Dec 28, 2005


This lovely young lady's ( new album came out this week. My buddy bought it during his break & let me borrow it for the afternoon. Pretty damn good....defintely sounds much more progressive & organic than her debut album. Only one guest rapper (Clyde Carson) this time around as opposed to Hiero & Zion I adding some local flows. No complaints, but I heard it was supposed to include a seperate live dvd of a NY show. Probably coming out later as a "special limited edition" cd pack. They also included her big hit "Closer" as a special bonus cut. This is just my personal preference, but I think anyone that buys this album already has that song & I think it takes away from it a lil' bit when they push it out again. All the same, good songs never get tiresome to hear, & the new material stands strong alone anyway. As another casualty of Blue Lion's Down Payment, I not only had to put off buying the cd but I had to pass on the record release party in SF tonight. It's just me, a bowl of soup, & Golden State vs. Boston tonight.

Today a co-worker & I were talking about Dave Chappelle. He mentioned how some people @ Chili's were trying to sell tix to his show when he was in town recently. As much as he wanted to go, he was reluctant to buy them because he was afraid of getting stuck w/ fraudulent tix, esp if he got "Jewed" in buying them. I didn't ask him to clarify, but it sounded like he meant being overcharged. Checking my memory to see if I heard that one before.

Talking to my roomies & a couple of friends, it sounds like a lot of people are staying in for New Year' notwithstanding. I know there are parties everywhere, esp in the city but the only soirees that I've come across are Lyrics Born in Berkeley & house parties, including my older bro's. I'm spending the weekend @ B's place in SF, but all my options are in the eastbay/inland....well except one option that B got from an old coworker. I'll just say we'd be staying in. Anyway, the point of all this is that it seems like we're less likely to give a crap about celebrating New Year's as we get older. Regardless of what you do, I hope everyone has a safe & fun night.

Geez in the last few minutes I heard the commentators say "You just have to pull for Adonal Foyle", then watched as he stole a pass and lumbered up the court for a fouled fastbreak dunk attempt. Now I saw Mike Dunleavy jawing @ the home crowd. He sank a jumper after they groaned when he took it away from the hoop. Whatever it takes to end this slide, man.


Freefall Jones said...

I love me some Goapele.

Tsuji Eriku said...

"Jewed" I love it!