Jul 13, 2011

The Day After Hump Day Eye Candy Extravaganza

you know what a hectic week at work will do to you? almost make you forget that is was your loves birthday! I'm so sorry my Sayu, but Happy Birthday! hope you had an incredible day, now please let me smell your hair...whoa, where did that come from?!...damn inner monologue

a little side story that I was gonna include in my am2con/SCANDAL report, that I'll eventually get to...during the Q&A panel, someone had asked Mami(who is a HUGE Sayumi fan) about the possibility of Morning Musume and SCANDAL doing a song or performing together..Mami answered that before even thinking about collaborating, they should get to know each other first. She mentioned that they(mami and sayu) hadn't scene each other since their photoshoot/interview BUT they do message each other occasionally..I nearly jumped out of my chair just like Tom Cruise did on Oprah! cuz you know, first comes texting, then comes tickle fights, THEN comes the scissors!...oh if you haven't noticed, i've been kinda obsessed with the scissoring lately...sorry

3rd time posting this pic I think...who cares..its HOT!!

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