somewhat Creepy...

Pa. Community Celebrates Festivus

ERIE, Pa. - The celebration of Festivus is alive and well in northwestern Pennsylvania, nearly a decade after the bizarre "holiday" garnered pop culture notoriety on "Seinfeld."
Residents were preparing to celebrate "the festivus for the rest of us" Friday with a night of airing grievances, feats of strength and, of course, the aluminum Festivus pole.
"It's all in good fun," said Jeff Boam, 36, a math teacher from Millcreek Township and longtime "Seinfeld" fan.
"More than anything else, it's a great excuse to get together with friends and have outrageous fun," said George Klapsinos, 38, a senior technical service specialist for Lord Corp.
Many people learned of Festivus through "Seinfeld," but its roots actually go back several decades, when writer Daniel O'Keefe's father started it. He was looking for something more from the holidays, something that wasn't political or religious.
O'Keefe wrote "The Real Festivus: The True Story Behind America's Favorite Made-Up Holiday" and co-wrote the "Seinfeld" episode.
In the episode, Frank Costanza, played by actor Jerry Stiller, comes up with the idea for a new holiday after struggling in a tug-of-war for a doll at a toy store.
Festivus' "traditions" differ from those of Christmas.
Instead of a tree, Festivus followers celebrate around a metal pole. Boam's Festivus pole is 6 feet tall and rooted in bucket of cement.
"No tinsel, no ornaments. Nothing should go on it. It should be bare," Boam said.
Guests also grab the pole and fume about how others have disappointed them in the past year.
"One year, we had a blizzard on the night of the party," Klapsinos said. "So we grieved about everyone who said they were going to show up but didn't. I mean, we made it, right?"
Finally, the festival features feats of strength.
"This usually means wrestling," said Jack Munch, a real-estate broker. "I've seen parties where it deteriorates into five people wrestling in the snow in the backyard. The whole thing is a blast. You never know what's going to happen on Festivus."


This is Yotsubato! Released in the U.S. as Yotsuba&! This manga has endeared itself to me in so many ways. It is cute, funny, simple, beautiful to look at & just plain awesome. I picked up the three volumes that were released in the U.S. a few months back & am eagerly anticipating the release of #4. I couldn't remember the last time I laughed out loud reading a manga. This manga comes highly recommended by Tsuji Eriku, I even recommended this manga to long time Flying Colors Comics employee & nerd extrordinaire wonton ( . He thanked me from the bottom of his heart for it. He even asked to borrow the remaining two volumes that he doesn't own from me because he is a cheap bastard. Please give Yotsubato a try you won't be sorry you did! & be sure to let us know what you think........

Dec 23, 2005


Angela Aki

This is Angela Aki, one of Japan's newest rising J-pop stars and I am happy to introduce her to any fans of Japanese music that have not yet heard of this wonderful girl! She sings beautifully, with passion and feeling. She's pretty good on the ol' ivory keys too! I just love her songs even if I can't understand them completey.(not yet fluent in the forbidden language that is "Japanese" (^_^) She has a great version of the song "Never is a Promise" along with many other great songs like her last single "Home". She's also did a song for the next Final Fantasy game. If your into Japanese music or just great music in general and would like to give her a listen, you can hear samples of her music at her website.

Tell me what you think?

Finally! Someone more racist than me!

The following is a transcript from a call I fielded today from an irate customer:

Yes, I was rear-ended by one of your policy holders

hm hm

My car is in the shop right now & I need a rental car

yes I see that we've set up a rental for you with Enterprise

Well, I travel with my dog & Enterprise will not allow me to rent a car if my dog travels with me

Ah, well it's my understanding that NO rental agency will allow you to travel with a pet in the vehicle

This is bullshit

I can understand your frusteration ma'am

My dog is well groomed & is cleaner than most children in Oakland

One Jew's Point of View Volume 1

Happy Belated Chanukah Everybody!!!!

Oy! I figured I'd get off my arse and start writing what the hell I want. Does it matter, of course not. It's your opinion doesn't count anyway. Anyhoo, fellow Jews, on to the reviews of my favorite albums irrespective of genre, although it'll mostly be on jazz.

Miles Davis was at a crossroads in the late 1960s. He had been playing your standard bop with his regular working group of Herbie Hancock (piano), Wayne Shorter (tenor sax), Ron Carter (bass) and Tony Williams (drums). He had been playing similar type of music since he broke in the biz in the late 40s. Outside of music he was known to be a dick. Some guy who kinda did his own thing and didn't really like listening to authority. The Man, if you will.

This group he was with was probably the most popular Jazz group around. The four other members of his group are certified legends and the music he made with them was no less than fantastic. But I guess there comes when you get tired of the routine. Playing the same kind of songs for the same audience night in and night out. Beginning in say 1967, his music was getting away from bop and getting into avant garde territory. Herbie Hancock and the rest of the guys were more than up to the challenge and made some good albums namely Nefertiti, Filles de Kilamanjaro, and Miles in the Sky between 1967 and 1969.

Nearing the end of the sixties, my fellow meshugenahs, Miles was getting into Jimi Hendrix & James Brown and was fascinated by the way their music was reaching the masses. Miles, being the musical genius he was, wanted to incorporate that sound into his music. You might run across a lot of comments on the fact that Miles Davis was a sellout by changing the direction of the music. In this Jew's opinion, that is utter bullshit. People like Miles Davis don't come along very often with ideas to make music with different elements. He decided since the face of music was changing so it was time for him to change.

Out vith tha old and in vith tha new. He assembled a new 13-piece band that was gonna tap in to elements of funk and rock. Wayne Shorter stuck around with Miles and switched to soprano saxophone. You know, the same instrument that faggot Kenny G plays. The band included three players who would use a relatively new instrument on the scene - the Fender Rhodes Electric Piano. The electric piano had a mellow tone and kind of glided over the other instruments. The three players were Chick Corea, Joe Zawinul, and Larry Young.

Chick Corea was an established sideman and a strong composer with various bands in the 60s. He also holds the distinction of being one of the most ugliest people on Earth. I mean he's right up there with KRS-One.

Joe Zawinul was a member of a group headed by popular Alto saxophonist Cannonball Adderley. As an aside, Cannonball played with Miles in the late 1950s when his group also included John Coltrane. Zawinul has the special distinction of the funkiest Austrian known to man who loves black women. He later formed Fusion supergroup Weather Report with the aforementioned Wayne Shorter.

Larry Young was known as the John Coltrane of the Organ. He was one of those people that was making records when he was about 18 or 19. If you ever get a chance to buy or download some music, give Larry Young a try. He released some great avant garde organ combo albums for Blue Note Records between 1964 and 1969. To really grasp how good he was, give a listen to another organist named Jimmy Smith and compare the two.

He added a British guitarist named John McLaughlin to give the music that rock sound. John McLaughlin was a good friend of Jack Bruce, of Cream fame. In the 70s, he formed the Mahavishnu Orchestra and became buddy buddy with Carlos Santana. He is the ultimate fusion guitarist.

OK enough of the history. The music is quite long indeed (kinda like this blog). The first disc only has two songs but they each clock in at over 19 minutes. The two songs , Pharoah's Dance and Bitches Brew, are more musical suites than anything else. Pharoah's Dance is more of a peaceful train journey that kind of starts and stops at various intervals. Bitches Brew has a dark tone with the electric pianos and the trumpet of Miles Davis the driving force. Miles' trumpet stabs are kind of like screeches that give the song a strong force.

The second disc includes the songs Spanish Key, John McLaughlin, Miles Runs the Voodoo Down, and Sanctuary. Spanish Key has both a mood of madness and happiness all at once, you'll notice this as Miles' trumpet solo ends. John McLaughlin is for the aforementioned guitarists. This is pretty much a riff that he seems to explore with Miles sitting this one out. Miles Runs the Voodoo Down is all Miles with a solo that's pretty damn killer. Finally Sanctuary is the most mellow song off the album. It is kind of the like the day turning into night. Not as loud as most of the other songs in the album and keeps a theme that could possibly put you to sleep. You would never know when that song will end.

I think I've done enough rambling, but there are more Jew's points of views from this Jewy Jewenstein. Definitely pick this up or download it.

Oh yeah.....



Festivus - Non-denominational alternate Christmas-time holiday featured on episode No. 166 "The Strike" on the sitcom SEINFELD/NBC/1990-98. Festivus was created by Frank Costanza (Jerry Stiller) after getting into a fight in a toy store when he and another man both grabbed for the last doll in the place. Frustrated at the commercialization of Christmas, Frank created Festivus.
Celebrated on December 23rd, the pseudo-festival had a traditional undecorated eight-foot aluminum pole (no tinsel, or ornaments), a father-son wrestling match ("The Feats of Strength") and the ("The Airing of Grievances") when each member at the gathering sat around the dinner table and insultingly counted down the reasons why other family members were such a disappointment throughout that year.
The concept of "Festivus" was created in 1966 by Daniel O'Keefe, a former writer for Readers Digest who later wrote the book "Stolen Lightning: The social theory of magic," (Vintage, 1983) A review in the New York Times described the book as "a work of sociology that explores the ways people used cults, astrology and the paranormal as a defense against social pressures."
Years later, O'Keefe's son, Dan O'Keefe introduced the idea of Festivus to the SEINFELD program when he worked as a writer for the show.

Dec 22, 2005

King Kong Vs. Godzilla

As a kid, I thought the battle of the century should have been King Kong going at it with Godzilla. Why did it turn out so wrong? Was it Kong's papier mache face? Was it Godzilla NOT swimming away the winner in the U.S. version? Was it the obvious puppets fighting along the side of a mountain? I'm getting depressed just thinking about it.

Toho really missed the boat on that one. And so did a lot of other people. Here's a round-up of screwy King Kong Vs. Godzilla movie posters from around the world:

This first one apparently has the two monsters not battling over Tokyo, but instead crashing a beach party. And it looks like Godzilla can't tell the difference between King Kong and the broadside of a mountain. Kong even has is hand raised as if to say, "...over here, dude." Also, did Kong go to the same lady that waxed Steve Carrell's chest in The 40-Year Old Virgin?

These two posters aren't even advertising the right movie:

This next one is the most puzzling of all:

The most glaring mistake being that GAMERA the giant turtle is streaking across the bottom of the poster. Secondly, whoever designed this has somehow envisioned Kong as some sort of omniscient "Planet of the Apes" vampire. I don't even think there IS a movie where Gamera fights Drac-gorillas.

As a bonus, I've decided to throw in one of my favorite giant monster posters of all time. It's a foreign poster of the 1976 remake of King Kong (the one with Jessica Lange and Jeff Bridges):

Man, the action in that poster is WAY better than what I saw in the movie. I really don't remember the scene where King Kong is stepping on a ship, choking out a GIANT SHARK in his right hand, AND fighting off a GIANT SNAKE coiled around his left arm.

Who Is Freefall Jones?

I like my corn on the cob. Not on my hutches' toes.

This is Tanaka Reina. My buddy sent me this scan from her photobook. Now I shrunk this image down a bit, when my homie sent it it was a huge image. When I first viewed the pic my eyes drifted to the lower left corner of the image & on to her right pinky toe. "Is that a corn?" "Holy ish that is a corn on her toe!" I immediately became angry. This is a scan from a photobook of one of Hello Project's most popular members, if I noticed the horrendous growth on this breezie's toe then everybody else noticed too. I would fire the dude in charge of producing this photobook. As you can see the image takes up two pages in the book. That's a whole page dedicated to the corn on her toe. Get your photoshop people on that crap man geez. This may have killed it forever for me & Tanaka Reina. I just don't know if I could get over this.


This morning, this lovely young lady accepted her deejay boyfriend's tearful marriage proposal on the air....right before they move to NY for his new job. Congrats or Another One Lost, depending on your take. He did it without a ring. His idea is that on their 1st day in NY they would shop together & pick out her ring. I think that's a good idea. No I'm not getting married in the near future, but I did want to know what you guys thought of the idea.

A few weeks went by & I hadn't heard from this Social Casework exam I applied for. I got a call from the HR dept, telling me that the exam was 2 days ago. For some reason, I was the sole qualified applicant that wasn't notified so I was offered a chance to take the exam by tomorrow morning. I left work early to take the exam today. Me and the other applicants (me, myself, & I) follwed the HR guy to a little room in the basement, where all the testing takes place. It was pretty funny watching this guy say "You may open your booklet & start your" to his one man audience. That shit was hard. I finished with time to spare but by the time the 1.5 hours went by I didn't finish double-checking all my answers. I'm sure I at least got the minimum 70 score to get the follow-up interview.

A newspaper today did a story on Festivus, which is supposed to be tomorrow. I forgot the article at my desk, but it had all these links, mentioned the Festivus book that came out, & even divulged some of the history. Apparently early Greek civilization had common-folk parties, which were referred to as Festivus parties. There were also examples of select dept. stores & US towns that are putting up Festivus themes around the holidays. As the theme seems to be growing in strength & popularity, I wonder if it can get so popular that it overtakes the commercial holidays that led to its cynical creation in the 1st place.

War of the Gargantuas

You know it's awesome.

Who Is Freefall Jones?

Pic of the Day.."Early Christmas Edition"

well, as our friends from the Land of the Rising Sun get ready to celebrate the birth of Julius Christ by eating a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken(seriously, look it up),I myself am getting ready to leave the cold and rainy weather for someplace sunny and warm. But before I say adios to Jerktown, I'd like to leave you all with this parting gift...and oh lord PLEEEASE, when I wake up Christmas morning, please let me find THEM under my Christmas tree this year..please oh please oh please!!!....and so I give to you:

( L to R) Sayumi Michishige, Miki Fujimoto, Eri Kamei & Risa Niigaki

J-Music Clip of the Week...Christmas Edition..

well, here's an early Christmas gift for you all courtesy good ol' Tsuji Eriku-Clause..he was kind enough to select this week's J-Music Clip of the Week as well as giving us a spiffy write up...

Artist: Oda Yuji w/ Butch Walker

Single: Last Christmas

(click pic to buy single)

Last Christmas preview

Last Christmas DL

Today's Jpop music clip is a remake of Wham's "Last Christmas". The Jpop version is performed by Oda Yuji, who is a famous singer/actor in Japan, although you wouldn't think him to be a singer by this remake. hehe.
In November/December 2004 Fuji Television aired a television drama called (wouldn't ya know it) "Last Christmas". Oda Yuji scored the lead role & was also called in to sing the theme song. Incidently, the television drama Last Christmas is what opened the flood gates on my love for japanese tv dramas. Why? It has cute Japanese girls, 80's music (???), love triangles & most of all it is set in Tokyo during Christmas time....ahhh how romantic.
I implore all of you to download this song. It is soooo goddamn bad it's good. I couldn't stop laughing when I heard it man. That is the reason why I'm into this crap in the first place, to have a good time, so without further ado...Oda Yuji singing Last Christmas!!!! KITE KUDASAI !!!!!

Dec 21, 2005

Deal or No Deal

A contestant comes up and eliminates briefcases with different dollar amounts in them. The object being to get rid of lower dollar values and eventually ending up with the briefcase with a million dollars in it. Meanwhile, a mysterious "banker" offers guaranteed money to get the player to end the game. Boring, right?

WRONG. This show is TENSE. Especially when the contestant is down to the last three or four cases and the million dollars is still inside one of them. On tonight's episode some lady still had the million in play and was offered $200,000 by the banker to stop. The audience went into Thunderdome mode and started yelling "DEAL!" in unison but the woman's father was shaking his head "no deal." Then to make it worse the woman's daughters called on speakerphone to ask their mom to take the deal. The lady started to shake and her eyes were all teared up. It was crazy, but she ended up -------

Oh yeah, I should probably mention Howie Mandel is the host (sans head glove, but he hasn't used that in over 20 years has he?) and the briefcases are brought out by a bunch of models, but they're all inconsequential when you need to decide whether or not you feel lucky. Well do ya, punk?

Who Is Freefall Jones?

Love for the sidebar links

If you haven't been clicking around in our CHECK THIS OUT section (to the right), you're missing out. The A-Team doesn't mess around with its recommendations and these sites won't waste your time.

Well, actually they will waste your time, but it'll be worth it.

Hypnotoad is always very engaging, and Superman is a Dick is always a must see. Clint Howard and Bryanboy need your love, but Cute Overload! is there to make you feel better about yourself afterwards.

Who Is Freefall Jones?
...2 Days Until...



As I'm on house arrest through my car-down-payment period, I'm experiencing what we all already know: When you stay home & don't go out, you realize how much it costs to go out. I'm eating meals @ home & digging into my sizable Boyardee/Souper Meal rations for work lunches. B spent the past weekend @ my house, & except going to get food within the immediate area we stayed in the whole time. Gas, movie theaters, outside dining, etc. really add up...even on a weekend only basis. Before I sound like I'm getting too Super K, let me quickly add that as soon as my $$ on track I'm back to my normal spending ways & outings. I'll just be that much more appreciative of what I have. I still intend on going through my gift list....even if it ends up being Xmas in Spring for my family & friends.

A few days ago, I heard a discussion on the radio. One guy talked about seeing a dvd at his buddy's house. It was labeled as a sex dvd of the buddy & his wife. The guy was tempted to watch it but he didn't. When asked if the buddy's wife was hot he said No, so that helped keep his hands off the dvd. The question that arose from this banter is: Would you watch a sex video of one of your friends? If not, how about if the chick was hot? Speaking for myself, I wouldn't watch, no matter how hot the chick. I've asked myself this question before on 2 occasions: Some of you may remember my blog about a buddy who wanted to do blue movies. The other time was when one of my brothers told me that one of his friends taped himself w/ girls & had tape screenings for his pals. Another one of his friends saw his brother in a video. Voyeurism is definitely for a particular mindset.

Meri Kuri

"Meri Kuri" by BoA

Meri Kuri is slang for Merry Christmas. Last year I got hooked on the video for the single "Meri Kuri" by Jpop princess BoA. The imagery was cool, the song is awesome & it captures the holiday mood! In my attempt to convert every person on the planet to a jpop fan, I present to you (a year late) BoA's Meri Kuri!!! Enjoy, happy holidays!

Dec 20, 2005


Akiko Yada = wifey material
This is Akiko. I'm in love with her. I know I said that I loved Nozomi, but I love Akiko too. It's just that some of the girls that have been featured lately on this blog have seemed a bit...well...whoreish. I just thought I'd champion the you don't have to look exactly like a brothel employee to be sexy movement. Now don't she look like someone you could bring home to mama?

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"Dreidal Dreidal Dreidal...I made you out of clay..."

actually...this one is made out of paper...but thats not the point...good Ol' Hanukkah Harry found this little "Droidel" courtesy of

"...So much fun for the young ones it is..."

It's holiday time which means Jewish fans from around the world are celebrating Chanukah which includes playing the traditional game of dreidel. The Yiddish word dreidel is derived from the German word drehen meaning "turn." The Hebrew word for dreidel is s'vivon. A dreidel is a four-sided top with a symbol on each side. Each symbol represents a word which put together say in Hebrew "Nes Gadol Hayah Sham" it translates as "A Great Miracle Happened There." (However, in Israel the letters on a dreidel are changed to stand for "A Great Miracle Happened Here.")
Some religious scholars believe that the dreidel game originated during the times of the Greek-Syrians, and is closely connected to the Chanukah holiday. Because the ruling Greek-Syrians outlawed Jews from learning the Torah, the Jews needed a way to hide their studies. The dreidel became a clever decoy. When Jewish students saw the Greek-Syrians coming, they would hide their books and play with dreidels instead, which tricked the Syrians into thinking they were just playing a harmless game.

In this Star Wars variation, the dreidel and the droid R2-D2 combine to make Droidel! Print out the PDF and follow these instructions to construct your very own paper Droidel.

How To Make a Paper Droidel:

1. Print out the Droidel PDF and glue it to a thin piece of cardstock or cardboard like from a cereal box
2. Once the glue is dry, have an adult carefully cut it out along the edges (including the flaps). Also cut out R2-D2's circle dome. 3. Carefully cut out the circle. This is where the small pencil or a straw will go -- so you can spin the dreidel like a top.
4. Fold along the lines on the inside, then glue or tape where the flaps tell you. Do the top part last.
5. Fold the top extra R2-D2 circle top into a wide cone and place on top of the dreidel with glue or tape. Make sure the holes line up.
6. Then stick in a small pencil or a straw through the holes you cut at the top.

7. Now you're read to play!

Dec 18, 2005

J-Music Clip of the Week

Artist: Teriyaki Boyz
Single: You Know What Time Is It!? (produced by DJ Premier)

(click pic to buy album)

You Know What Time Is It!? preview

You Know What Time Is It!? DL

about the band:

Members of popular hip hop groups Rip Slyme and m-flo are to team up with fashion designer Nigo (33) to make their recording debut in the US. Ryo-Z (31) and Ilmari (30) from Rip Slyme, m-flo vocalist Verbal, Kaze no Hito's MC Wise, and Nigo as DJ will make up the 5-man unit Teriyaki Boyz. They released their debut album "Beef or Chicken" on Def Jam Recordings on November 16. Nigo is best known for the A Bathing Ape street fashion brand, which has a huge cult following. He is a friend of Def Jam artist Jay-Z, and got the idea of putting the group together this summer. The album also has a stellar lineup on the production side, with Japan's Cornelius alongside Grammy Award winners the Neptunes, Ad Rock of the Beastie Boys, French artists Daft Punk, and DJ Shadow.