Jan 26, 2006


I get calls from all types of people at my job, including the occasional cute chick voice. I received one such call today. The call was routine enough until she asked me if she'd be covered for her podiatry appointment for some surgery on an ingrown toenail. With an acrid taste in my mouth, I told her that her coverage didn't include that service, ended the call, & put off lunch for a bit.

My roomie just left the living room w/ the n'sync dvd on pause. I really hope she comes back before some unannounced guests show up.

Opinons sought: Would you be upset if your boyfriend/girlfriend went to some date function with someone you didn't know too well? Would it make a difference if it was with someone you were familiar with? On the other side of the coin, would you accept the invitation even after your bf/gf voiced their displeasure? I'm not involved in the situation, but I know a couple that is. It's just interesting to me because it walks the line between one person's insecurity & the other person's inconsideration. The funny thing is, the person who is mad for their partner going out has reason to be suspicious. Just doesn't know it.

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Tsuji Eriku said...

Comes down to respect & trust ne. I trust her not to "put her mouth on anything" hehe while I'm gone & she respects my feelings & understands that I would feel uncomfortable with my girl out with some dude I don't even know. What you're decribing sounds all bad to me though. Why in the hell would your significant other even consider going out on a date with someone else? Unless he/she plans to put their mouth on something. hehe. If you really had love for someone you wouldn't hurt them on purpose, & that sounds like what's gonna happen.