Feb 12, 2008

The Jones Identity

It's been a crazy deadline week for us at the magazine; so when we start to get stressed out, we like to dig into our repetoire of classic gags. Today I got my hands on the Silent Scope Sniper Rifle and walked around the office ready to take people out. My classic gag was to play the role of "cocky sniper" -- which meant I would call somebody on their office phone and say something like, "I like that picture of your girlfriend you've got on your shelf..."

And my victim would be like, "...how do you know that???!!!" Then I'd hang up, and when they looked around they'd see me ten feet away staring at them through my scope.

I know ten feet is a horrible distance for a sniper, but remember, I was "cocky" AND my weapon of choice was a videogame controller.

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