Jul 26, 2011

Happy 6th Anniversary YODC (AKA - Don't delete my account due to inactivity)!

Holy crap, as of THIS word, this is the longest post I've written in roughly three years. I know everyone is wondering why SOG apparently flew back to his home planet and stayed there after years of epic literary output. Actually, there are few reasons for my extended hiatus:

1. Ran out of ideas
2. Discovered new methods of downloading porn
3. Spent most of my time devising failed get-rich-quick schemes
4. Found a beautiful and loving girlfriend who filled the emptiness in my life and changed my entire outlook.
5. Subscribed to Cinemax.

Fun fact: one of these things didn't happen.

Anyway, I plan on making a full return to the blog very soon, but until then let me give you a rundown of my favorite YODC moments of the past six years, in no particular order.

Saw Puffy live in SF with Langdon. Got right in front, and the girls looked and sounded great. It was pretty much the perfect night (outside of being with Langdon). Unfortunately, since they didn't allow pictures or video of any kind, the only recollection I have of this experience comes from this post and my own shitty memory.

Fought off a deadly Drop Bear

Started a Hall of Fame. Three years later did the second induction ceremony, and quite literally NO ONE has done anything manly enough to get inducted since. Talk about hallowed ground.

Discovered SCANDAL, went bat-shit crazy for them and dedicated the next three years to finding and kidnapping them seeing them play live again.

Laughed maniacally as Tsuji Eriku took down that lying scam-artist Hikaru. It's a SCATHING expose that should be read over and over by honest people everywhere. Forward, and forward again! Hey - whatever happened to Hikaru, anyway?

Actually went to Japan in April 2010. Yeah, there's no link here because I didn't write anything about the trip. I'M WORKING ON IT.

Got a sweet tattoo.

Three years after seeing them for the first time, saw SCANDAL perform live again, and embarrassed Rina enough to have her mention me in an interview afterward. I'll explain soon, but really, when you hear "SOG embarrasses young girl," is any explanation necessary?

And of course, rewrote the book on relationships. Yeah, it's still The Truth.

Wow, that a lot of trivial garbage. Maybe I was right to forget I ever heard of this place. But since I know how much you crave the chronicles of my adventures, I may just have to dust off my hooks and start typing again. Seriously, see you in six years.


wonton said...

If the rumors are accurate, Hikaru recently married his made up Japanese girlfriend.

Tsuji Eriku said...

Look I already apologized about it. My back hurts from bowing over & over again.