Nov 20, 2011

MFK vol. X

quick results from the last MFK challenge..

Elly Marry

Minase Fuck

Yukie Kill..


and finally onto the newest MFK challenge, one that I've actually been trying to avoid since it features 3 of my all time favorites

Risa Niigaki

Sayumi Michishige

Reina Tanaka

this one's a doozy for me..well, without a doubt Risa WILL BE the future Mrs. Langdon Alger but choosing between Sayumi and Reina for Fuck or Kill?! god I hate this game


Beemer said...

In this case, Reina would be Mrs Beemer. ROFL!

KJ said...

Sayu all the way!

Langdimus Prime said...

after a few days of thinking, I would marry Risa(of course), Fuck Reina and kill Aika so that I can make Sayumi my mistress.

hey, someone had to die haha

Beemer said...

Hey, Prime. I have a fan request, can we please have 9th Gen MoMusu next for MFK challenge? Mizuki-Eripon-Riho or something like that.

Back to the hold hand, hug, throw rock options of course.

Langdimus Prime said...

oh fosho..I've been thinking of doin a 9th gen MFK but I want to include all of them so I have to come up with another option.

maybe Tease or Ignore,what do you guys think?

gotta think back to how it was when you were in grade school and how you treated girls haha