Jan 2, 2006

dot the i

It starts with an engaged woman's kiss to a mysterious stranger, and ends with her dead husband's brains all over a wall. Everything inbetween in dot the i can best be described as "smoldering."

This movie is very much teh sex. It's not wall-to-wall sex, but it's very sexual. Mostly because of super-hottie Natalia Verbeke, a not-overexposed J-Lo who "has much better taste in picking projects." Translation: all her movies are sexed up. But what else do you expect from euro-cinema? If it's not a heist film, it's a sexed-up film.

The mysterious stranger, of course, becomes obsessed with Carmen (Verbeke's character) and does everything in his power to be with her before her wedding to a snobby rich guy. And, yes, you KNOW there's more to the stranger than meets the eye. Why is he always filming her with his little camcorder? And is there someone else filming her, too? I mean, BESIDES me.

You definitely don't want to watch this one with your parents in the room - even if you are hugging a pillow on your lap. And here are a few more pics of Verbeke getting ready for a few rounds in the ring -- but this movie has NOTHING to do with boxing.

Who Is Freefall Jones?


Terrence Maddox said...

Thanks for the heads-up. I'll look for it. Doesn't hurt that the chick is hot.

Tsuji Eriku said...

yes indeedie, she's a burner alright.