Jan 24, 2009

J-Music Clips of the Week "Tag Team Championship" Edition

Artists: HALCALI
Single: Re Yasashii Kimochi


Artists: PUFFY
Single: Hiyori Hime

and the winners by submission...PUFFY...no, not a unanimous decision..this was a SUBMISSION...head to head, HALCALI's latest effort just couldn't compete with Yumi and Ami's new single..listening and watching the first 5 seconds of both PV's, PUFFY definitely choked them bitches out(no offense to Halca and Yucali)..great concept for the video with Ami and Yumi playing opposing Yakuza bosses..but its probably unfair of me to pit these two singles against each other..I actually really like Re Yasashii Kimochi, sampling Chara's voice, from the original Yasashii Kimochi, for the hook was pretty sweet

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