Dec 10, 2006

Hikaru's Triple Threat Sunday Video Pick

Let's start it off with something kawaii

•the Donuts-Yoroshiku Dozo

By Phar the Dopest(Kreva and Cuezero)-Haji janai (There's no shame)

•Bennie K feat. Tsuyoshi-Rensou Game

and an added bonus vid that will throw off the theme here.

•Saian Supa Crew-La Prueve par Trois (Proof by three)


Craig said...

The 1st one is like what W should be doing, I like it...

& damn those French guys have got what it takes to do that, not my scene but hats off to them anyway LOL

Hikaru_Doumuoji said...

Yes, that is so true Mr. Craig. If kago hadn't fukcd up, W would have been making moves. The girls from the do-Nuts are cute. You can just fall in love with their personalities in the video. So tacky, wacky, but fun.

Yeh, I love exploring different countries and their take on hip hop. Saian Supa Crew just blew me away. I thought it was good to throw this vid in considering that we always put jpop vids on this blog. Anyways, i can always go for good music japanese, american, duetch, france, wherever.