Dec 31, 2006

"Naomi" book review Part 3

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“She was no longer chaste: not only did this cast a dark shadow over my heart; it also lowered the value of Naomi”

This reminds me of Wota who abandon their idol if they get a boyfriend or something like that.

Mr Kawai narrates
“For me Naomi was the same fruit that I’d cultivated myself. I’d labored hard and spared no pains to bring that piece of fruit to its present, magnificent ripeness, and it was only proper that I, the cultivator, should be the one to taste it. No one else had that right. But then when I wasn’t looking, a total stranger had ripped of the skin and taken a bite.”

This reminds me of Tsunku and girls like Megumi who have had to leave the fold.

One time Mr Kawai asks Naomi
“Won’t you have a baby? Become a mother? If we have a child – just one – we can be man and wife in the real sense. We can be happy.”

I think this is key because by taking in the girl so early she has taken on the role of child. And given that she is not willing to quit being spoiled things turn sour.

The quote I’m looking at now is a bit awkward but what it amounts to is her reminding our protagonist that he said he’d do anything for her. Now what she’s angling for here is money and really they could do with saving some but she doesn’t see it that way, or care.

My thought is that this is the way she abuses the man who abused her, or rather the man who over sexualised her at a young age.

More abuse from Mr Kawai
“I hadn’t expected her to be so quick to beg for forgiveness. Taken by surprise, I grew even more enraged. I began to pummel her with my fists.”

LOL WTF?! Mr Kawai has crossed another line X) (he was definitely provoked but still…) If he had been more YODC and not have bottled things up so much, things needn’t have got this far.

“As I gazed at the photographs, I even felt a deep, religious sense of gratitude well up in me. Why on earth had I taken such detailed photographs? Had I felt a premonition that one day they’d become sorrowful reminders?”

That’s like me looking at pictures of Berryz and such. I feel that kind of sense of gratitude as well… I’m not much of a collector though ;)

Mr Kawai says to a younger guy who had helped him out
“It’s alright for you; you’re still young. But it’s ridiculous for a man in his thirties to act like such an idiot. And if you hadn’t told me, I might have gone right on.”

At this point I feel I need to do another shout out to Justin @ The Great Swifty Speaketh! If you hadn’t of suggested my reading this book I might just have gone right ahead and started bathing some chick, y’know the kind ;) hehe . I might have thought ‘Fuck we’re just unconventional things’ll work out’ but now I’m thinking maybe not…

One thing the book or my review for that matter, didn’t make clear till near the end is that Naomi’s family used to run a brothel.

I would have thought that was pretty crucial info but whatever :) … I guess it doesn’t pay to treat your family or girlfriends like Geisha’s T_T sorry Yurina please forgive me or **** me LOL X) I’m confused hehe…

Our protagonist totally obsessed over this girl, things fucked up… and then his mum died. That really puts things in perspective for him as I imagine it would for anybody. I think something important like this might be a crucial thing to remember if you ever find ‘your head stuck so far up a girls ass’ hehe

For Goto Maki
“A harlot’s skin is her most important attraction, her ‘merchandise.’ Sometimes she must guard it more fiercely than any virgin, lest the value of that main attraction diminish.”

At some point Naomi starts teasing Mr Kawai again with her body, successfully and regularly, to his great frustration (seeing as she won't deliver the goods because they are not getting on)...

I was thinking to myself ‘Damn this guy needs some porn LOL then he wouldn’t be so in thrall of this girl’ :) I guess they didn’t have internet in the time of this story X)


Last bit now, Mr Kawai says at the end
“If you think my account foolish, please go ahead and laugh. If you think there’s a moral in it, then, please let it serve as a lesson. For myself, it makes no difference what you think of me; I’m in love with Naomi.”

YODC BABY! LOL it’s a little late Mr Kawai but what the hell X) U got it in the end ;)


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