Nov 15, 2006

The Indisputable Truth about Women, “Romance” and why you will never ever get a girlfriend. Chapter 1

WARNING: This is by far the most critical work I’ve ever penned. If you are a woman, turn back now. And if you disagree with anything written below, you are ignorant, in denial…or a woman.

I had an interesting, yet somewhat frustrating lunch conversation with a new coworker today. As is normally the case with people in this scenario, he was picking my massive brain to discover what it is about me that is so irresistible to women. I attempted to explain to this neophyte that my immense attractiveness cannot be quantified or rationalized. It’s just there. And it’s no different than any other man (except obviously at far higher levels). In plain English – being desirable to women is something a man either has or he doesn’t. And if he does not have it, he cannot gain it (short of a few very rare exceptions that will be described in detail later).

Of course, as naïve little humans will do, he disagreed. He was absolutely insistent that even the most physically unattractive man could use wit and charm to talk his way into a woman’s favor and more importantly, her bed. He claimed to have had his way with many “hot chicks” in his time. At the pinnacle of his lunatic ranting, he recommended a book that he had read. Quite famous, it’s titled The Game, and it’s the “true” story of an apparently beastly-looking man who discovered an ironclad, foolproof method of getting the most beautiful women to have intercourse with him. In a nutshell, my cuckoo new friend told me this:

Talk to a woman as if she’s your kid sister. Tease her and make fun of her and don’t give her too much respect. This will intrigue her.

That’s it! There’s the elusive secret to obtaining the affections of women. Let’s all thank The Game and its hideous author for showing men the light and making things so easy! I would’ve laughed heartily if I didn’t have acidic bile clogging my windpipe. To make things even more absurd, shortly after his synopsis this whacko had the temerity to suggest that I, Son of Gigan, read the book. WHY THE HELL WOULD I DO THAT? Just before I killed him, I was compelled to drop a little funkee funkee wizdom on this sucka MC. And I’m going to share it with you, my devoted fans.

This is not what he wanted to hear. In fact, it’s not what anyone wants to hear. But it’s the truth. The Indisputable Truth. Women will NOT like this. Why would they? I’m finally lifting the impenetrable veil they’ve held over men’s eyes ever since the day we stopped clubbing them over their heads and dragging them off by the hair. The gig is up, ladies. Sorry to burst your bubble. But not that sorry.

The Indisputable Truth:

Let me begin the lesson by saying that if you’ve read The Game, or are thinking about reading it or any of those other instruction-manual-type guides to attracting women, you are a shameless douchebag completely devoid of self-respect. You probably won’t want to read on, just like women won’t. But since you have the same testicular makeup of the average female, you can sob about your relationship woes to your girl friends (note: not “girlfriends”) while watching Grey’s Anatomy and eating Haagen Dazs.

But if you want to regain what little is left of your dignity, you can read what I’m saying and take it to heart…or stick your head in an oven and don’t turn on the gas, but slam the door into your temple over and over again until you bludgeon yourself to death.

Preface over. Here’s The Truth, men. And in the coming weeks I will support it with facts and examples borne of a decade of experience and endless hours of observation:

Women don’t care about who you are on the inside. Not a single bit. Not even a little. They don't care about how you approach them or the things you say to them.

All their attraction is based on appearance, image, finances, status/power and other surface traits. The quality of your character matters not. The content of your soul makes no difference. The kindness in your heart? Honesty? Intelligence? Sense of humor? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! Or as we say here - aw;erouia; sdfjasdkl;fj awef’pa sodfjkalsdf asldfjasdklf as,dfasdf, asd,fweopsd,.cmasl/dkfj ‘weop!!!!!!!!!!!

Harsh, is it not? But many things in life are harsh; that doesn’t make them any less true, or less important to know. all of you are much better off just for reading this far. If you have the courage to continue, I’ll impart some absolutely crucial facts that you must be equipped with when engaging the opposite sex.

1. Women are chemically imbalanced. ALL of them. That is not slander. That is a provable actuality. Women change moods not day-by-day or even hour-by-hour. They change moods minute-by-minute. They’ll converse pleasantly with you one minute and avoid you like a leper the next. They’ll adore a certain fashion trend one minute and despise it the next. They play mind games liberally. Females like to say that they’re “complicated” (how many times have you heard a girl say that?). They say that they’re “sensitive” and it’s because their emotions are so complex. No, it’s just plain crazy. And it’s in ALL women. Your wife, your girlfriend, your sister, your daughter, the girl in the cubical next to you that seems perfectly well-adjusted, all of them. They can’t be rationalized or reasoned with. You must never be shocked when a female does something that defies human logic, or completely and totally contradicts everything she may have told you about herself, which leads us to…

2. Never believe a woman’s words. I’m not speaking of words like, “I work as an administrative assistant,” or “I love sandwiches.” Those words may very well be true (although you should still take them with a grain of salt). It’s when they start speaking about what they look for in men that you need to tune them out completely. Women will shamelessly state over and over that a man’s appearance doesn’t matter (or at least doesn’t matter entirely), that what matters is the kind of person he is. Think about it; of course women are going to say that. It makes them look and feel less shallow. What else are they going to say? Study their body language, and disregard whatever comes out of their mouths. It will unlock a whole new understanding, because…

3. Women CANNOT hide their emotions. When it comes to men, women are literally incapable of keeping their feelings to themselves. They may not vocally express how they feel (see #2), and they may try to disguise their thoughts, but whether they are attracted to you or wish they could tie you in a burlap sap and drown you like a litter of kittens, they WILL let you know. And it won’t be subtle. A woman will think she’s “playing hard to get” with a man she desires. She’ll limit her conversation time with him. She’ll pretend to be busy when he wants to talk. And she’ll think she’s stringing him along like a fish on a hook. What she won’t notice is how she’ll keep staring at him, how she’ll keep making excuses to be around him even though she “doesn’t” want to speak, and how she’ll break down and follow him around if he doesn’t play her little game. On the flip side, a girl may try to be polite when talking to a man that’s unattractive. She’ll be somewhat courteous and attentive, but what she cannot hide is her facial expression that SCREAMS “Stop speaking to me and go FAR away.” She cannot hide her feet as they slowly and awkwardly shuffle in the opposite direction. She cannot hide her skin as it crawls off her bones desperately attempting to escape. I’ve SEEN this happen. Remember, I hang out with Freefall Jones. Men, if a girl likes you, she will LET YOU KNOW. And you WILL see it. And if and when it ever happens, you’ll feel like an imbecile for chasing all those girls in the past that gave you no such signals. And likewise, if a girl thinks you’re ugly, she will make it equally obvious. And you CANNOT change her opinion. Girls judge men as acceptable or unacceptable immediately upon seeing them for the first time. And if you’re unacceptable, no amount of personality is going to convince her to transfer you to the “good” side. You need to know which one you are. The sooner you come to grips with it, the more at peace you will be.

This concludes my introductory chapter. Fortunately for you, there’s a lot more for me to teach. Make sure to return here in the future, not only to get your fill of naked Japanese teenagers, but to read the latest chapters of Son of Gigan’s most important work:

Chapter 2: “Women’s Five Pillars of Bullshit (Pardon my French)”

Chapter 3: “A Man’s Got to Know His Limitations.”

Chapter 4: “The Man Makes the Clothes” or “You Can’t Shine a Turd.”


Anonymous said...

Brav-muthafuckin'-o! That is the truth right there. I've been trying to tell people this for a long time. I'm very happy to see I'm not the only one who can see the bullshit woman love to put out there. Good job man I can't wait to read the other chapters.

BVA said...

Thsi is the greatest blog posting that was ever a blog posting.

Tsuji Eriku said...

I am so very glad that YODC is now included on the Feed of Pop. As many people as possible need to read this. OK SoG I'll get up now my knees hurt & my jaw aches...

Son of Gigan said...

I didn't SAY you could get up, did I?

Langdon Alger said...

you have gained infinite wisdom cruising the various strip clubs throughout the universe Gigan..bravo..

Craig said...

I too have a misogynistic streak* >)

* that turns me away from women towards kids O_O

Craig said...

sshhh I'm not here I'm actually sleeping the night B4 my test... I just want to say: Love wins though (either way) ssshhh


Son of Gigan said...

Alger, whether they work at The Spearmint Rhino or the DMV, all women are the same. Observe their behavior and you'll come to see this as true.

Son of Gigan said...

"Love wins?" Craig, you must be fast asleep because you're clearly dreaming.

Langdon Alger said...

I'm not questioning your theory/facts...I just found it ironic that this all came from a guy who has never been in a relationship,of any kind, in his life...but I guess after going on many solo trips to the strip clubs and spending who knows how much money on've been able to find the truth...

Langdon Alger said...

not trying to sarcastic either...

Son of Gigan said...

You are correct, my young Padawan. The only difference between our beloved "entertainers" and "regular" women is that the entertainers are much more attractive. And I'll elaborate on this later, but here's a quick preview: you learn EVERYTHING about women from failure. You learn NOTHING from success. My manifesto is not meant to teach anyone the "way" to get women. Because there IS no "way." But that's another chapter. Until then, you must be mindful of the living Son of Gigan...

Tsuji Eriku said...

It wasn't until my my 4th & final break up with Jennice that I realized how crazy she was.

You cut to the core of the subject matter to expose it's pulpy insides for all to see.

Craig said...

Love is the reason I don't sexually abuse people :|

I have had much failure with women and I've learnt heartbreak turns to hate*.

* and hate leads to the dark side of the force :)

Son of Gigan said...

Exactly. One shouldn't be hateful. After a certain amount of heartbreak a man needs to learn to give up - to accept that "love" just isn't in his future. He'll be much happier for it.

Craig said...

LOL hehe X)

So it's like that >)

Langdon Alger said...

to sum it all up..Gigan is just trying to say that he's a "confirmed bachelor"...if you know what I mean...

Tsuji Eriku said...


SoG I can't help but notice the Buddhist undertones of that last comment. I'm going to start calling you SoG the motherf*cking Abbott of this love shit.

Justin said...

You can get women easy, you just gotta know how. Contrary to the above there is a way - if you're striking out a lot maybe you just need to hit a different scene. Strip clubs? Please. That's paying. Uncool. You can get a whole lot more than visuals without dropping a note if you have game.
Without getting into a long-ass post the key here is VARIETY - if you're hanging with as many chicks as possible, the opportunity will eventually present itself without you needing to try. Stop focusing, a lot of guys get obsessive about one girl and go to hell over it; key is to diversify, if you're hanging out with women all the time, other women will notice that and assume you have something; if you don't play favorites you'll have THEM trying to win YOU before long - I learned this one through experience, trust me there IS a way and it's pretty much the old chestnut about location location location.

The key difference:

1) The guy who hangs out with girls all the time because he's their 'friend' and they talk to him about guys they actually want
2) The guy who hangs out with girls all the time because he can have his pick of them

Number one position will never get anywhere, number two will clean up.

But, yes, anyone who actually buys or reads a book to learn this stuff is already long past help.

Anonymous said...

Amuse, i can see why you all go for girls u-15 eh! Hah! As a girl i find this read amusing and even more amusing was when i saw the post count assumed someone would be bitching, instead I found that all the other contributors to YODC commenting It’s like some sort of ass slapping, high fiving football after party. Just needs more beer.

But my opinion doesnt count. In the end what you say may or may not be true, but hell men arn't any better and I'd go as far to say that men really are just women with penises.

Craig said...

There would need to be a bit more adition & substraction of body parts for a man to be a woman.

Truly all people have their problems... but keen eyes will observe comments are not disabled @ YODC and that the number of comments is increased with each new comment (after refreshing the page that is).

I don't feel like I merely high 5'd or ass slapped here.

Hanging out with girls all the time sounds like some kind of hell to me...

I've been perverted so long now I'm not even sure if I'm even looking to 'get' girls be they easy or not.

To 'get obsessive about one girl and go to hell over it' sounds a bit like love to me... although I'm not 'the motherf*cking Abbott of this love shit' :)

Langdon Alger said...

"although I'm not 'the motherf*cking Abbott of this love shit' :) "

too funny Craig...

Son of Gigan said...

Justin, you make some salient points, and I think we should discuss them further, but only when your spaceship lands on Earth. But spend some time here first - look around. Really, you don't see me going to YOUR home planet and telling you how things are, do you?

Seriously, your heart is in the right place, but you've missed the point of the post. First off, we agree that platonic friendships with girls you're attracted to are absolute wastes of time. Achieving a platonic friendship is a failure worse than getting shot down, and I'll explain that in an upcoming chapter.

But your solution to "hang out with as many chicks as possible," non-platonically, is erroneous. The spirit of my post, The Indisputable Truth, is that if women find you physically unattractive, they will NOT hang out with you. They will NOT want to even be around you. Talking to women is the easy part; GETTING them to talk to you is the impossible part - the part you have no control over. Your reasoning is the equivalent of Men's magazines with headlines screaming, "Get women into bed TONIGHT! pg 125." When you turn to page 125, the article simply instructs you on what to do AFTER she's in your bed, or at your place at 2am. You skipped right over the most painful, and for a lot of men, futile part of the entire process.

We guys don't go to strip clubs to "pick up" girls. We know that's not going to happen. But Langdon Alger and I have enough experience to know that strippers and "real" girls are not that different at all. They all act the same, talk the same, and they're all equally crazy. The difference is that you pay the lovely entertainers for their attention DIRECTLY, as opposed to buying them dinner, taking them to the movies, etc.

If, and that's IF you're an attractive guy, you may get a "real" girl home with you for a night without paying much at all. Good for you. But try getting/keeping a girlfriend without shelling out currency. Try finding "true love" without forking over SERIOUS cash. That's another future chapter.

And one more thing, this "game" that you mention? As in, the ability to talk/charm/finesse your way into women's doesn't exist. Nope, not at all. And that's still ANOTHER chapter. Keep checking back.

Son of Gigan said...

Anonymous (the female one), rest assured, there is no ass-slapping, high-fiving or beer-drinking here - just a group of men sharing a hearty congratulations on their shared enlightenment. I have been pleasantly surprised myself at the response. I was convinced that I'd have to spend more time debating ill-informed men, but it's nice to know that I have many fellow soldiers in this battle. Even Justin sounds like he'll be open to reality eventually.

And my writings are not going to be all "Men GOOD, Women BAD." In fact, this one started with me calling my coworker a knucklehead for thinking he has some kind of control over females. If you read my words closely, you'll see respect for women. Respect for them as human beings, and respect for the damage they can do. This will come to light in future chapters.

As a woman, if you have the stomach, you should pay close attention to my next installment: “Women’s Five Pillars of Bullshit (Pardon my French).” I guarantee you have used some of this BS (pardon my French) on men before--with all due respect, of course.

Son of Gigan said...

And by the way, I AM The Motherf*cking Abbott of This Love Shit.

Langdon Alger said...

woo boy...looks like SoG's on the fast road to dying a bitter and lonely old man...

and he's already mastered the bitter part...

Justin said...

SoG, thanks for your feedback. I think you misinterpreted some of what I said, so I'll provide some quick definitions/explications.

You skipped right over the most painful, and for a lot of men, futile part of the entire process.

Therein lies my definition of 'game'. The 'game' you claim does not exist, as I define it, is the simple quality of 'not giving a shit.' That is, if a girl seems uninterested (as you mentioned, this is usually, in reality, very easy to tell within a few moments of talking to her), you simply move on to another girl. A man with 'game' enters a bar and begins talking to a woman; if she seems uninterested, he uses his sixth 'game-sense' to tell this and immediately moves on to the next woman. By the end of the night he's going home with someone, whereas those with less 'game' couldn't get past shyness, or else persisted in talking to a single girl who had no interest in them. Apply this model to not just bars but life in general and you will understand 'game.'

Hanging out with girls all the time sounds like some kind of hell to me...I've been perverted so long now I'm not even sure if I'm even looking to 'get' girls be they easy or not.

Upon the attainment of 'game', simply talking to tons of women becomes enjoyable in itself, regardless of whether they reciprocate. The process known to the ancients as 'kicking your game' implies you're so excited to talk to woman after woman that you don't even realize it by the time you're in someone's pants. Being perverted is nothing; you just wait until you discover equally perverted women.

In fact 'game' is not really different from 'Zen enlightenment' or something like that: you can spend years trying to unsuccessfully 'get' it; when a sudden flash or realization is often necessary. It comes to some guys earlier than others; when you get it, you'll know.

Hope this clears up some of your confusion. I had roughly your level of 'attainment' when I was in high school and consequently was also bitter; since then my understanding of 'game' has progressed. Once you realize the actual joy of how many women there are in the world and how many of them you can get with with only minimal effort, you'll be too happy and at peace to be bitter. It's a great realization - good luck!

Craig said...

Given that SoG & Justin disagree on the existence of game I'm going to chalk it up to a matter of faith. I'm agnostic* on this one at the moment fellas**.

* not sure
** fellows/guys

Justin said...

It's more a matter of mindset. I'm not saying there's any magic formula or things you can do; I'm not trying to sell anything. Am I saying you can get ANY girl or the girl of your dreams? Of course not. As SoG says (or will say in the future, I assume), you have to know your limitations. I'm not making unrealistic promises like "Any guy, no matter how smelly/old/unattractive, can win the girl of his dreams through using x method!" Again, maybe this can't be explained, maybe I'm wasting my time. I could say some more things about 'the way', but I'll let SoG take this up in future postings. I don't actually disagree with anything he says; in fact I agree with everything he's said to date, I just have a slightly different slant on it.

Mick a.k.a. jinryuichi said...

Hi SoG... Gosh, have you been rejected by somebody lately or something? Cos it sounds like it... (beg your pardon on this)

Yeah... women are so crazy in so many levels. But I agree to only half that you said.
After 29 comments, i don't think i need to add anymore to this... but i just want to say that:

1) What You See Is NOT What You Get (WYSINWYG)
Suppose that what you say is all true, and that when we guys are attractive, women will give their utmost attention to us... it may not be what you want either. The hot chick may not turn out to be who you want at all. Also too much attention makes your respect for women drop 10000 feet.
2) What You See Is Not ALL You Get (WYSINAYG)
Suppose we reverse all that you posted, say the woman does not mind your outlook and the woman is truthful in any way, you may still regret the emotional baggage that comes with it. You talk about the chasing-game and all the cash you need to fork out to get them, but you need to keep in mind what happens when you GOT them. It is a totally new territory of pain, I tell ya. Money problem is secondary, really.

Not trying to be sarcastic or funny here. Just sharing my personal philosophy on women in this topic. I know that you loathe about the chasing-game part. On how impossible it is to get women talk to you and all that jazz. But what I hope is that you be a little bit hopeful. And be more confident. Start with that, and everything else is downhill from there. Because no matter how much testosterone you possess, and how much good looks you have, nothing is more repelling to women than a man without confidence. Take it from me... a woman told me that.

Thanks for reading.
Peace ^_^

Son of Gigan said...

Justin, your effort to define "game" is truly noble. But your words - "maybe this can't be explained," say it all. It CANNOT be explained, because it's not technical or tangible. It doesn't exist.

Congratulations on all your success with the honeys. But what works for you will not work for everyone else. A guy like Langdon Alger will do what you do, in the exact same way in the exact same places, and will not have anywhere near the same success. Like I said in the first paragraph of my post, attractiveness to women is something a man either has or he doesn't, and if he doesn't have it he can't get it. And it can't be taught, unfortunately.

A heterosexual man does not go into a bar or other social situation "excited to talk to woman after woman." You don't go into those environments just to talk. Who enjoys that? Talking is just a means to an end. And if you don't reach that end, you've wasted your time and maybe your money. My aim is to get men to recognize such situations BEFORE they get into them.

Son of Gigan said...

Mick my boy, add all you want. Although you have a point about the length of this thread. I need to post my next chapter before giving away all my good stuff in the Comments section.

I actually haven't been shot down in a long time, because I haven't bothered trying in a long time. Has that been intriguing to the ladies? No. But not giving a damn has been INCREDIBLY freeing personally.

I'm not saying that physically attractive women are the only ones worth having. Many of them are horrible human beings. But let's face it - pretty much every woman is frustrating and confusing to be around. My point is that ALL women are superficial (with a few exceptions that will be explained in detail). To women, physically attractive men are the only ones worth having.

And when you talk about women liking "confidence." Dear may already be too late for you, no disrespect. You've provided the perfect segue to my next chapter, but I MUST post it before other men read your comments and start believing them. You said that "a woman told you that." What did I say in rule #2 in of my post, young man????

Oh wait...maybe you were being sarcastic...well done.

Tsuji Eriku said...

Craig said "hanging out with women all the time sounds like some kind of hell to me" I would have to agree for the many reasons listed in SoG's post.

That is the reason why for the most part I would rather just pay the the 30,000 yen & get it over with these days, no disrespect, but I get my needs taken care of & spend my valuable time doing things that I feel enrich my life. Like downloading Berryz torrents & playing video games.

Not to blow my own horn here, but I 've had more than my fair share of the "skins" without having to trick a few ends. BUT AT THE SAME TIME like it has been said here YOU ALWAYS PAY FOR IT. TIME is just as valuable to me as my money. Indirectly paying for it through dinner, flowers, movies etc etc counts too. Not to mention paying for it EMOTIONALLY.

The cold part about SoG's post is that ALL BULLSHIT ASIDE every word he has written in this post is what I have personally concluded from EXPERIENCE.

I am not bitter, I have had a great run of it & currently can still date every weekend if I want to. I am not bragging, just keeping it real.

Man it cracks me up when cats start out with "this is what you have to do" or "maybe you should try" you either have it or you don't the it cannot be explained or learned. I have seen the most inarticulate meat head get his brains fucked out by some of the hottest chicks around, not because he had "it" but because he had money & looks. Hell he could barely spell.

If any women want to really be truthful they themselves would admit to how shallow their mating/dating criteria really is.

Tian Jiang said...

I was introduced to your little angry rant by a female friend of mine.

Wow. Just wow. How old are you, thirteen? I'm no Sherlock Holmes, but I think I can tell that you're not rich, not good-looking, certainly not understanding or humorous, and never gets girls. Why else would you be bitching?

You sound like an angry teenager who poured his heart out to some girl, was rejected for obvious reasons (see above), then proceeded to brood in silent fury over why she didn't drop to your knees begging for sex. Then you went home and cried to your D&D books.

And being the socially inept angry child you are, you don't understand why in the world she doesn't want you, because, you know, every woman in their right mind would want to be involved with a blatant misogynist who, when you get down to it, isn't attractive in any way.

Fast forward five years--the only satisfaction you get now is from attacking the female gender on your blog. Well, if putting your testicles on permanent leave is "incredibly freeing" to you, I've got nothing to say. Some men do enjoy staying single.

Oh and let me ask you: you claim that women only care about your appearance, your economic state, and image/status. Since you spent all this time typing up your rant then proceeding to add to it in the comments section (I can picture you sitting in front of your computer, rubbing your hands with glee every time someone types "I agree"), I think it's a fair assumption that you consider yourself above women, as well. Then, surely you do not care about a potential female partner's appearance, economic state, or image/status "and other surface traits"? If so, Mr. Saint, show me the way.

Your opinion does matter, as does the content of your soul, "son of gigan" m'boy--your opinion is that all women are shallow toys not to be treated with respect, and your soul is filled with ignorance and unjustified hatred. You made the choice for the women around you. Why would any woman in their right mind consider you?

I've been shot down too, and I went on an angry spree, much like what you're doing now--then one day, my testicles got back in charge, and I stopped being a pansy. If you do the same, you might discover what a moron you are right now.

Actually, never mind about that last point. The human race does not need your contribution to our gene pool.

Tian Jiang said...

To clarify:
I do agree with several of the points such as the bullshit that women throw out. I however do not agree with the bullshit that you throw out--here's an example.

You titled this "the Indisputable Truth about Women, “Romance” and why you will never ever get a girlfriend." You must be talking to a minority because the human race persists today. So using logic, you are basically talking to a minority, the guys who a. can't get a girlfrined, and more importantly, b. does not understand why. Then, how does your rant apply to the majority? Will you tell me that the majority of humanity is rich, affluent, powerful, and handsome?

I also have a hard time believing that someone "irresistably attractive" is a. so blatantly misogynistic, b. has a banner from J-list on his blog ("I'm irresistable to women! that's why I jack off to hentai!"), c. spends so much time watching his posted blog entry that he authored half of the comments posted, and d. "haven't been shot down because I haven't tried for a long time".

I could go on ripping new orifices in your golden work, but I'm afraid I'd make you cry. There there, it's not your fault that you can't get any. It's the womens' fault. That's right. Now go jack off to Sailor Moon. Look at how perfect their breasts are, eh? They'd never refuse you. They're always there when you want them.

Langdon Alger said...

FYI..YODC is a TEAM BLOG with several members..Son of Gigan is just one of its contributers..

Tian Jiang said...

So you're telling me that this is in fact a congregation of angry depressed teenagers who were rejected by girls?!

Team misogynist effort or not, if Gigan isn't the only author of Chapter 1, I suppose my comments would apply to the other losers, as well.

Now I feel uncomfortable since I'm in his home turf, arguing with basically a team of angry ignorant people AND their readerbase...

Langdon Alger said...

wow..Gigan must've hit a nerve with his post cuz you seemed to be really riled up..but thats an entirely different subject..

I stated that YODC is a team blog to make you realize that Gigan is one person with one opinion and there are others on the team who may think differently from his views..but I guess it doesn't matter cuz you obviously have a bone to pick..

Tian Jiang said...

I'm pretty sure he hit a nerve too--why else would I keep coming back here to see if he's responded?

Anyway, I will once again call on logic and say that the "one person with one opinion" argument doesn't work out:

If indeed the others at YODC have considerably different opinions on the matter, why would they allow the whole thing to be published? Why would anyone with an ounce of decency want to share a voice with some rabid women-hater? Unless I missed out on Gigan's role as "editor -in-chief at YODC", I feel safe in saying that everyone at YODC whose opinions do count agreed enough with this to allow it to reach the front page.

In the case that Gigan is indeed editor-in-chief, my comments still stand because Gigan would be representing YODC here.

Langdon Alger said...

you question "why would they allow the whole thing to be published anyway?"..well, why wouldn't we?..the beauty of our team blog is that anyone can publish anything they want whenever they want..regardless of how others feel about it..its not like we sit around and have discussions on what we're gonna post on any given day..

and for the record..Gigan is not the editor-in-chief of YODC..but why the hell would a little blog need an editor-in-chief in the first place..

but please continue to visit our little blog Tian Jiang and see what else we have to will find that nothing we post is relevant and we don't take ourselves seriously..well, most of us at least...and you may want to read Son of Gigan follow up to this entry:

I haven't read it myself(its a bit too long for my taste) but you may get a kick out of it..

Son of Gigan said...

Alger, I'll take it from here. Tian, my response to you is my latest post. It should be seen by as many people as possible.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, but if you think every single women is like that in this world, you are extremely foolish.

I don't see how you can 'know the truth about women' if you've never been one. How do you know that everything you say is true? Because, at least it sounds like it, you're extremely close-minded.