Jan 29, 2006


I'm checking out the behind-the-curtain selection at my other local video joint, which I haven't visited in awhile & has remodeled to accommodate their expanded inventory (on both sides of the curtain). I hear a woman approach the counter clerk, asking if he can look into their system for any movies about elephants. The man sounds uncertain of her request as he says "I don't think so." She tries to narrow down her search to documentaries, then a possible Disney flick called "Whispers" or something. She states that she's trying to find an elephant flick for her kids. The clerk says he can't help her, & she leaves the store. Minutes later, a gentleman approaches the clerk and asks if they have any of the Asian POV series. With a couple of ticks on the keyboard, the clerk reads which of the titles (between #s 18-25) are in-stock & the patron appears in front of the curtain moments later. Possible points of the story: 1) research your titles before you go to the video store B) pornos are what keep the indy joints in business and separate the lil' guys from the Blockbuster/Hollywood corporate giants.

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Freefall Jones said...

Dumbo. The clerk couldn't come up with "Dumbo"?