Jan 31, 2008

Champions of the Day:
Antenna Man and Super Stretch

On the way home today, I took the BART train home and as usual, it was crowded. The car I was on was standing room only, but I'm used to that during rush hour. What I wasn't used to were seeing the two champions on the car with me.

When I got on the train there was a tall Asian guy standing in the middle of the aisle holding onto the railing above his head. Anyway, he had his backpack on the ground and he was "stretching" his body. Meaning, while hanging onto the rail, he was leaning his body from side to side and swirling his hips around. What the hell? And he didn't even stop when the train filled up with people.

And then, I see the door to the car open and some homeless-looking dude walked in looking all sad. I thought, "oh great -- he's going to beg people for money." Luckily, he didn't, but for some reason he was carrying a car antenna. AND he looked really sad. Almost as if he was once a car owner all he had left to show for it was this busted antenna. I wanted to ask him, but he smelled like pee.

Meanwhile, Super Stretch was still going at it. I was hoping that he and Antenna Man were acrchenemies, but no such luck. But I'm guessing that's how this asian guy got so tall.

He should just try to get his workout in at the office:


Rangudon Argeru said...

you need to start taking covert cellphone pics of these people

Freefall Jones said...

I would if I could figure out how to get rid of the "chk-ch" noise that happens everytime I take a pic. I think they purposefully built in that fake camera noise to prevent Son of Gigan from taking covert upskirt pics of schoolgirls at the mall.