Sep 20, 2006

Pic of the Day..."YEAH NAMIE..." Edition

unbelievable!!..Ms.Namie Amuro-Alger turns 29 today.....and I am aware some of you are probably thinking.."no..its unbelievable that you have someone featured on the blog thats older than 17!"...well..screw you man...she maybe 29 but she doesn't look a day over 16 so it balances out...anyway...Happy Birthday MY's hoping you'll make it stateside very she stated in a recent yahoo interview that she'd like to hold concerts in other countries..including the United can read about it at


here's a kawaii clip of a young Namie...


Anonymous said...

Hah kawaii :D good find :o

jt-gc said...

29, eh? I thought she was older. Also, she is hot.