Jan 13, 2006

"You Got the Touch..You Got the Power..YEAH!!."

"After all is said and done...You've never walked, you've never run...You're a winner"

..now I don't know much about this item right here but I DO know that Diamond Select is putting it out sometime soon and it looks like its gonna be freakin huge and that I want one...talk about having the ultimate "bling" around your neck..


Freefall Jones said...

I love how we watched three seasons of Transformers before we ever heard of this leadership matrix thing in the movie.

And you can't think of the Autobot Matrix without cringing at Ultra Magnus. That dumb bastard.

wonton said...

Robert Stack: "Open! Dammit Open!"
Me (age 8): "Your fingers go in the holes you dumbass"

Tsuji Eriku said...

haha...wonton you're crazy bro.

Son of Gigan said...

Robert Stack: "Open! Dammit Open!"
Me (age 29): "Wait Optimus isn't REALLY dead, right?"