Nov 18, 2006

Attention all my Pilipino Brothers!

Okay, you're not my brothers. In fact, you're all a bunch of Mexicans to me. But this is still important. Your hero Manny Pacquiao is fighting in the biggest event of his career on Saturday, November 18th on pay-per-view. I implore you to put the lumpia down and ORDER it. If you've never seen this guy fight, he is possibly the most badass boxer in the world, and he's fighting maybe the second most badass boxer in the world, Erik Morales, for the THIRD time (they beat the carnitas out of each other in the first two and each won one). In fact, if you've never Pacquiao fight, you give up the right to call yourself a Flip. But here's a sample of the Pacman's ferocity anyway.

As good as he is at fighting, it's not even his greatest talent! Unfortunately, he insists on getting in the ring instead of pursuing his TRUE calling. But at least he gave us this treasure...

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