Dec 21, 2005

Deal or No Deal

A contestant comes up and eliminates briefcases with different dollar amounts in them. The object being to get rid of lower dollar values and eventually ending up with the briefcase with a million dollars in it. Meanwhile, a mysterious "banker" offers guaranteed money to get the player to end the game. Boring, right?

WRONG. This show is TENSE. Especially when the contestant is down to the last three or four cases and the million dollars is still inside one of them. On tonight's episode some lady still had the million in play and was offered $200,000 by the banker to stop. The audience went into Thunderdome mode and started yelling "DEAL!" in unison but the woman's father was shaking his head "no deal." Then to make it worse the woman's daughters called on speakerphone to ask their mom to take the deal. The lady started to shake and her eyes were all teared up. It was crazy, but she ended up -------

Oh yeah, I should probably mention Howie Mandel is the host (sans head glove, but he hasn't used that in over 20 years has he?) and the briefcases are brought out by a bunch of models, but they're all inconsequential when you need to decide whether or not you feel lucky. Well do ya, punk?

Who Is Freefall Jones?

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Tsuji Eriku said...

Dammit what happenned? Did she get it? You prick.