Jan 21, 2008

To Fox News: Eat a dick

This clip from Fox "news" thoroughly infuriated me. I found myself actually talking to these pricks through my monitor, telling each and every one to fuck themselves with a horse's dick. Slowly. How can they report this as "news" if it's not fact checked?

This totally true and unbiased story is titled Se'xbox'. It's a story about Mass Effect and the dangerous effects that it can have on children because of it's sexual content. Problem is, no one reporting on this has played the game. How much nudity is it in? Go find it on youtube, you'll see that it's literally a couple seconds of bare ass and side-boob. I've seen episodes of Family Guy that show more bare ass and side-boob than this game.

There you go Fox, side boob. No nipple. It's an animated fucking side boob. Has the religious right so brainwashed the public that anything they preach is fact?

Their other complaint is that the game is marketed toward children and that kids can play this game. Well, I know for a fact that if someone at gamestop sells M rated content to someone under 17, they get their ass fired. Next time you're in that store and wonder why it takes 10 minutes to ring up 1 fucking transaction, listen, they're carding kids and grilling parents about the game contents while the line winds to the back of the store. Parents, if you let your underage kids play this game, either they're mature enough to handle it or they're smarter than you and deserve to play it anyway.

Geoff Kieghley tries to defend the game but is cut off by the whore psychologist. You could almost see it in his face, holding back the rage that these assholes are causing him. They may as well have called him a pedophile to his face.

Guess what, everyone at FOX News hates blacks. Really? Yeah, I read it on the internet.


Tsuji Eriku said...

Fair & balanced news coverage indeed.
You think that's bad? Try sitting through Fox's O'reilly factor.
That guy's an asshole AND the scariest thing about all this is there's people that actually think like him.

Son of Gigan said...

Great, I'm surrounded by bleeding hearts. Fox News rules.

Freefall Jones said...

The problem with a lot of news media outlets is that they DON'T know how to cover videogames. Of course none of those people played Mass Effect, they just saw a buzzword about sexual content and jumped all over it. Nevermind the fact that the game is rated "M" for mature, so it's not a game made for kids anyway. Face it, for now, the only place you'll find videogames given any good press is if they're doing a fluff piece about how fun the Wii is for families to play.

Freefall Jones said...

...oh yeah, and it's not just FOX, a lot of major news outlets don't know what they're doing when it comes to videogames.

Even the Today show referred to Guitar Hero III as just a fun holiday toy. And after 3/4 of the YODC braintrust was at SoG's apartment trying to play "Talk Dirty to Me", GHIII is anything BUT fun.

What the news media knows is that more and more people are playing games, so therefore need to find news stories about games. ...it's kind of like how a few years ago when the news was reporting a new shark attack every few days.

Anonymous said...

Here's EA rebuttal towards the said broadcast.


Tsuji Eriku said...

correction freefall I was playing I don't know what the hell you guys were doing whatever it was you guys looked like monkeys trying to hump a football.

wonton said...

Cooper Lawrence is eating a lot of shit over this one...Check out the reviews of her book over at amazon: