Apr 17, 2006

Pic of the Day.."Attack of the What?"...Edition

not sure if any of you watch G4tv but its basically a channel for video gaming nerds...well it used to be..I guess they're trying to change their image by showing repeats of The Man Show, Star Trek and a bunch of other crap...not to say Star Trek is crap..(hey,I'm just covering my ass before you "Trekkers" or "Trekkies" start to leave hateful comments laden with Klingon gibberish...)..but anyways...I hadn't been watching the channel much since my future wife, Diane Mizota ,show got cancelled..but..there's a new edition to the network that will have me watching G4tv, specifically Attack of the Show and Formula D, faithfully once again...and so I give to you...

little tidbit about Ms. Munn: She was born in Oklahoma and raised in Japan..AND to see this lovely lady in action.. click here ... here ... here ... and here

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