Jul 28, 2011

Who's Who in the YODC Universe

today, we hear from one of our long time supporters and the last person who was worthy enough to join our clan, CJ Marsicano

Ah, YODC readers, I'm sorry, but life has gotten hectic since I got engaged and then married. Let me tell you something... the first year of being married to Reina Tanaka has been quite interesting. Yes, there's the whole not publicly admitting to being married thing and the stretches when she has to fly back to Japan to do her concert tours and recording sessions (We tried to set up a Mac desktop with ProTools in the one room of our apartment so that so she could cut her vocals here, which was fine for the first day or so, then our neighbors had quite the shitfit when she was trying to cut vocals at three in the morning). When she is here? Oh man, not much gets done outside the bedroom; I'm surprised I haven't put an extra octave on that beautiful singing voice of hers...

OK, I'm kidding. I had to write something like that just to break my brother Langdon's horns.

In all seriousness? The only truth to the above paragraph is that my marriage to my longtime girlfriend Tara has gone along swimmingly. It's been a great year-plus with her so far. The only other thing I wish that was true is that I wish I did have a Mac desktop with ProTools installed. As a matter of fact, I had to get a new laptop AGAIN for the third time in six years, and not one running Mac OS X. Fortunately, this laptop has Beats Audio and I do have an iPad to get the Mac jones out of me.

Also, there's been one concern with why I haven't revived Diggin' In The Crates for YODC yet after getting married and settling down. The great majority of my vinyl is still in my childhood home and I haven't even brought my turntable over to Casa del CJ y Tara yet, though there is a short stack of vinyl that has been coming in to my new place, mostly from the folks at Third Man Records and from the output my bros in Northern Liberties have been issuing. What this means is I'm not immediately able to rifle through my crates and boxes of records in order to suss out installments of the series. The series will return at some point, I hope, but my writing energies have been directed to finally completing Here Is The Wonderland and then shopping it around to agents, as well as completing the final draft of a novella that I want to issue through a crowdfunding campaign of some sort, as well as keeping The Groove Music Life going and getting ready to help a few friends with a new music group blog.

And, but, also - I've picked up the guitar again as of 2009, and I have four guitars to date here at Casa del CJ y Tara and I'm planning to add a fifth and get a new band together. And all of the guitars are named after Japanese female pop idols. Maybe one of these days I'll show off my six-string harem here on YODC.

I'd like to close with one piece of wedding advice for future newlyweds... if you live on the east coast and you plan to spend at least a couple of days of your honeymoon in Wildwood, NJ, don't plan on doing a lot of uninterrupted fucking. Not that I didn't enjoy making love to my newlywed wife that first week, but let's just say that it's a little disconcerting when your erection is mere milliimeters from your wife's cunt and all of a sudden you hear the following at a volume better suited to Sunn O)))'s amplifiers: "WATCH THE TRAMCAR PLEASE! WATCH THE TRAMCAR PLEASE!..."

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Beemer said...

Good to see all members alive and well.
CJ is like the biggest Reina fan. I remembered checking out his Reina site -"She's so hot she..." Kindred spirits here.