Jan 16, 2006

King Kong

First, it takes WAY too long before you finally get to see Kong. But as soon as you do, this movie is non-stop action. --a lot of CGI action. There are times where the CGI doesn't look that great (the brachiosaurus chase), but other times where it looks freakin' amazing (the t-rex battle). I'll clarify that by saying that during the t-rex battle, I didn't notice the CGI at all. Every time a t-rex lunged at Naomi Watts, I jumped back in my seat. That pulse-pounding scene was pretty suh-weet.

Naomi Watts is great as Anne Darrow, the woman Kong falls in love with, but I really didn't feel a lot of chemistry amongst the cast. And that's despite the one hour-plus of character development we get on the way to find the giant ape.

The movie looks beautiful, from 1920s depression-era New York to the jungles of Skull Island. The scenery looks incredible on the big screen. I just wish the long hour on the boat had been shorter to get us to the island faster. I mean we KNOW where the boat is going to end up, right? So there was no need to drag that out.

And finally, the ending was a big surprise. SPOILER WARNING --STOP READING IF YOU DON'T WANT TO KNOW. I always thought it was "beauty that killed the beast," but in this version, it was Chuck Norris standing on the wing of a bi-plane delivering a roundhouse kick to Kong's face.

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