Aug 1, 2011

Pic of the Day

Kids, let me tell you something, sometimes its OK to have unprotected sex. Say you meet a very attractive girl and you hit it off..say this attractive girl doesn't realize that she's way out of your league and can probably do better than your pathetic before she comes to her senses, HAVE UNPROTECTED SEX! cuz there's a good chance you'll get her pregnant and she has no choice but to stay with you! I mean if she doesn't, she'll just be a chick with "baggage" and no guy wants a chick with "baggage" *****unless she's still really hot and then she becomes a young hot MILF and there's absolutely nothing wrong with a young hot MILF

HAHA Reina, you fell for Langdon's patented "reverse trap" and now you have given birth to my demon seed


CJ Marsicano said...

Brother Langdon, is this your revenge for my "secret marriage to Reina" bit in my last post? ;)

Dre said...