Jan 29, 2010

SCANDAL around the world

If I ran into these four on a plane, I would give a whole new meaning to the term UNDERWEAR BOMBER:

Most adorable moment (of about 4,000) at 2:09.

Jan 26, 2010

The YODC Workout

Okay this thing HAD to be invented by one of us...

Another Milestone

and to think, it only took us roughly 5 years to do so...YAY TEAM!!

Jan 23, 2010

Tatsunoko vs Capcom vs Langdon

this is a lesson in patience cuz I sure need to learn how to use it...Tatsunoko vs Capcom: Cross Generation Heroes came out in Japan back in 08...thinking that it would NEVER be released out here in the US, I dropped a decent amount of money to order the import copy from an overseas seller....did a software hack on my Wii and bam, I could play overseas games BUT since my hack can't keep up with the constant firmware updates that Nintendo puts out, I can't play new releases unless I want to disable the hack(there are newer hacks that are supposed to work with the updates but the updates are to constant and I'm too lazy to keep up)

then at last years E3, Capcom officially announces that the game will be released here in the US under the name Ultimate All Stars(on Jan 26th)..so now I can play newer games as well as Tatsunoko vs Capcom without having to do constant hacks, there's no real difference between the JP release and the US release aside from a few new characters for the american market so my import copy will now just sit on my shelf as a bit of a trophy where I can say "oh yeah, well I have the import version!" to fellow gamers............but I still needed some arcade/fight sticks to really enjoy the game(thank you mr. eriku)...with only mock ups and rumors that Madcatz was planning to release official fightsticks for the Wii, I jumped on ebay and bought a pair of the arcade sticks that capcom(?) released in japan a few years back at a reasonable price..my impatience at work.....AND week after I made the purchase, Madcatz made the announcement that they were indeed releasing an official Tatsunoko vs Capcom fightstick that wasn't gonna cost me an arm and a leg to own..faucking bastards..

they were considerably smaller and lighter than the Streetfighter arcade sticks that Madcatz released but got the job done..the joystick felt the same but the buttons just didn't have the same "spring back" action and because of its lighter weight, shit tends to move around during intense battles which doesn't happen with the Madcatz sticks


(box art)

and wouldn't you know it, the buttons on one of the jp controllers I bought stopped working!! sonofabitch...lucky for me, the seller was willing to offer me a full refund but I had to send him back the controller, unlucky for me, he lives in japan and shipping to japan ain't cheap!

wasn't planning to buy it but what could I do?..have only one Tatsunoko vs Capcom fightstick?!!..shiiiiiiit, you're trippin....so I headed to ebgames, it was sold out! so I then went to the other ebgames that was basically across the street(why on earth they had 2 ebgames within walking distance of each other, let alone 3 in one city, is beyond me) and they had one left...AND of course I bought it

now THIS is a well made fightstick, big and sturdy..i'm not gonna get into details of what parts are inside, that's eriku's department but I will say, shit is sexy as fauck!...not sure if you can tell from the pics above, but the cover plate as a bit of a rough surface, like it has a non-slip surface so gamers sweaty ass hands won't be a hindrance during gameplay...

In closing, take it from Langdon, don't be an ass and try showing some restraint from time to time...THE END?

Jan 13, 2010

Hump Day Eye Candy Extravaganza

this is Kasumi Okamura, found her while reading this post over at Dannychoo.com .....very kawaii and the seifuku is a bonus

to see vids of Kasumi, you can go here and here or if you want to check out more lovely ladies, head on over to the Cute! Girls of Town website

Jan 6, 2010

A Shout Out to y'all Web Designers

Finally, SEO explained in my kind of language. I hope Freefall Jones is paying attention.

Hump Day Eye Candy Extravaganza

Name: Yuko Fukudome
DOB: 3/2/89
strong point: cute as fauck!!
weak point: almost flat as a board

but her cuteness outweighs her flatness I say