Dec 21, 2005


As I'm on house arrest through my car-down-payment period, I'm experiencing what we all already know: When you stay home & don't go out, you realize how much it costs to go out. I'm eating meals @ home & digging into my sizable Boyardee/Souper Meal rations for work lunches. B spent the past weekend @ my house, & except going to get food within the immediate area we stayed in the whole time. Gas, movie theaters, outside dining, etc. really add up...even on a weekend only basis. Before I sound like I'm getting too Super K, let me quickly add that as soon as my $$ on track I'm back to my normal spending ways & outings. I'll just be that much more appreciative of what I have. I still intend on going through my gift list....even if it ends up being Xmas in Spring for my family & friends.

A few days ago, I heard a discussion on the radio. One guy talked about seeing a dvd at his buddy's house. It was labeled as a sex dvd of the buddy & his wife. The guy was tempted to watch it but he didn't. When asked if the buddy's wife was hot he said No, so that helped keep his hands off the dvd. The question that arose from this banter is: Would you watch a sex video of one of your friends? If not, how about if the chick was hot? Speaking for myself, I wouldn't watch, no matter how hot the chick. I've asked myself this question before on 2 occasions: Some of you may remember my blog about a buddy who wanted to do blue movies. The other time was when one of my brothers told me that one of his friends taped himself w/ girls & had tape screenings for his pals. Another one of his friends saw his brother in a video. Voyeurism is definitely for a particular mindset.


Freefall Jones said...

I wouldn't watch because:

1. No matter how hot the chick, I'd get distracted knowing the dude was one of you guys.

2. I'd be PISSED with jealousy that one of you guys was doing a hot chick.

Tsuji Eriku said...

Dude, Freefall bro it's all good man it's only wrong if you spank to it. Come to think about it I'd probably throw up if I saw you guys naked.