Jun 8, 2007

Lazy Friday

compared to Craig's Most Excellent Adventures...my friday was pretty damn boring...chauferred my mom around for awhile this morning then nothing...laid around the house and did jackshit...but...

I recently bought a silk screen kit so I can kick it up a notch with my "custom" shirts..up until this point I've been using iron-ons and shit but after a few washes..the image on the shirts look like an old wrinkly ass...well, I had no problems creating the stencil screens but the actual paint screening process was a little difficult..unless you get the paint on there evenly..the lettering doesn't come out clean and crisp..but after a few test shirts I think I got the process down now...just gotta use a hella lot of paint...

here are a few of my latest "acqusitions"..above is a Colonel Sanders mini 10 figure set from Japan that I got off of ebay..its SUPPOSED to be 10 different figures but the guy I bought it off of faucked up and sent me 2 sombrero colonel sanders...he said he'd send me the missing piece..keeping my fingers crossed..

Liberty by erick scarecrow...the green one is limited to 300 pieces and 100 pieces for the pink(the fett-man and the doze green print aren't new but thought they looked sexy in the pic)

Mellow Saves San Francisco by Chris Lee #15/25

sure doesn't look like I'm saving money for Tokyo


Craig said...

Kinda random link here

(If I remember correctly a**l sex for money isn't considered prostitution in Japan. Only old fashioned penis in vagina for money is... )

Langdon Alger said...

whoa!..what was that link?!

"Basic Play: D kiss/69/anal it licks and/the ball licks/the systemic lip/the element crotch
The finger you insert,/[paizuri]/raw [huera]/masturbation"

craig said...

It's like a directory of all those kind of places in Japan (Google-garbled of course).