Jan 8, 2006

Elfen Lied

I decided to give this anime a try since I heard many good things about it, but I must say its a little confusing. I really like the way it begins and draws you in. You just have to ask yourself "Ok, who's this girl?" "How can she do that?" and of course "Why is she naked?"
Yes, I haven't finished the series, but I'm hoping I get an answer to that last question toward the end. This girl is always naked. For no apparent reason. I know this is not new to anime
BUT!!! There is normally some reason. No matter how stupid or trivial, there is still some sort of explanation. I don't mind the nudity and all, but I feel it takes away from a film or anime after a while. A string of nude scenes or sex scenes isn't a "Film" its porn. If I want to watch porn, I'll watch porn.
Don't get me wrong, I'm into episode 8 out of 13 and I love the show! It has an interesting plot that seems to answer one question and leave a new one.
Its just the nudity thing that bothers me. Its sorta like introducing an important character, then killing him off. It makes no sense in this case, but as long as it makes sense, I don't care.
What do you guys think?

(and no I'm not gay so that's not it...I enjoy the female form, I just need to have a reason as to why its being shown in an anime that's not hentai)


Tsuji Eriku said...

Yo, it's called fan service bro. haha.

Terrence Maddox said...

Gratuitous anything is annoying, even if it's nudity, violence, etc...and these guys will tell ya I'm an overall fan of such movie points. A good example was the "live sex celebration' of Edge & Lita on WWE last night. What was the point? But yeah I don't expect my love of adult movies to follow me into Blockbuster.

Son of Gigan said...

Yes, gratuitous anything is bad, but some things take a little longer to become gratuitous. Of course I'm referring to my blog posts. I know that none of you can get enough of them.

JuanJohn said...

yes I know of this fan service, but I'm my case, as I get older its not really fan service, more like fan disservice. I think too much nudity or even violence and not enough story can really ruine a possible great anime(story).

Freefall Jones said...

Might be a case of "too many chefs." Everyone throwing in their different ideas -- but in the end they spoil the broth.

I'm talking about the anime - not this blog, obviously. We ah numbah one.

Tsuji Eriku said...

You know how I know your gay? You put a disclaimer at the bottom of your post saying you weren't gay.

Freefall Jones said...

HAHAHAFJADLSKSFJAOSJGD --you know how I know you're gay? You macramed your jean shorts.