Jan 20, 2009

Mail Day

had 2 big ass boxes waiting for me when I came home from work today and it was like Christmas all over again...the first box contained the Shogun Warrior sized Voltron that LJN put back in '84..picked it up on ebay a couple weeks ago from a seller who was unloading his entire Jumbo Machinder/Shogun Warriors collection, which was quite impressive by the way...the figure isn't complete and was in "played with" condition so I got it at a steal

the second box contained a bunch of stuff I won off of yahoo auctions japan over the past few months via celga.com. if you're not familiar with celga, they're a deputy service that allows you to bid or sell items on yahoo auctions japan, along with other japanese auction sites, and purchase things from japanese web stores that don't ship out of country..they do of course charge for their services..anyway...the celga box contained several Kure Kure Takora vinyl figures, which didn't cost me too much money, with the exception of the small figure pictured on the lower right wearing the white bandana..it was released in the late 70's or early 80's I believe so you can imagine it hurt my wallet a bit...and the last item in the box was the Santastic released Talking Hasheem..his pee is a button and if you press it, he spits in your eye...not really, he actually says a few phrases

this is starting to look a little crowded

my almost complete Hasheem collection..just missing the Monchichi Hasheem

and my newly formed Kure Kure Takora shelf

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