Jan 15, 2006

J-Music Clip of the Week

going to do things a little different this week..instead of featuring a music clip, we're gonna bring to you a video clip...why the change?...cuz the lead singer of the band is so freaking cute and I had to show you guys my new future wife!!..I came across the band while watching the Japanese Music Awards last nite, I believe they won the Best New Artist award..

Artist: Nakanomori BAND (click to vist official website)
Song: "Oh My Darlin" from the album OH MY DARLIN' - Girls having Fun

(click pic to purchase album)

Oh My Darlin'- video DL

a little about the band:

"..currently four member Girl Rock band who began in early 2005 under record company Teichiku Entertainment. The band's leading vocalist/guitarist Ayako was the runner up for the Starlight auditions in 2000 out of 1,000 entrants. The winner of this competition was the vocalist for the popular band w-inds, Keita Tachibana..."

and here's a screencap from the video of my future wife and lead singer of Nakanomori Band

Ayako Nakanomori

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