Jun 6, 2007

Champion of the Day:
Bench Yellin' Man

Y'know what, old dude? You really didn't have to yell at that girl with the flowers. She probably had a good reason for carrying the bouquet upside-down...like to protect it from the wind, or maybe to keep the moisture from running down the stems...who knows?

So you really weren't helping anything by yelling, "'EY! YOU GOTTA TURN 'EM RIGHT-SIDE UP! ...TURN 'EM UP!!!"

I mean, she had already walked ten steps past the bus stop bench you were sitting on...oh yeah, nice purple blazer and straw hat you had on, by the way...

And why did you feel the need to plead your case with everyone else around you? ... "THOSE ARE NICE FLOWERS! SHE GOTTA TURN 'EM UP! SHE GOTTA TURN 'EM UP! ...AND WATER!!!,"

So let's all learn from the wisdom of this botanically concerned, garishly garbed guardian of the bench and...turn them up. Yes, indeed, turn them up.

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