Dec 20, 2011

Pic of the Day

Mikitty looking as beautiful as ever with her pregnant "glow"

Dec 14, 2011

Pic of the Day

uh, Ai..your habit got caught in your panties after you went to the bathroom

Dec 12, 2011

Shitload of Pics of the Day

to promote their special line of Zippo lighters, SCANDAL and Zippo have released an iphone "photobook" app that consists of over 80 sexy as fuck pics of the girls AND its free! Here are a few pics to wet your appetite

here's the link just in case you want to download it now

Dec 8, 2011

Pic of the Day

Yua Saito is the latest gravure idol to be featured on a shirt by japanese sneaker boutique KIKSTYO for this Christmas exclusive

just in case you want this in your wardrobe, here's the link

Dec 7, 2011

Hump Day Eye Candy Extravaganza

a few not so last minute gift ideas for that female otaku in your life..or if you're a male otaku and you want to make your woman look hotter, cuz we all know comic book themed lingerie is hotter than "regular" lingerie

Dec 5, 2011

Diggin' In The Crates "Often Imitated, Never Duplicated" Edition

Since there was some major brouhaha over a shitty fashion chain store basically pirating a shirt of theirs that the late great Kurt Cobain had not only designed himself (he with his artistic hand, a blank T-shirt, and a new Sharpie) but wore on Saturday Night Live...

Artist: Flipper
Title: "Get Away" b/w "The Old Lady That Swallowed The Fly" 7" single
Label: Subterranean Records
Vinyl: Clear green vinyl

Flipper, for the uninitiated, are one of the most influential American punk bands of the hardcore era of the early 80's... mainly because they didn't play at hyperspeed, instead settling for a slow to medium tempo groove where the bass - alternately played by either Bruce Loose or the late Will Shatter, both of whom alternated between bass and lead vocals - was actually the lead melodic instrument while the guitarist, Ted Falconi, was left to spray all manner of semi-melodic white noise all over the rest of the sonic field not taken up by the bass, vocals, and Steven DePace's drums. Nirvana (of course), The Melvins, Soundgarden, Metallica ("Sad But True" on the 'Black Album' certainly owes a great deal to the Flipper sound; Flipper would later cover it for a Metallica tribute album!), and Sunn O))) are some of the many bands that owe Flipper major props. 

I first heard Flipper on the legendary (and unfortunately out of print) compilation Let Them Eat Jellybeans, via their early single "Ha Ha Ha", which opened the album. I would hear a couple of other Flipper songs on compilations and even get ahold of their brilliant live cassette-only release Blow'n'Chunks [recorded completely live at CBGB's over a week-long stand], but this would be the first piece of Flipper vinyl I would ever get my hands on. I had wandered into a record store in New Hope, PA during a school trip centered around the drama club I was part of, and left the store having scored this 45 along with the Dead Kennedys's "Too Drunk To Fuck" single and Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables album (and probably a couple of other punk 45s that I can't recall right now - hey, that was thirty years ago, what the fuck). The song quickly became one of my favorite 45s ever and definitely my favorite Flipper song. 

The A-side is one of Flipper's most popular songs; Ted Falconi's guitar riffs and Bruce Loose's bass line are still ingrained into this musicians memory (Hell, this band's music made me want to PLAY bass to supplement my guitar skills, a move that served me well and helped me make a few bucks in Reagan America), Steven DePace's drumming on this track made him one of my all-time favorite drummers to listen to (his snapping out great and precise drum breaks every four bars on this track are some of his best playing, in my opinion) while the late great Will Shatter sings about some of his friends that got down on their luck and need to escape. Despite the down tone of the tales Will tells, this song sounds almost joyous.

The B-side - which spins at 33.3 RPM rather than the standard 45 (probably due to the general length of the song, is taken from a cassette recording Ted Falconi made during a Flipper rehearsal/songwriting session during which Bruce Loose starts reciting the nursery rhyme "Old Lady Who Swallowed The Fly" while the rest of the band improvises a musical bed behind him. 

I would only ever get ahold of one other Flipper album wtithin a couple of years after this one, their first LP Album Generic Flipper. A year after that, Will Shatter died while in the process of trying to kick heroin, ending Flipper's existence for awhile. Several years later, Flipper reunited with a new bassist taking Shatter's place, Bruce Loose taking over lead vocals entirely, and - in an even more shocking move than just merely reuniting - signed a major label record deal with Rick Rubin's American Recordings label, which would reissue Album Generic Flipper and their Sex Bomb Baby singles and compilation tracks anthology as well as deliver a new Flipper album, American Grafishy. That reunion was short lived (Shatter's replacement as bassist would also die of a heroin overdose, sadly), but the band would kick off the 21st century by reuniting for good, first with their original substitute bassist Bruno DeSmartass (Steve DePace's brother) and then - in a move that certainly had to have pleased Kurt Cobain as he watched from the next dimension - with former Nirvana bassist Krist Novaselic, with whom Flipper made a new studio album, Love, and a companion live album, Fight. The band also regained their back catalog of releases (save for Blow'n Chunks and American Grafishy which are still owned by ROIR and American Recordings respectively) and remastered and reissued them on vinyl, CD, and digital download the same year Love and Fight dropped. 

Krist had to bail on Flipper reluctantly due to some family issues (Bruce Loose would call Krist the best bassist Flipper ever had), but the band continues to tour on occassion... and all three surviving members of Flipper as well as Novaselic's successor, Rachel Theole, are all on Facebook and quite approachable and friendly. Unless some skanky mass-market fashion boutique rips them off, of course. 

Pic of the Day

Dec 1, 2011

Pic of the Day

SCANDAL's Rina recently posted this pic from her "Coming Of Age" ceremony on her twitter page

"I see the girl of my dream is smiling like the sun, in her wedding dress"

Nov 28, 2011

Pic of the Day

very subtle but probably one of the sexiest H!P photobook pics EVVVVVVVERRRRRRR

Nov 27, 2011

Diggin' In The Crates "Return of DITC/Wishing For This Band's Return" Edition

Yep, I'm back... After 16 months of marriage I've finally brought my beloved and much-missed turntable to Casa del CJ y Tara, as well as a whole bunch of wax. And I can't think of a better disc to use for my return post than an interesting little title from a band that I wish never went away...

Artist: The White Stripes
Title: Icky Thump (Mono Edition)
Label: Third Man
Vinyl: 180g Audiophile black vinyl

Back in 2009, Jack White decided to turn his Third Man Records logo from a holding company for his master tapes and an imprint that appeared on every White Stripes and Raconteurs record released by V2, XL and Warner Bros., into an actual record company. Having moved to Nashville from Detroit two years before, and having had the aforementioned American rights to his masters reverting back to him after V2 closed up shop, he decided to buy a building that happened to be a mile or so away from United Record Pressing, originally intended to store some things until he decided to make the space much more functional. The first release, catalog number TMR 001, was a 45 from his third band, The Dead Weather, issued on Record Store Day in 2009. TMR 002 he saved for this puppy.

This album is a double audiophile vinyl edition of what ended up being the White Stripes's last ever studio album, Icky Thump. The difference between this version and the version easily found online is twofold:

1. The cover of this edition is tinted red.
2. The version of the album on this edition is a MONO mix.

Yep, even though Jack and Meg went into a top-notch professional studio in Nashville, Jack figured he'd be clever and do something retro in the process. Past Stripes studio tunage had been recorded in places ranging from the living room of Jack and Meg's married abode (anything that claims Third Man Studios as a recording location prior to 2009 was actually wherever Jack lived and laid down his multi-track tape deck) to a studio in England that boasted nothing but antique equipment (the location for all but one track on their fourth album Elephant).

Mono mixes used to be the norm back in the days of the Beatles, Beach Boys, and Bob Dylan - in fact, the stereo mixes back then were normally afterthoughts, even for the likes of Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band and Pet Sounds. (Hence, the necessity of Capitol having to put out a Beatles in Mono box set for the pickiest of Beatlemaniacs when the whole Fab Four back catalog got digitally remastered.) When mono started to be phased out in the late 60's, what few mono titles that were being released were usually foldovers of the stereo mix.

Rather than be a dick and just make a foldover of the stereo mix, Jack White and his engineer decided to make a separate mono mix during the mix sessions for Icky Thump in 2007, even though he probably didn't have an immediate use for it. Two years later, with Third Man becoming an actual physical record label and record store, Jack decided to open a subscription record club on top of that called The Third Man Vault. Premium subscribers (this writer included) get for their $60 every three months an album, a 45 and a third item (T-shirt, DVD, or something else entirely - in one case a second 45!), the quantity of which is limited only to how many people were on subscriber rolls at the time.

The mono Icky Thump was the 12" component of the first ever Vault package, along with a 45 of The Dead Weather doing two cover versions and a T-shirt with the Third Man Records logo. And since this was the first ever Vault release, I don't imagine there are too many copies - Third Man aren't disclosing how many they press of each package. Good luck finding one on eBay - at the time of this writing, one dude was reluctantly giving up his copy for close to $150... Me, I'll never give up mine.

(On a semi-related side note, does anyone besides think we should convince Brother Langdon to do a MFK installment with three alternate rock babes, one of whom would be Meg White?)

Nov 23, 2011

Pic of the Day

let's hope that all current and former H!P members eventually follow in Maki's footsteps and decide to be more open in their photoshoots

Nov 22, 2011

Pic of the Day

SCANDAL's Mami looking damn HOT sportin' her new look

but she's getting too skinny and I like my Mami with curves

Nov 20, 2011

MFK vol. X

quick results from the last MFK challenge..

Elly Marry

Minase Fuck

Yukie Kill..


and finally onto the newest MFK challenge, one that I've actually been trying to avoid since it features 3 of my all time favorites

Risa Niigaki

Sayumi Michishige

Reina Tanaka

this one's a doozy for me..well, without a doubt Risa WILL BE the future Mrs. Langdon Alger but choosing between Sayumi and Reina for Fuck or Kill?! god I hate this game

Nov 18, 2011