Dec 22, 2005


This morning, this lovely young lady accepted her deejay boyfriend's tearful marriage proposal on the air....right before they move to NY for his new job. Congrats or Another One Lost, depending on your take. He did it without a ring. His idea is that on their 1st day in NY they would shop together & pick out her ring. I think that's a good idea. No I'm not getting married in the near future, but I did want to know what you guys thought of the idea.

A few weeks went by & I hadn't heard from this Social Casework exam I applied for. I got a call from the HR dept, telling me that the exam was 2 days ago. For some reason, I was the sole qualified applicant that wasn't notified so I was offered a chance to take the exam by tomorrow morning. I left work early to take the exam today. Me and the other applicants (me, myself, & I) follwed the HR guy to a little room in the basement, where all the testing takes place. It was pretty funny watching this guy say "You may open your booklet & start your" to his one man audience. That shit was hard. I finished with time to spare but by the time the 1.5 hours went by I didn't finish double-checking all my answers. I'm sure I at least got the minimum 70 score to get the follow-up interview.

A newspaper today did a story on Festivus, which is supposed to be tomorrow. I forgot the article at my desk, but it had all these links, mentioned the Festivus book that came out, & even divulged some of the history. Apparently early Greek civilization had common-folk parties, which were referred to as Festivus parties. There were also examples of select dept. stores & US towns that are putting up Festivus themes around the holidays. As the theme seems to be growing in strength & popularity, I wonder if it can get so popular that it overtakes the commercial holidays that led to its cynical creation in the 1st place.


Tsuji Eriku said...

Um, yeah shopping for wedding rings together is cool. It's always nice when you have a chick down with you that doesn't get all hung up on convention & is willing to bend tradition/rules a little. "Try doin' things a lil' different" in other words. Oh god I feel so gay. Bye.

Langdon Alger said...

did you hear that ish on the radio?..I caught a replay..big time "Super K" man..

Terrence Maddox said...

Yes it was very out of character. 1st Chris Benoit cries, now JV. I heard it while I was getting ready for work...I was like "Did I change the dial by accident?"

Son of Gigan said...

I've expressed my thoughts on marriage many times, and I'll do it again: WHY DO HOT CHICKS DO THAT TO THEMSELVES??