Apr 22, 2008

YODC Pops The Cherry Blossom Festival

Weinstein, SoG, Eriku and myself head out to J-town in the city this past Saturday for the annual Cherry Blossom Festival, here are a few pics I took

yup..they had taiko drummers there and nope, not one of them were japanese(at least with this group)

lots of good eats

this stall was selling gyudon, unagi-don and other "bowls"..I tried to take a pic of the cute chick working there but a group of people got in my way..didn't attempt a second shot for fear of looking like a crazy person

hmm..takoyaki minus the damn tako!...boy was I disappointed when I took the first bite and the amount of time I had to wait in line to buy the damn things made my disappointed even greater..that stall had the longest line of the entire festival

some traditional japanese dress

and..the not so traditional

before leaving, we walked around the j-town mall for a bit..SoG wandered into one shop where they were giving quick sumi-e lessons

and SoG's finished painting, he was so proud


Javier Esteban Taco Julio Garcia-Sanchez, Sr. said...

that blue and orange outfit looks like a homemade superhero costume

Anonymous said...

Picture 12 - Looks like Naruto gained some weight. Believe it!