Mar 18, 2009

The at1UP podcast

Watch Now (12.0 MB) - Length: 0:26:11

One of the things I've been working on is the weekly at1UP podcast from We're on our fourth episode now and starting to get into our groove. Check it out if you get a chance and subscribe to it on iTunes.

This particular episode is special because of the last three minutes or so (yes, we totally ripped off Camp Michael McDonald).


abbe said...

Two main things:
Try and remove the static noise, reheheally annoying. Its so loud it gave me a headache and made me cringe all the time.

Dont talk in eachothers mouths.

Minor thing:
Breathing into the mic isn't that sexy. ;)

Now after hearing it I cant really remember what it was about, zombies and St. patty's day. Stopped caring after a while because of the static and the general lack of current topic.
What I mean by that is that you are generally just talking, not especially having a main topic or question to answer, is there any reason that I should listen, can I learn anything from listening, etc.
I could have missed the initial talking because I were doing other stuff, but it seemed very random in general (which isn't bad, but you need a main attraction before the random gets good).

Tsuji Eriku said...

yeah asshole learn how to do a podcast

Freefall Jones said...

Thanks for the input Abbe!

The static is an equipment thing, we got kicked out of our proper studio after the downsizing and have had to do with a crappy makeshift studio that used to be someone's office. Totally not ideal, but we're working on a more permanent solution.

But the premise of our show is to casually discuss what's being covered on the main site, -- in this episode, it was Resident Evil 5. Which developed into discussing other zombie topics.

Our site, though, does have a show that's all about the serious discussion. It's called ListenUP and goes a lot more in-depth than we do about videogaming news topics. That show runs about two hours.

at1UP is different because we want to keep the discussion light and fun, like a group of co-workers sitting around the lunch table.

After our recent layoffs, this new show is a way showcase some of the personalities that still work at 1UP. These are people that might not ever get to be on a podcast, but still have interesting things to say. The at1UP show gives us a chance to be different and be a little less serious than ListenUP, our flagship show.

abbe said...

Tsuji, didnt mean it like that, well, not to 100%. ;)

Cool, Mike, interesting to know.
I think the reason I stopped listening (besides the static and cringing) was that I dont really know any of the people in the podcast. Ive noticed that its becoming more and more important for me to "know" the people behind stuff for me to find it interesting, whether it be news (Kotaku), blogging or podcasts (Control point, also a gaming podcast, I can recommend it if you have time :)).